Mercury in Pisces or Meena in a Horoscope

A vivid imagination, a passive mind, a good memory, and the ability to telepathy. They are easily influenced by others, as they unconsciously merge with the thoughts and feelings of others. An actor in the inner plane. Strongly influenced by the subconscious. Addiction to neurosis and drug addiction. Inconsistency in decisions and attitudes towards people, as well as a penchant for dreams and distraction, cunning, insincerity, imitation, as there are few of your ideas. Sacrifice in the name of an idea. They are silent, shy, touchy. They should be more objective.

You are more a poet than a logical thinker. You are easily, without difficulty given the language of music, art, poetry. You have the ability to think in abstract and symbolic images. Sometimes translating your thoughts and impressions into a substantive, everyday language can be difficult for you, as a result of which you can make a lesser impression than other less intelligent people. Especially often this situation occurred in your childhood. You probably often plunged into dreams. Thanks to developed intuition, you can easily grasp what other people think and feel, even before the moment when they tell you something. Often an idea of ​​a person or a situation is born in you without actual, detailed acquaintance with them. And usually it turns out to be true. You can be scattered so deep in your thoughts that you don’t notice what is happening around you. Your mind is open to everything, you believe that nothing is impossible. Intangible or spiritual forces are as real to you as anything else in the material world. You have two greatest gifts – imagination and a benevolent understanding of the people that life faces you. Possible speech defects, constipation, colds of the legs.