February 29 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

  • February 29 Birthday: Zodiac Sign – Pisces
  • February 29 Birthday Element – Water
  • February 29 Birthday Ruling Planet – Neptune
  • February 29 Lucky Numbers: 2, 5
  • February 29 Birthstone: Amethyst, Aquamarine

February 29 Birthday: Personality

On this day people are born, generously endowed with talents, artistry, able to influence, people, to lead. These are born leaders. They love to travel, tend to change places. In youth, there may be problems in the material sphere, but thanks to their perseverance and hard work they will be able to achieve the well-being of the financial sector. They can especially express themselves in music, painting, literature, and electronics. They usually have harmonious relationships in the family. They are attached to home, family, honor family traditions. These people are able to achieve a high position in society, popularity, financial affairs with them are usually in perfect order.

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that those born on February 29 are much younger than those who were born on any other day of the year. In fact, if we determine our age by counting our birthdays, it turns out that people of this day are exactly four times younger than their peers – after all, February 29 is far from every year. Therefore, we can say that those born on this day are forever young. As you know, February 29 is a unique day that was artificially introduced in order to try to compensate humanity for the fact that the year is actually several hours longer than 365 days. 

This 366th day was invented by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, who decided that on February 29 he would appear on the calendar only once every 4 years. However, during the time of Pope Gregory XIII, it was discovered that February 29 is repeated not only once every 4 years, but also in one of four years, which are considered the end of centuries (in 2000 it will be February 29. but it was not in 1700,1800,1900). 

So, born 29 february always have a youthful appearance. It seems that they, like cats, have 9 lives and they have the ability to constantly avoid dangerous situations. Their actions can be considered as confirmation of the unusual date of their birth. In fact, born on February 29 (and they themselves know about it) can do more than strange, in the opinion of others, actions, but, as a rule, they get away with it. Pretty early born on this day begin to understand what they are unusual people, but their perception of reality seems rather strange, but not at all stupid. 

Since their birthday is a rare and therefore special event, they tend to see something outstanding in those aspects of life, which the rest would take for granted. At best, these people are like children who value simple toys; at worst, these are frivolous individuals, always in need of something. Born 29 february, as a rule, rarely demonstrate their uniqueness to others, trying to “get closer” to ordinary people. For this reason, they are more inclined to work related to normal human interests, allowing to solve the problems of everyday life. 

Their wild imagination and fantasy are expressed at home, not in society. Nevertheless, those born on this day should not give up their individuality in order to become “ordinary”. At the same time, it would be quite nice for them to abandon those habits that sometimes cause bewilderment among others. 

But if getting rid of their “shortcomings” will become an end in themselves for them, then the words “improvement”, “regulation” will be synonymous with the word “suppression”. Most people born on February 29th try to make up for their real and imaginary flaws. Those who do this through ambitious pursuits of success run the risk of succumbing to the temptation to exalt themselves exorbitantly.

On the other hand, those who consciously shy away from life’s problems can eventually become romantic idealists who “take care of themselves” and live in their own imaginary world. Born on this day should try to avoid these kinds of extremes and find a “middle ground” in their lives. are at risk of succumbing to the temptation to exorbitantly exalt themselves. 

February 29 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with February 29 Birthday have Pisces Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Pisces with various other Zodiac Signs.

February 29 Birthday : Health

Born 29 february are endowed with good health. Nevertheless, sometimes they are too attentive to the state of their body. They should avoid the blind use of newfangled diets and treatments, and depend only on proven practice. The development of culinary abilities will be very useful for them, since in the kitchen you can quickly see the concrete results of your work; at the same time, those born on this day should moderate their appetite somewhat. To regulate the nervous system, it will be very opportune to have a good rest, however, daytime sleep can hardly be considered favorable, since it causes nighttime insomnia. Regarding physical exercises, born February 29 should prove himself in competitive or team sports. Women will enjoy dancing and aerobics.

Advice for People Born on February 29

Find a balance between personal and social. Develop a sense of self-confidence. Do not trust the generally accepted values. Share your fantasy with the outside world.

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