Zodiac Signs That Go Against The System

Let’s face it: each of us has a rebellious twinkle.

In astrology, there are several zodiac signs that refuse to abide by the so-called “standards”.

Sometimes we tend to blame society for holding us back; if you think so, you are bound by a set of rules that may or may not come naturally to you. A true social rebel is someone who sees no reason to follow a standard that doesn’t work for him or his family.

So which zodiac signs don’t adhere to social standards?

1. Taurus

Taurus know the rules well. They know exactly what is expected of them, and if they are satisfied with the standards, they are happy to comply.

Very self-serving, Taurus will behave well if they want to, but you can’t just sway this stubborn bull by throwing a set of rules at them; they will laugh at you from the road if they see fit. The only standards they meet are the ones they create for themselves.

2. Leo

The lion looks society straight in the eye and spits on it. They like to be a rebel, and their rebellion is genuine. If they do not agree with the social standard that is imposed on them, they categorically reject it without asking questions.

Unlike signs like Virgo, which live in fear and cannot move until it is pre-approved by society, Leo does not even consider a standard a standard. Social standards for Leo are someone else’s rules, and we all already know that the King of the Jungle does not play by someone else’s rules.

3. Scorpio

Known as a sign of deep thinking and high emotion, we can’t expect this born rebel to make concessions, it’s just not their nature. If society requires them to act in a certain way, they will act in the opposite way, just to spite society.

If you tell a Scorpio that he has something that can not do, it is just that and does, just to show you that you can not order him. This sign not only rejects the standards of society, but also purposefully criticizes them in order to show those around them that they are not going to play by the rules.

4. Sagittarius

No one hates rules and standards more than Sagittarius. Sagittarius will follow the rhythm of his own heart over and over again. Rules mean little to them, and social standards are a laughing stock to Sagittarius.

It’s like they’re from another planet, and Earth’s rules don’t apply to them. And although they are often condemned and rejected because of this, they do not care.

5. Gemini

Gemini sees and contemplates social standards. They really want to fit in, but they constantly contradict themselves, every time a Gemini signs up for something “standard” they end up hating their life for making that decision.

They do not fit into any of the requirements and standards that society puts forward for us, but they think that they could be happier if they did, so they try to be like everyone else.
Unfortunately, they fail miserably in trying to do things the way others do, they lose their uniqueness.