Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility Percentage – 85%

Cancer and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage70%
Cancer and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage90%
Cancer and Cancer Communication Compatibility Percentage90%
Cancer and Cancer Trust Percentage90%
Cancer and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Cancer and Cancer Common Interests80%
Cancer and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage85%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer = Water + Water

The degree of compatibility between two Cancer is very high. It is a very good combination , since Cancer is a sign, which must be understood in order to advance and who better to understand than themselves?

Cancerians are caring people and express their quality by attending to the needs of others. This recipe is ideal for family life, childcare, and finding a quieter home.

It is a curious and paradoxical fact that the relationship between two people of Cancer sign can be both heaven and hell. This is firstly because there is no one who can understand Cancer’s emotional need as well as another Cancer, but secondly, there is no one as susceptible to the couple’s personal flaws as another person of the same sign. 

And it is that the greatest defect of Cancer is its unpredictable character, its abrupt changes in mood. Such sudden changes are difficult to assimilate for those who are emotionally vulnerable, which is a characteristic characteristic of people with Cancer signs. 

For this reason it is said that a relationship between two Cancer people can be both a blessing and a martyrdom. If both manage to recognize their shortcomings, the relationship can be extremely enriching.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Friendship

People with the Cancer sign, although they do not have many true friends (because they do not open easily), they do know a large number of people motivated by their great vocation to serve and help others. 

Cancerians easily win the affection of the majority for these helpful qualities, and yet, for their part, they consider that few are their true friends. He has enormous loyalty for the latter for life. 

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Relationship

The combination of two Cancer can be really good, because both will raise morale, understand mood swings and mood swings with each other easily. However, they should avoid becoming a mirror of the weakness of the other and drown each other in sentimentality. 

It is also important to avoid overreacting to the couple’s comments, because they can be very critical and demanding and, on the other hand, they criticize each other quite badly.

The water signs sometimes express their empathy by getting involved in the community and humanitarian work, and if both members of a Cancer couple jointly engage in such a project, the result will be formidable and very successful.

Cancerians enjoy spending time together at home, cooking, gardening, or doing nothing.

Despite all the possible drawbacks, the compatibility between a man and a woman with a Cancer sign is extremely high. 

This is because they often share many attitudes and perspectives regarding life. In this sense, people with Cancer signs tend to be extremely sedentary and homey, and also in most cases they are conservative people who like to plan, save and be cautious before the new doors that open. 

Likewise, people with Cancer signs are also empathetic and understanding, although they usually have long periods of introversion. Two people with the Cancer sign can find in each other an ideal partner who understands their way of being and respects their moments of reflection so much without generating a feeling of abandonment.

What other signs may consider as a defect, Cancer’s grasp and need for affection, is perceived by another person of the same sign as something natural and desirable. 

Both satisfy each other’s need for affection and attention, and for that same reason, both manage to arouse in the other a feeling of acceptance and validation of the professed affection. 

This is even reinforced when they come together as a family, given that Cancerians in general are highly devoted to their relatives, with the family being the main value above all else.

On the other hand, another factor that demonstrates the greater compatibility between the Cancerians above their relationships with other signs is their low tendency to embark on risky adventures. 

The Cancerians are conservative and homey, therefore prefer the safe and reliable, the homey environment, they do not like to embark on night adventures or make risky decisions. 

This quality can generate conflicts with other signs that are more changeable and more risky, but with another person of Cancer sign, be it woman or man, this quality comes as a ring to the finger, it is perfect as it is shared by both people in the relationship .

According to the compatibility for Cancer and Cancer, two Cancer people are good compatible with each other because they share the similar characteristics.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

They have great loyalty once they fall deeply in love. Because of their nobility and vocation to help, people sometimes take advantage of the Cancer personality. Another Cancer is the perfect complement to avoid this use as it recognizes in Cancer’s help a selfless effort worthy of admiration and respect.

When initiating a romantic relationship, the reserve and distrust of Cancer, both in men and women, is exacerbated at unsuspected levels because the type of relationship that is potentially going to start, requires a degree of trust even more deeper than what is necessary for a true friendship. 

However, this is characteristic of the first months, caution becomes a characteristic sign of Cancer men and women. After a few months, both members of the couple open up to each other, showing themselves somewhat more vulnerable and getting closer to each other, raising their confidence.

Regarding sexual relationships, they will be based on affection, sensitivity and displays of affection and both members of the couple will feel safe and loved , something very important for this sign.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Problems and Breakup

Only misguided emotionality, in the sense of uncontrolled negative emotions such as rage, can play against relationships between two people with a Cancer sign. 

An appeasement of strong and negative emotions can be the key for only love to prosper between a man and a woman who share this sign. Also to the extent that the self-esteem of each person of Cancer sign rises, the relationship will become much more satisfying and enriching.

It is also necessary to clarify that the mood swings in Cancer can work against its compatibility. However, as previously mentioned, if there is a greater understanding between the parties and also a greater tolerance, these volatile aspects can be assimilated and not dent the trust and coexistence in the couple.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility in Work

Teamwork between two people of the Cancer sign can be very productive and enjoyable, mainly because both are very open to collective work. Cancer men and women are not usually individualistic and rather prefer to support their coworkers. The Cancerians hate loneliness and segregation, for that reason they prefer to carry out their daily work as a team.

The energy that their collaboration brings to the work environment is unmatched. Two people of Cancer sign when they work together they do it harmoniously, neither one wants to place themselves above the other and above all they try to understand the different existing approaches when solving a problem or carrying out a specific task.

In Conclusion

The compatibility between these two signs is high and it does not matter if they are in hierarchical relationships. Cancer’s great empathic capacity allows it to be one of the signs that best adapts to dissimilar characters (with the exception of those that are very frontal and demanding), so when meeting with another person of the Cancer sign things are going great. 

They are extremely loyal and helpful people who also have a strong will to bring projects to a successful conclusion. A Cancer is a conservative but tireless worker, in them it is possible to find a faithful companion who not only encourages us by giving us more strength but also does not give up easily.

The best combination between two Cancer will be between those born from July 14 to 22. It is almost as if they are destined to spend life together, and if they get married, being a parent will be an important part of their life together.

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