Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

If you face the truth, as Sagittarius like to do, men born under this sign, like no one (with the exception of Gemini), are prone to infidelity, and if not physical treason, then to flirt.

Of course, this is a generalization that cannot be extended to every Centaur. And yet quite often the love affair between the Aries girl and the frivolous, windy Sagittarius youth resembles a game of Russian roulette. This, of course, is excitingly interesting, but as unsafe as trying to strip naked during church service.

If a Mars-driven girl claims that she is not a bit jealous, she either lies (because she was born under Mars or Mercury at the expense of), or does not know the real date of her birth.

Of course, it is possible that her equanimity is the other side of indifference. She is not jealous because she does not love, because jealousy is a deeper fear of rejection. As a matter of fact, for the Aries girl, such coldness is already a symptom, the first alarm bell. Maybe not today or tomorrow, she herself will leave her lover …

Both Aries and Sagittarius are signs of Fire, and two sparks easily give rise to a large fire. From the first meeting, the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are drawn to establish a romance or friendship. They are affected by the solar scheme 5-9, their Suns at birth are in a favorable aspect. Maybe even better if a Sagittarius man, not ready to be content with one woman, needs friendship, not love. He is having fun from the heart, watching the four people floundering on the screen in the same bed, and for some reason she jumps up, runs from the hall and throws all the popcorn straight into the ticketer’s face (Aries’s anger is blind).

One thing can be said in defense of the Sagittarius man: if he succumbs to the spell of new love, he will most likely admit it right away. Managed by Jupiter, men are most often sincerely weighed down by the need to lie. However, it’s foolish to tell the Aries girl about how you smiled at the luxurious blonde at the bar. The imagination of the woman of Mars is rich and draws so many paintings, infidelity, that you should not supply him with new food for fantasies.

Is it not strange that this independent, even self-confident girl is so vulnerable? She is eating fear, humiliation, treason. Aries is a male sign, and the Aries girl is not quite sure of her femininity. Secretly, she believes that less beautiful and intelligent women are more desirable for her lover only because they skillfully use all the tricks of the weaker sex. Thinking about it is sometimes indescribably painful, and even dangerous. Explosions of jealousy only anger the freedom-loving Sagittarius, which requires complete trust from the beloved.

Confidence, of course, is a good thing, but if a Sagittarius man is not condescending to a jealous woman and does not dispel her secret fears with tenderness and participation, does not allow her to speak out sometimes, to ease her soul, he will lose his girlfriend faster than he found. And the void that she will leave in his heart is not so easy to fill. Both recognize the terrible feeling of loneliness that accompanies the separation of true lovers, whose Suns at birth were in the harmonious aspect of the trine. If the feeling, which was considered love, was only affection, separation can be less painful and a broken connection can even develop into friendship.

Mutual trust in their relationship will be the key to emotional harmony. Many Sagittarius are constant and reliable in love, and union with them can become infinitely exciting and exciting for the Aries woman – which, oddly enough, brings peace and satisfaction to the hearts of those born under the signs of Fire.

Such couples are optimistic, open, cordial and friendly. Both dreamers. But his dreams are closer to reality – Sagittarius, unlike Aries, has the prophetic ability to foresee the outcome of his barely born dreams and inner honesty, which allows them to be separated from empty illusions. Although both love to build castles in the air, its phantoms are still more material.

It should be said that Sagittarius men are in no hurry to tie the knot (only Devan Aquarius has the same dislike for Gimenai). But these impulsive natures easily addictive love whirlpool. The Aries girl with her Martian willpower can break a promise that Sagittarius is not ready to fulfill. However, most Sagittarius refuse to lie at the altar, so broken engagements and weddings without a groom are not uncommon when it comes to this solar sign. They are not cruel – just honest.

One of my acquaintances, a charming widow, had already forgotten how many years her friend Sagittarius was pulling with a wedding. But she is still waiting with Cancer’s tenacity. If she were Aries, she would long ago have declared that he would take away his toothbrush and golf clubs, would change the lock and phone number. Such a tub of cold water often brings Sagittarius to his senses if he really loves. If not, who to blame? Maybe he didn’t stutter about love – Sagittarius men usually deftly avoid confessions.

Aries. Darling, you love me, right?

Sagittarius (offended and angry). How can you ask such ridiculous questions? Have you still not understood how I feel for you?

Or so.

Aries. Do you really love me? True?

Sagittarius. What do you think, honey? I just don’t understand how you can doubt it. (Showered with passionate kisses.)

Later, she will accuse him of duplicity, and in vain. She herself is to blame – she listened inattentively. He did not lie. Sagittarius never lies. Didn’t you know?

Sagittarius is not a couch potato. They are alien to the cult of the family. And they love relatives more in the distance. But the Aries girl also does not want to be bound hand and foot, so she will come to terms with his desire for a change of place, if only he calls with him. If she is smart enough not to bother him, Sagittarius can be a generous and exciting partner.

And she will have to fall in love with animals, as sooner or later this person will bring a dog or horse into the house (if they live in a small apartment, it is good that it be a dog). And put up with the fact that he can disappear for hours at the stable or stadium, and be ready to roam with him in the woods and roam in the tent, and be able to suppress yawning at the next premiere of another experimental production. Books and philosophy replace the Sagittarius-intellectual with nature, sport or the scene, but his interests will still be outside the home.

Their physical union is doomed to success: both are very tender and passionate (after all, these are signs of Fire). He may be a little calmer, but more relaxed, but also sincere and romantic. Each of them is capable of being generous, although not completely free from selfishness (one of the most common causes of sexual disharmony). Both may have to learn that true happiness stems from the inner need to love and not be loved. This lesson will not be difficult, because they know how to give. Intellectual and emotional harmony (excluding jealousy and infidelity) can make their intimacy ideal.

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