Aries Man in Love and Relationships

If you have fallen for an Aries Man and want to get his attention, here is what you should know about Aries Man.

Aries are quick in everything, including falling in Love. They can get into a relationship and get out of it really fast. Aries men like their partner to be smart, witty, feminine and presentable.

Do now call him to ask for opinion on every little thing. He will want a partner who is independent and capable of making decisions. He will appreciate you for this quality and want to associate with you.

Work on your looks:

If you already in a relationship with an Aries Man, and want him to miss you, you will need to often work on yourself. Aries Man is intrigued by change. Hence, to keep him interested, change your look, your hairstyle, your dressing or change your makeup style.

Out of Sight Strategy:

One more trick to make an Aris Man miss you is ‘Make yourself Unavailable’. Show him that you are busy. This will make him want your attention. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” strategy works very week in a relationship with Aries Man.

Give him space

Do not be overly possessive. Do not flood him with messages. You can intermittently send him photos of the lovely time you spent together.

Surprise Him:

Surprise him and be a mystery woman. The moment he this he understands you, he will get bored. When you are not around, he will miss you, for he will want to know what’s the next new surprise you have for him.  Keeping him surprised is keeping him interested.

How will you know if Aries Man is Interested in you?

An Aries Man is not the shy type. He will be very open about his interest and what he wants. Hence will be openly express himself. He will start sending you messages. He will start taking interest in your interests. He will start asking your friends about you. Once you have gotten his interest, he will go out of the way to make things happen.


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