Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

The love relationship between the sign of Gemini and the sign of Pisces generates a couple within which mutual understanding and contentment are the masters . Gemini has excellent communication skills and tends to ponder every choice with rationality, moreover his enthusiasm contributes to bringing a breath of humor within the sentimental bond.

Instead the sign of Pisces reveals itself to be much more instinctive ; often with his head in the clouds he has a very open mentality that allows him to range between the most varied interests. Together these two signs form a very competitive and close-knit team , whether it is just a friendship, or that there is something more.

The sign of Pisces is very passionate and emotionally fragile , as a result it could be hurt by the superficiality and lightness that often the partner Gemini shows towards their relationship . However, any kind of obstacle can be quickly overcome, given the ease with which both signs manage to forgive and forget.

Gemini is under the influence of the planet Mercury (Communication), while Pisces is under the influence of Jupiter (Fortune) and Neptune (Illusion). Jupiter’s action makes itself felt on the trend of the sign of Pisces towards knowledge and journeys of discovery, while the influence of Neptune accentuates its dreamer and idealistic side.

Gemini is a sign of Air , while Pisces is a sign of Water. The reasoning of the sign of Gemini combined with the emotional nature of the sign of Pisces generates a perfect balance within the couple. Small problems could arise in the event of misunderstandings or misunderstandings at an ideological level, but, as we have seen, any obstacle will be easily overcome.

Both Gemini and Pisces are Mutable signs, consequently both are tolerant, adaptable and always understanding towards the needs of others. Straightforward and direct in every situation, there is an excellent level of communication between them. Furthermore, the compatibility between these two signs is accentuated by the variety of interests that the two share, and by the profound respect that each has towards the freedom of the other.

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The strength of the Gemini-Pisces relationship lies in the common interest that the two show towards everything that represents culture and knowledge. Both endowed with a solid intellectual structure, the two signs have many interests in common and blindly trust each other, knowing that they can count on more than valid support in any situation.

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