Pisces Man and Gemini Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Gemini and Pisces. Air + Water

The compatibility between Pisces and Gemini is not one of the highest of these signs and both will have to work hard to make the relationship work. Its elements of air and water are very different because while Air is related to the mind, Water is related to emotions.

In order for the relationship between the Pisces man and the Gemini woman to have a high probability of working, they both have to keep their mind on the ground and not in the clouds which is where these signs tend to be.

The two signs have more common features than great differences, an advantage that gives them great opportunities to match. They just need to know how to make the potential for affinity unfold.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Friendship:

If it is a friendship relationship, it will be great for them because they will know how to share intellectual and philosophical interests. Of course, the respect of the Gemini for the emotions of the Pisces, and the understanding of the born in Pisces to the somewhat indifferent reactions of the born in Gemini must prevail.

In love, the Pisces man and the Gemini woman have the potential for stable happiness. Apply the same principle as for the friendship relationship: respect and understanding for everyone’s reactions.

Both are social signs , although Pisces is much more subtle in their social relationships than Gemini. It’s also less superficial, and you’ll need to check that despite appearing frivolous at times, your Gemini partner actually understands the deeper aspects of life. If Gemini can be sensitive to the more receptive side of Pisces then this combination can work. Otherwise each of you will distance yourself from your partner, even without realizing it, until it is too late.

Pisces and Gemini are mutable signs. The not-so-positive side of this feature is that they can endlessly dwell on analyzing and wanting to change a plan, at the risk of reaching the point of being forgotten. You both have to work hard to know when to stop so as not to get in the way of the relationship.

The positive side of your ability to analyze situations can make you discard what is not convenient for you, clarify your doubts and clear the concerns and suspicions about a plan or situation that you are facing together. If you can draw a line between reasonable and exaggerated when discussing a plan or situation, you will be fine.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility:

The Gemini woman is analytical, she likes to investigate, think, write, communicate, hear and talk about new ideas. The Pisces man has a more philosophical and spiritual character, dreamy and sentimental. Together, by pursuing a common goal, you can make words fly.

The Gemini values ​​her memories, but also loves to experience the new. Communication is one of her greatest qualities, she puts it into practice and appreciates it in others. In the eyes of other people, the Gemini girl looks great, especially when she is focused on an issue that she is curious about.

The Piscean is sentimental by nature. When you try to suppress that character, you are able to appear cold, distant and rigid. He also likes to try the new, as long as it doesn’t replace or destroy the old. Communication is important to the Piscean, but not so much that it prevents him from isolating himself to lose himself in his thoughts.

Pisces and Gemini have a few things in common . They are both open to new ideas, flexible, compromising, and willing to change positions if they make a mistake. Unlike other more dominant signs, neither Gemini nor Pisces impose their way of seeing things on that of their partner or other people. They tend to know how to listen to others.

As for the differences , there are also some basic and potentially important ones. Gemini is much more rational than Pisces who tends to live in a dream world where everything is perfect and everyone is good. Pisces is much more sensitive than Gemini and both have quite different opinions when it comes to the meaning of life. Pisces live life much more intuitively and instinctively than Geminis and they make decisions based on their intuition while Geminis need to base their decisions on more tangible things.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Love:

It might give the impression that the Gemini born is not involved in the relationship, but it is only because she has a constant need for intellectual stimulation. The Piscean, for his part, is loyal and if he does not see signs of loyalty in his partner, he will not tolerate it. You must be careful not to become possessive, and both of you should try to maintain an honest relationship.

In the intimacy they both like to experiment and be playful, but the Pisces man will need a dose of romance and connection to feel loved.

As for the intimate relationship, a Gemini loves to play and experiment while, Pisces lives in another world of fantasy and happiness and look for a connection between your soul and your partner to feel completely satisfied. If you achieve this connection, anything is possible, but it may be difficult for Geminis and they may lose patience sooner.

In a relationship between the Pisces man and the Gemini woman, both must be clear that there is a dichotomy between thought – feeling. Being aware of this will prevent the Gemini from expecting the Piscean to react with thought, and the Piscean from expecting emotional reactions from the Gemini-born.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Relationship Issues:

They share is the lack of consistency. Both signs change very easily and this can cause problems for the stability and direction of the couple. Each day will be an adventure for this couple, but it can also be a bit like a roller coaster, with many ups and downs.

A possible clash between both signs could occur between the analytical character of the Gemini woman and her tendency to move forward, and the Pisces man’s need to ramble on the transcendental issues of existence. The matter has a remedy, the solution is based on communicating, it is the starting point to avoid problems in this match.

The Gemini woman needs to resolve conflicts, while the Pisces man prefers to calm down before doing so, walking away. The key is for both of you to reach agreements to talk and solve the problem, giving each one the necessary space before doing so.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

At work, the analytical skills of both signs are an advantage when teaming up. They should only try not to exaggerate in evaluating the issues and give them an efficient resolution in the allotted time. That is, not getting stuck on a plan, modifying and improving it over and over, but taking action to test it.

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Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Relationship:

Never a single Pisces man is fully confident in the Gemini woman he loves. She gives him many reasons for jealousy or for what they consider her (and this, you must admit, is a different thing). There is nothing you can do about it. (I suppose you already know that every Gemini woman is two women in one. And what can you do if she started flirting from the cradle or from when she was carried in a baby stroller and smiling at anyone who turns her on Attention.)

This woman will never truly grow up. She looks like a cunning charming little girl who cries when she is scolded; laughs merrily when she is happy, begs, teases, and suckles until she gets what she wants – and getting her with the Pisces man is not so difficult. He, in essence, is a kind soul – affectionate, patient and not too demanding. Of course, Pisces also have periods of irritability and quirks, but basically he is ready to do everything in his power so that she gets what she needs. True, he may be slightly confused by the fact that her dreams and desires are constantly changing, but he himself is not the embodiment of stability. At birth, both of them were not so generously endowed. Fishes at the sight of obstacles quickly become anxious, and as for the Gemini woman, her patience is no more than a thimble. Clear, that this will be one of the weaknesses in the relationship of the zodiacal model 4-10. Patience is the main ingredient in any recipe for happiness and harmony.

The twin woman has an expression of her eyes as if she is looking for something and is about to find it. In the eyes of the Pisces man it is written that he was gone. The type of personality and the imprint of the soul can be read through the eyes.

Her consciousness resembles a glass house, from where she observes life in any direction where she wants to look. Such a wealth of choice affects the external manifestations of personality, but mainly causes … despondency. The mood of the Gemini, controlled by Mercury, is not at all that of the ocean depths in the spirit of Neptune. They are as mobile as mercury, and unpredictable like the wind.

Pisces consciousness is also like a house with windows, but without glass, without shutters and curtains. Pisces man is vulnerable and sensitive not only to how others treat him, but also to the feelings and emotions of people close to him. So the fickle and always different twin woman can be some shock to a man under the control of Neptune.

She was born, spreading mental and physical energy around her like a shock wave. Fish are already born tired. It is not surprising that the Pisces man is spiritually somewhat tired, because he went through so many incarnations, he saw so much power and glory, ugly and beautiful, inexpressibly terrible and indescribably delightful. It is devastating. Moreover, there is always the temptation to compare this in dreams with the boredom of the present and worldly existence, and this is so clear to the Gemini woman! His desire to look at the world through smoky glasses responds in her heart with a response chord, she would also like everything to be different, better. But her Mercury nature does not shrink from a cold and clear analysis, while Fish does not want to recognize the harsh truth.

Like all pairs of model 4-10, Gemini and Pisces have to take into account the vibration of tension, and the motives of one’s actions are usually inexplicable for the other. In cases of harmonious aspects of the Sun and the Moon in their horoscopes (or connected moons) they will be tied together by threads of sympathy, but without such help from the planets, both can get wounds, which can take a lot of time to heal.

She is able to lock the house from him for the night, if he gets too loose with his neighbor. He, in turn, may mutter: “Who needs this?” – and go to drown his sorrow in wine, because of which she again barred the door, because of which he would again remember the green serpent … etc.

What the Pisces man cannot endure is a flurry of criticism, sarcasm and accusations, and one of the twins of his beloved Gemini woman is fluent in the art of satirical accusatory speech. Streams of words and skillful use of the finest nuances can simply hurt the sensitive soul of Pisces. On the other hand, the Gemini woman cannot stand the silence (or lack of an audience), and what Pisces really can do is to escape from unpleasant scenes. Sometimes you are ready to swear that people ruled by Neptune possess the art of dematerialization: once – and there are none! And she remains alone. Well, not that all alone. She always has the opportunity to continue the argument with her other half, the twin, who understands her need to speak much better than Pisces, unable to imagine why wasting time in empty verbal skirmishes. Pisces instinctively try to find a way out of difficulty, while the Gemini wants to talk. Even truly loving each other, these two sometimes act like complete strangers. The twins say – Pisces do not always listen to them. Pisces cry – Gemini do not always sympathize with them. And yet both are desperate for understanding, since neither of them understands himself. Each was born under the influence of duality, and it turns out that four people live under one roof: two visible and two locked inside, trying to free themselves and make themselves known. And yet both are desperate for understanding, since neither of them understands himself. Each was born under the influence of duality, and it turns out that four people live under one roof: two visible and two locked inside, trying to free themselves and make themselves known. And yet both are desperate for understanding, since neither of them understands himself. Each was born under the influence of duality, and it turns out that four people live under one roof: two visible and two locked inside, trying to free themselves and make themselves known.

In sexual terms, it will not be so easy for them to adapt to each other, although, in the event of a positive Solar-Lunar influence or other favorable exchange of planets in their horoscopes, he will not suppress her or subdue herself too much, and she may begin to express her affection with such a variety that he won’t be bored. Neither Gemini nor Pisces needs a fiery passion to achieve true intimacy, and both are able to adapt to the ephemeral whims and desires of the other. But still their union may lack real depth. Is it because love alone is not enough to satisfy nameless aspirations of both? Or because the signs of Air and Water rarely feel the powerful need for sexual completion of their mental and emotional relationship, as is the case with Earth and Fire?

In any case, it can be difficult for them to become “one flesh” or to know each other sexually. An ideal union of a man and a woman is impossible without giving up selfishness, which is necessary both in sex and in other forms of love and friendship. If Fish nevertheless recognizes this, then the Gemini woman more like a child is not always. Do you know what she needs to learn from him? The ability to give selflessly – both in the physical sense, and in the mental, and in the emotional. This gives that feeling of renewal in love, followed by even greater convergence than before. This is an exchange of their internal essences, which makes him more spontaneous, and her – more calm.

As I said, in some ways they are similar. Both of them prefer freedom and solitude, both like poetry, music, art or dancing. And both hate routines. Boredom is their common enemy. However, both of them are prone to exaggerating the truth – starting with an innocent little lie and ending with deliberate deception, but they always find hundreds of excuses for this. Often the Twins accuse Pisces of distorting reality (or vice versa), this is very funny – after all, this is just the case when “the cauldron laughs at the pot, and both are black.”

The Twin Woman believes that it is impossible to know Life and Love only by feelings – Mercury here also requires the use of intelligence from her. Perhaps she could figure out everything if someone carefully listened to all her doubts, imagination and enthusiasm. A Pisces man can help her with this if she wants to patiently and sympathetically listen to her, waiting until she passes all concentric circles of reasoning, finally finding the right turn on the road to happiness.

For the man of the sign of Pisces, love is another dream, invented by reality, which he created in his imagination with the help of intuitive sensory perception – the world is thin and changeable. The constant displeasure expressed by the Gemini woman destroys his dream of strength, and he tries to patch up the holes so that everything is again as good as new. But torn dreams are not so easy to fix. They are made of such ephemeral material …

If she tries to speak quietly, move softly and slowly, she will be able to enter the world of his dreams and see love with his eyes as something calm and beautiful. And all that is required for this is just to put yourself in his place.

In Conclusion:

The relationship between the Pisces man and the Gemini woman has the potential to be successful, happy and enduring. If you both achieve honest communication and understanding of your very different reactions, you will move towards a union that will provide you with incredible moments of happiness.

Both can get along if the Gemini woman respects the space for reflection alone with herself that the Piscean needs, and if he returns to earth as soon as possible when the Gemini woman needs it. They will be able to reconcile if the woman born in Gemini does not classify the emotional reactions of the Pisces as unnecessary, while the Pisces man is not offended if the Gemini woman does not react emotionally in the same way as him.

Pisces born between February 19 and 28 and Geminis born between May 22 and June 1 are the most compatible for this relationship.

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