Tips for Dating a Sagittarius Man

Ruled by benevolent Jupiter and Fire element, Sagittarius is the most chivalrous sign in the zodiac. His playful and adventurous nature has hundreds of women admirers. He is born with a traveler’s soul and love to gather knowledge from every spheres of life. If you have fallen for this optimistic man, then here are some tips with which you can win his heart.

Sagittarius men are independent, spontaneous and attractive. They love freedom and space.

Tips for Dating a Sagittarius Man

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind before attracting a Sagittarian is that in no way you will disrespect him in any way. He is independent and will not confine himself to any limitation.

He loves tall stature, bright eyes and quick wit in a woman. Do not experiment with artificial looks, as he prefers originality. As his ladylove you need to be well versed with current happenings, knack for good food and must show interest in bigger issues.

A Sagittarius is a lover of spontaneous and adventurous ladies. Open up your thoughts; express your love for expedition and he will be yours.

Don’t be too emotional with your Sagittarius boyfriend. He is not made for sentimental conversations but look for something humanitarian and massive.

A Sagittarius loves unpredictability and surprises. He hates to wait or sit in a theater for hours. Make his day by forest trekking or volunteering a health camp.

A Sagittarius expects his ladylove to be as independent and able like he is. So, don’t cling to his pocket. Instead of this you can attract him by mild flirting.

He finds it tough to crack finer emotions. Do not hurry up in demanding commitment from him, as he may run from you. Give him space and he himself will propose you for a lifetime relationship.

Guided by the wise Jupiter, your man has natural qualities of a leader. He enjoys authority but never suppress his subservient. He has strong ethics of right and wrong and will raise his voice against injustice. As a clever lady, it is needless to say that you will appreciate his strong morals.

Your man is at the same time very impulsive and practical. He is the one who lives the life on his principles and want you to be like that. Most of the times you will find him relaxed. He will discuss any topic under the sun and can mesmerize you by his enigmatic nature.

He is a lady killer because he has generous and chivalrous character. Try not to bind him with mere emotions but enjoy his wild life. He will arrange expensive dinners and gift you precious stones. At the end of the day when he will understand your loyalty, he’s back to you.

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