February 20 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

  • February 20 Birthday: Zodiac Sign – Pisces
  • February 20 Birthday Element – Water
  • February 20 Birthday Ruling Planet – Neptune
  • February 20 Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
  • February 20 Birthstone: Amethyst, Aquamarine

February 20 Birthday: Personality

On this day hardworking, energetic and patient people are born. They are talented, but in their youth events will occur that will create many obstacles to well-being. If they can solve the problems, endure and maintain the purity of the soul, they will overcome all difficulties and, having worked on karmic debts, in mature years will achieve excellent living conditions for themselves.

Born 20 february is always interested in what impression they make on others. Owing to the susceptibility of their nature, they possess a surprisingly good memory and can recall events of the “hundred-year-old” age down to the smallest detail. On the other hand, they will make every effort to ensure that others never forget them. Born 20 february sincerely want to be taken seriously, and therefore objectively evaluate their contribution to the common cause – be it some practical development, efforts aimed at creating long-term projects, or family responsibilities. For this reason, those born on February 20 can be attributed to the aggressive type of people, but although this sounds convincing, perhaps it cannot be said that most of them are fighters or big debaters by nature. Their desperate desire to impress only slightly goes beyond the usual belief in themselves. For those born on February 20, commitment is the best way to show others that they really care about what they do. 

Being a good addition to their work team, they demonstrate both the ability to use their talents for the common good and the relative disinterest in leadership positions. However, they require others to “lie down with bones” when doing work and can quickly lose their temper if it seems to them that someone is suddenly starting to hack. In order to maintain normal relations in a team, those born on February 20 should not take on too much and claim that their colleagues work in bad faith – in the end, they do everything they can. Born 20 february usually show a great desire to be the first. 

However, they must avoid dubious victories based on the feelings of the sympathetic public. Born on this day, as a rule, are superemotional natures, immune to criticism and negatively determine their life path. Only by learning to control your emotions can they become more balanced. And yet do not flatter yourself that they will hide their true feelings. It’s just that their enthusiasm and faith in themselves is so strong that they sometimes tend to go too far. Thus, it is very important, especially closer to old age, that those born on February 20 learn to more philosophically and tolerantly perceive life and realize the degree of their influence on others. 

Although openness and impressionability are clear benefits for those born on February 20, these people are sometimes too impressionable. For this reason, they often fall under the influence of negative factors, and then the ability to empathy turns against them. In addition, those born on February 20 are so eager to please everyone indiscriminately that they often compromise themselves. Learning to be less compliant, less keenly react to what is happening and, despite the misfortunes that have occurred, to remain true to their beliefs is the main thing for them.

February 20 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with February 20 Birthday have Pisces Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Pisces with various other Zodiac Signs.

February 20 Birthday : Health

Those born on February 20 have an overly sensitive nervous system that periodically breaks down; they are also prone to skin allergies. These people should especially take care of their legs and avoid injuries whenever possible. They should not get involved in excessively exotic foods; for the majority of those born on this day, a well-balanced diet is perfect, which a specialist will help you choose. Regular exercise will benefit them. Women can recommend aerobics, men weightlifting and various types of martial arts. Born 20 february usually needs to sleep a lot.

Advice for People Born on February 20

Adhere to the point of view in which you believe, do not succumb to the influence of others. Stable emotional life is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Watch your mental state. Beware of the tendency to crush people with your authority.

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