Tips for Dating a Libra Man

To attract a Libra man, you need to be very social and fun loving. As born with the air element, he loves your expressive and vivacious nature. You can even display your passions with full freedom, as the Libra man is blessed by Venus- the love god. You will find him extremely striking who can excite you to be naughty with him.

Before trying a hand in winning his heart, you need to know about his basic characteristics, his likes and dislikes. A Libra has analytical nature. He is a balanced person and loves everything peaceful. He is a socially active individual and avoids contradiction. So, first try to become a friend and after winning his confidence propose him directly. Do not nag after him, as he don’t like bothering women. Be flamboyant yet elegant in placing your emotions. He will surely fall for you.

Tips for Dating a Libra Man

You have to be well-dressed lady with a fetish for latest fashion. Your man loves gorgeous lady who frequently visits social gatherings. You are in an advantageous position if you are a beautiful lady with tall stature and long silky hairs. To a Libra man physical beauty is as important as inner beauty.

This gentleman loves philosophical and futuristic things. Stimulate his mind with discussing topics like art, music, dream and cultural events. Do not talk superficially; he will at once understand it.

To attract a man born under this sun sign you must wear something in blue color. Turquoise and opal gemstones in your hair and wrist chain will lure him at once.

To get attention of your Libra man, invite him to an art exhibition, foreign film festival or opera. He will appreciate your refined taste and will be pulled towards you.

Librans love to travel. To win his heart, arrange an exclusive holiday in some places where he can find his food for thought. He is attracted to antiquity and informative sites.

Lastly, be little mysterious to him. A hint of unsaid, a bash of laughter and a mixture of sophistication with erotic gesture can make him crazy for you.

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