Cancer and Cancer : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The love relationship between two people of the sign of Cancer will be characterized by the strong emotion of the two lovers involved. The bond is certainly marked by the loyalty and devotion that each one shows towards the other, and is oriented towards the formation of a solid and harmonious family unit, given the importance that the concept of home has within the couple. But if the two intend to achieve these results, they must learn to keep their emotions under control.

The home hearth is the right environment to let go and give vent to emotions; once the front door is closed, Cancer tends to forget the outside world, focusing exclusively on what happens inside the home. If on the one hand such behavior contributes to the stability of the sentimental bond in a decisive way, on the other it can prove dangerous in that it tends to distance the two lovers from the surrounding world and make them reject a priori the opinions of others.

Cancer undergoes the influence of the Moon , the celestial body symbol of emotion. The action of the Moon inspires Cancer with that sense of protection and motherhood typical of this sign. The energy that is generated with the meeting of two people born under the sign of cancer is particularly suitable for the development of a stable and lasting love relationship.

Cancer is a sign of water. A relationship of this type is dominated by instinct and emotionality, consequently if there is no communication between the two partners, misunderstandings and misunderstandings could arise. However, since the two have the same needs, there will always be a lot of understanding between them, and therefore it will be easier to overcome the difficulties.

Cancer is a cardinal sign . His shy and reserved character is shaken every time he finds himself in particularly stressful situations; in these situations he manages to release all the emotions held back and sometimes even takes on a rather aggressive attitude. These sudden angry outbursts must not be seriously endangered the internal balance of the love relationship: objectivity and tolerance are fundamental to thwart any threat.

What is the best aspect of the Cancer – Cancer relationship ?

The strength of the Cancer-Cancer relationship is the authenticity and solidity of the link between the two. Devoted to the cause of love and the family, both will be able to provide a valid point of support for the partner, creating a bond based essentially on the principles of respect and understanding.

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