Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility: love, friendship, work

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

love, friendship, work

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(Aries: March 21 – April 19)

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Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage Chart
Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage Chart

Aries and Sagittarius form a combination of a cardinal sign and a fixed sign respectively. In general, their relationships are usually satisfactory in any of the areas in which they are related, since they usually present very similar qualities and ways. 

In the professional field, they share two characteristics that make their association very positive: a driving idealism when it comes to making what they believe in a reality, and a transparent sincerity. 

They will not be able to betray the person with whom they work. Also, when Aries and Sagittarius meet at work, they will almost certainly make friends for life.

Aries and Sagittarius: love compatibility

If it is a love relationship, more or less the same thing happens as in the previous field: their union will be very avenue in most cases, despite the fact that they seem to love being the opposite…

Their clashes are usually temporary, and as soon as they arrive, they leave, just like that. On the other hand, these two signs share something that they like strongly: their passion for travel. 

Aries and Sagittarius could not find better comrades to enjoy one of the best adventures: love.

Aries and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

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Aries and Sagittarius: friendship compatibility

Two Fires can “ignite” such a friendship that others will envy. Indeed, they can become good friends if they subdue their impulsiveness.

There is no abyss of misunderstanding between them, but, on the contrary, they know how to diversify communication, listen to advice and make friendship stronger.

The compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius in friendship is wonderful, if both do not bother and annoy each other. Rest is required even to close friends.

It is not in vain that they say that a friend is known in trouble. They need to be especially sensitive and reliable friends in difficult moments, and not look for help on the side.

Aries and Sagittarius: professional compatibility

Do not dissemble, but the compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius in business relationships is not cloudless.

As they say, colleagues are not chosen, so this couple will often have to compromise so as not to write a letter of resignation ahead of time. Although, if they open a common business, they will quickly succeed.

They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Alas, Aries has a different approach to working together, and Sagittarius rarely listens to anyone’s advice.

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Everyone is too busy with their own person, so Aries and Sagittarius rarely think about the problems that stand between them. Both are swift, like a whirlwind, active and active to the limit. 

If things continue like this, then they will definitely go astray, indicating the path to their harmony. Each of this couple has their own path, so they do not intend to turn off it and, moreover, notice each other. Live by someone else’s rules? 

Yes, for nothing in the world. This problem will “hang” in the air until Aries and Sagittarius collide foreheads and decide to put their energy into maintaining the relationship. 


The solution to the problem will be found if they nevertheless come to terms with the circumstances and look at each other differently. You can’t always see only yourself, stick out your principles and do whatever you want. 

Relationships are possible if they learn not only to take, but also to give something in return. Of course, they want to maintain their spontaneity and charisma, but they will also have to look for ways to solve problems. 

Working on yourself is the hardest part. They need to reproach and blame each other for mistakes less. Plans and goals for Aries and Sagittarius should be common, and the ways to achieve them are real.


Freedom and independence are the main thing for this couple. They forget about caution when the rod breaks through. They need to restrain their impulses and emotions. 

The problem is that both are used to tempting fate, committing thoughtless acts and not taking into account the interests of a partner. Courage and assertiveness are worthy qualities, but not in close relationships. 

Aries rely more on luck, and not on themselves. Sagittarius is an eccentric rake who forgets about discretion. If the problems are not solved, then the matter will end in conflicts and nervous breakdowns. 


Aries and Sagittarius can easily go to the extreme and make irreparable mistakes. They seem to test each other’s patience by putting spokes in the wheels. 

Sagittarius wants adventure, movement and folly. Aries is also not averse to having fun and distracting from worldly worries, but he feels the danger better. A relationship is possible if both of them put in the effort and time to solve problems. 

It is not worth taking risks if interests, goals and, especially, mutual love are at stake. If there is a way, then the issues need to be resolved immediately. Otherwise, on earth, another couple in love will be doomed to separation.


If there is a problem, then it must be solved! Alas, Aries and Sagittarius do not think so, because they have gone too deep into themselves and their desires. They put off for the future what is important and paramount today. 

Compatibility Aries and Sagittarius largely depends on their aspirations, attentiveness and sensitivity. They should become more responsible towards each other, and not challenge and turn a blind eye to problems. 

Sagittarius is used to promising and not fulfilling, which frankly annoys Aries. Discipline and order – they need to think about the meaning of these words. Alas, complete chaos reigns in their relationship, and ignoring the rules. 


There is a solution to the problem if they will look into the future more often, rather than chasing imaginary promises and ideals. They need to admire each other’s successes, then the relationship will be equated to the “5+” mark. 

If these two will more often give in, and not argue to the point of hoarseness, they will become more responsive, more attentive. Both are born under the element of Fire, which already creates a lot of problems. 

They need to look into each other’s inner world, and not protest for any reason. They can become reliable, successful partners if they remember what mutual support is.

Aries and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

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