Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Sagittarius girl is passionate about the Aries man. What could be more natural? She admires courage, thirsts for excitement and loves to have fun, and Aries, of course, is not a mess. True, he loves to command and insist on his own. But he is a sentimental romantic, and this is exactly what she is looking for, even unconsciously, looking where she doesn’t smell of romance, looking for stuffing cones and masking hers. hopes of irony. Sagittarius always hides Jupiterian idealism in the guise of a clown. This woman desperately needs romantic love – only love can heal from innate cynicism. She is initially infected with skepticism, and love affairs only nourish this skepticism and sharpen her wit.

As a rule, Aries men (unless their Moon is in the sign of Water or Neptune in their birth charts is not too favorable) are poorly versed in human nature. They usually see only the outside. It is difficult for them to discern the thirst for romantic love in that which is with a cynical chuckle, holding the shabby volume of “Sexual Revolution” Kate Millett under her arm and invites her to challenge it with a challenge. She can also put on another theatrical mask – pretend to be a neurotic teenager or a timid, introverted old maid.

At heart, the Sagittarius girl yearns for someone smart and honest who would have wrapped her in a warm embrace, protecting herself from herself. But to do this, Aries will have to carefully erase the makeup of her face and firmly say that the comedy is over. She will protest because she loves the theater. In addition, in her, as in Cinderella, there is a fear of midnight, the fateful hour when her carriage will turn into a pumpkin. But this hour must break. When, with the last blow of the watch, the fabulous dress turns into rags, she will become quiet and become the most charming woman in the world. Anyone who is desperate to tame this wild platform can be said in consolation that it is a little awkward. This slips not only in body movements (despite a graceful gait and posture), but also in mental throwings. Sooner or later she will stumble. Then he can grab her in his arms, gently hug and explain at last that he is a man, and she is a woman. (You see, after all, Sagittarius is a male sign.)

At first, Aries will be enraged by her straightforward frankness and familiarity with his sensitive masculine self. He is unlikely to like that she constantly wins the “monopoly” contrary to all logic and generally makes him a fool in front of friends, expressing the forest what came to mind. Aries men intend to keep their masculine superiority, independence and personal freedom. 

Not all, but the vast majority of Sagittarius women prefer to be friends with men, so the jealous Aries will have to remind themselves that she is just friendly, cheerful and sociable and that this is not cheating at all. She herself is more than inclined to be jealous, especially when her This is being incited, but not as much as he is. In addition, her Aries also prefers men’s company. Good luck

This girl is very lucky. By some miracle, her most ridiculous mistakes always turn out to be better under the favorable happy influence of Jupiter, who at birth awarded her faith and optimism, bringing so-called good luck. It would be more correct to call it not luck, but a manifestation of the law of attraction: you attract what you portray as yourself. And she portrays happiness! 

Let her free, even defiant behavior in society not deceive you. Remember that Jupiter controls spiritual insight. The Sagittarius girl has inner innocence and touching faith in people (at least in her youth), and this often puts her in an awkward position.

Aries. So you spent the whole evening in the city, at Mr. Cromwell’s house, because he is your boss and he needed you? Yes, of course, he really needed you, this cunning old goat. Yes, and you are good! Morality is not greater than that of the March cat. 

(Aries do not choose expressions when their Martian temperament explodes.) 

Sagittarius. His dog was supposed to get puppy, and he was going to leave her to give birth completely alone. Someone had to help the poor thing. 

Aries. A dirty type who seduces his secretary can hardly be called poor. 

Sagittarius. I meant a dog – Mr. Cromwell is just a freak! He went to bed, and I had to take puppies in the kitchen alone. One was born dead. It was so awful … I cried all the way while driving home in a taxi.

Aries. You cried because … so that’s why your cosmetics were smeared! Darling, forgive me, I do not understand … 

Sagittarius. You do not trust me. And don’t try to apologize! You called me the March cat. You’re a psychopath … you hate animals … a poor cat symbolizes a prostitute for you … Get out! I do not want to see you anymore! 

A few more such scenes, and Aries will understand (hopefully, before losing her) that she will not tolerate baseless jealousy. After all, her honesty is called into question, and Sagittarius is obsessed with truth and honesty, for some it becomes a bit of a neurosis (you can ask psychiatrists). So if she succumbed to the temptation, she probably would have laid it out as it is, without omitting a single dramatic detail.

If Aries does not want such a confession to be brought down upon him, one must believe. It is true that Sagittarius women, like Gemini or Pisces, are easier to embark on amorous adventures than other Solar signs. They are variable and dual in nature. But there is no stealth in Sagittarius. Aries man can blame her for anything, but not for deception. This woman is faithful to herself and the man she loves until her feelings cool off or until she doubts her. Even then, she would sooner flare up and break off her relationship than cheat on him. (Unless she has a Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio.) Even those Sagittarius girls who quickly get fed up and rush to turn the page usually never start two novels at once, unless a chain of disappointments has made them too cynical.

Both Sagittarius and Aries equally suffer from bouts of complacency, and both consider the desire to command and carelessness almost to be virtues. They despise caution, prudence and patience, perceiving them as vices. 

But, having mastered the art of compromise, they will achieve such a harmony of thoughts and feelings, not to mention the harmony of bodies that other couples can only dream of. Their proximity is usually both stormy and pacifying, entrancing and bewitching, like a stellar fall. Of course, if she remembers that there are moments when silence is gold, the stump makes fun of his passion. Both merry chatter and sober judgment are equally offensive to such moments.

Neither Aries nor Sagittarius are stingy in nature, so the money will not quarrel them, unless there is a skirmish about where to get them when the wallet is empty. If it comes to competition in extravagance, you can bet on Aries: here he will clearly go around Sagittarius. Although you should not really count on it, if only in her horoscope there are no ascending Pisces or the Moon in Taurus. And I would not advise criticizing her cooking or housekeeping methods (this is usually the Achilles heel of the middle Sagittarius). 

The most important thing for an Aries man is to understand that his girlfriend is an idealist to the core. Her sociability and friendliness in relations with men are completely innocent. Does he not like to soak up the rays of female admiration? And what is this – infidelity? Of course not.

So she will not change love, as long as this love exists, and in any case she will not dissemble. 

She may break loose and say such a thing, which she herself does not believe, but, noticing that she has caused pain, rushes to heal the “wounds”. “ 

So they have three common enemies: lies, boredom, and anger.” These two are so alike! Proud. The bold ones. Generous. Impulsive. Passionate. Independent. Great-hearted. And very vulnerable, painfully sensitive to coldness and indifference. When they defeat their childish selfishness, nothing will separate them. Mars and Jupiter are a powerful combination.

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