November 11 Zodiac (Scorpio) Birthday

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Is your Birthday on November 11 ? Know the Sun Sign, PersonalityCompatibility and more….

November 11 Zodiac signScorpio
November 11 Birthstone Topaz, Citrine
November 11 Ruling PlanetMars
November 11 ElementWater
November 11 Lucky dayTuesday
November 11 Lucky Colors Red, Scarlet, Rust
November 11 Lucky Numbers 9, 18, 27
November 11 Zodiac Stone Topaz
November 11 Zodiac CompatibilityMost Compatible with Pisces and Cancer
More about Compatibility

Those born on November 11 are independent, determined and trustworthy. You are persistent towards your goals.

You tend to be secretive at times.

Your Zodiac sign is Scorpio and the astrological symbol is ‘Scorpio’. You are loyal, intuitive, protective and independent.

The planet Mars influence your life. 

Your lucky element is water. This endows you with creativity, adjusting nature and intuition. You can be emotional at times and follow your dreams with passion.

November 11 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

For People born on November 11 the Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Scorpions are brave, loyal, honest, intelligent and are great advisers.  In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are somewhat suspicious, a little envious and at times possessive.

The Scorpio zodiac sign is usually associated with Tuesday as its day of the week and Red as its color. Scorpio is associated with planet Mars and its related element is ‘Water’.

Traits of a person born on November 11 

November 11 Birthday Positive TraitsNovember 11 Birthday Negative Traits
November 11 Birthday Positive and Negative Traits

Those born on November 11 are full of initiative, great ideas and love to be known by others. They have the ability to handle difficult situations very well.

They are adaptable and can adjust to any circumstances.

They are Honest and trustworthy. They are unable to lie and will always tell you the truth, with the risk of hurting you for being too frank. 

As a friend, they are loyal and sincere. You can call them at any time of day or night, they will always answer. They can keep secrets very well. They are attentive listeners and help you find solution.

They are passionate individuals ! They are lively and life cant be boring with them. They are courageous and love adventures.

They are quite determined. Once they decide upon something, they will do whatever it take to achieve it.

They are very attached to their near and dear once. They establish strong bonds with people, so much so that they are able to feel intense emotions.

November 11 Birthday: Personality

November 11 Birthday (Scorpio) : Strengths

✓ Determined

Determination is one of the best known characteristics of Scorpio. When a Scorpio wants something, they take it and don’t stop. There isn’t much that can stop someone born in this sign once they have their mind set on something, and have unmatched focus on pursuing a goal.

✓ Brave

There is no one better than a Scorpio to have by your side during a difficult time. They are in danger without thinking twice, and are always the first to volunteer for difficult tasks. Especially when it comes to helping family and friends, this sign’s personality means they are the first to jump and defend themselves.

✓ Loyal

If a Scorpio engages with someone or something, they stick with it. Their trust is hard to earn, but once they trust someone, they fully dedicate themselves to that person and apply their classic determination to support friends, family and colleagues.

✓ Honest

Scorpios are honest through and through. They always tell the truth, no matter how, and they hate dishonesty in others. They can’t even stand people who steal and cheat, because they are as honest with themselves as they are with others.

✓ Ambitious

Scorpions are known to be ferocious. They are adamant in achieving their goals and keep them on their feet. They don’t see or set limits on their life, and they don’t allow anyone to tell them that something they want isn’t possible.

November 11 Birthday (Scorpio) : Weaknesses

✗ Jealous

Scorpios feel everything intensely, even jealousy. They are quick to feel jealous because they think their determination and intelligence gives them the right to get what they want. 

They find it difficult not to compare the achievements of others with their own, and they think that everything is a competition.

✗ Secretive

Scorpios never show their cards. They are incredibly honest, but they don’t like to show any vulnerability, especially to people they aren’t sure about. 

They tend to keep their feelings to themselves, as well as their plans and ideas, so when it comes to winning the chess game of life, Scorpio has an edge. 

However, this also makes them difficult to treat as people.

✗ Resentful

When someone else gets something Scorpio wants, we know they might be jealous. But beyond that, no one holds a grudge like that of a Scorpio. 

They take betrayals and setbacks seriously, and often find themselves angry with others for perceived shortcomings.

✗ Controlling Nature

Scorpios like to be in control. Their ferocity and intensity means they think they know what’s best for everyone. 

Scorpio also hates being controlled by others and needs control over all situations.

✗ Stubborn

Stubbornness can be a useful trait, as it means Scorpios are firm and stick to their principles. 

However, they are also slow to change their ways and ideas, and don’t like compromises. They notice what they think and like, and are not easily convinced to try new things.

November 11 Birthday: Overall Personality

On this day, people who work off karmic debts are born. Their life will be full of difficult trials, betrayals, persecutions. Only through the recognition of their mistakes, through changing themselves, through repentance, they can change the conditions of life. 

If they cannot understand that only by doing good, by forgiving, by showing mercy, one can change one’s fate, if one does not embark on the path of good and evolution, then their life will be yellow and joyless.

Complex personalities born on November 11 often have a pleasant, even bright appearance, which hides the depth, ambiguity, reticence and secretiveness of their nature. Skillfully managing the environment, those born on this day direct their claims to those people, objects or activities that are important to them. 

Communication with the twilight side of their personality in a strange way makes them humor and gives them a sense of funny (which is typical for many good comedians). 

Those born on this day are by nature good family men, homeland advocates and miners who, more than anything else, love to be at the center of a family celebration or celebration. Usually, such people are endowed with the talent of an organizer who is able to give harmony to any professional organization or social group in which they find themselves. 

Born 11 November they have physical magnetism and know how to use their attractiveness. However, the flip side of their charm is the tendency to succumb to the charms of other magical figures. 

Men and women born on this day are usually marked by a harmonious combination of male and female principles in their personality. Due to this peculiarity, they, as a rule, make friends equally easily among representatives of both sexes. 

However, men born on November 11 should not cultivate the habits of a male, and women should perhaps slightly moderate their ardor in arranging other people’s affairs. Born on this day are able to express their opinion in a very captivatingly convincing manner. 

They instinctively know how to achieve their goal, successfully tacking between aggressiveness and passivity. Moreover, they are able to curb their energy and wait patiently. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to making urgent decisions, waiting for those born on November 11 may result in an irretrievable loss of time. They also have a clear tendency to reverie, which sometimes translates into inaction and depression. 

Partly, the problems of those born on November 11 are caused by constant contradictions between the internal essence and its external manifestations. Others can be amazed at how unconditionally capable people waste their talents, healthy ambitions, and damage their careers. 

Those born on this day often seem destined for great achievements, but instead they disappear into obscurity, and primarily because of their obsessive fears and desire for security. 

For this reason, to achieve the goal, they are more than anyone else, it is necessary to develop willpower. A prolonged absence of life guidelines inevitably leads to frustration and suppressed volcanic anger, which can at any moment break out in the presence of the people most dear to them. 

Those born on November 11 can easily cope with temporary setbacks and disappointments and rarely allow anger to cloud their heads.

November 11 Birthday Love and Compatibility

Those born on November 11 are passionate and romantic to the core. They take relationships seriously. They are capable of unconditional love and dedication.

They are careful in treading in the matters of heart. They will take time to understand the person fully before they commit to the relationship.

They tend to be super secretive about their feelings. It will take lot of effort to get them to express their emotions.

Once they have identified their soulmate, they jump all in into the relationship.

They are sincere and dedicated towards their partner and expect the same from their them. Any sign of deceit will make them recede from the relationship. They are trustworthy and empathetic towards their partner.

It is very hard for them to handle a breakup. They will recede to loneliness for some time.

November 11 Birthday Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Compatibility Chart

Compatibility chart of Scorpio clearly shows Scorpio Compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with November 11 Birthday (Scorpio)

The zodiac signs best compatible with Scorpio are

  • Taurus (82%)
  • Cancer (88%)
  • Virgo (75%)
  • Capricorn (72%)
  • Pisces (82%)

Scorpio is a water sign. Cancer and Pisces are also air signs. Hence, Cancer and Pisces are best Compatible with Scorpio.

Zodiac Signs Moderately Compatible with November 11 Birthday (Scorpio)

Zodiac signs moderately compatible with Scorpio are:

  • Libra (57%)
  • Scorpio (67%)

Zodiac Signs Incompatible with November 11 Birthday (Scorpio)

Zodiac signs incompatible with Scorpio are:

  • Aries (33%)
  • Gemini (20%)
  • Leo (33%)
  • Sagittarius (38%)
  • Aquarius (37%)

November 11 Birthday : love compatibility


People with November 11 Birthday have Scorpio Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Scorpio with various other Zodiac Signs.

November 11 Birthday : Health

Born 11 November, paying much attention to the physical aspects of life, can become slaves of your body. Although these people are well aware of their health problems, they are often too zealous in treating themselves and their loved ones. 

In addition, because of the tendency to fall under the influence of those around them, they should not trust doctors or new-fangled medicines and treatment methods too much. 

Active physical exercises, such as aerobics, dancing, running and gymnastics, are highly recommended, but competitive sports are not suitable for them. It is necessary to limit the love of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and all kinds of stimulants, since there is a danger of becoming dependent on them.

Advice for People Born on November 11

Periodically forget about your own desires. To avoid frustration, give vent to your talents. Know how to demand what you need and accept what graciously gives you fate.

Famous people born on November 11th

Those born on November 11th share birthday with there famous people:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Movie Actor, November 11 1974
  • Demi Moore, Movie actress, November 11 1962
  • Christa B Allen, TV Actress, November 11 1991
  • Richie Rich, Fashion Designer, November 11 1970
  • Christa B Allen, TV Actress, November 11 1991

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