Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals

The fifth  chakra is Vishudda, located near the throat. It is our energy center of  communication but also of  creativity. The associated color is light blue / blue, so let’s see which stones we can use for it and when it is appropriate to do so!

The organs that correspond to the fifth chakra are the trachea, the vocal cords, the nose. Associated with it are also the thyroid gland and the partyroid glands. Work on this chakra with the stones if you need to improve communication with yourself and with others. Crystal therapy is just one of the many forms that can be used to harmonize this chakra, you can in fact combine it with yoga, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massages.

Throat Chakra Stones: complete list

  • Aquamarine : beautiful stone used both in crystal therapy and in jewelry. Its green-blue color is in perfect harmony with the fifth chakra. It promotes your inner growth, giving you confidence in your abilities. Linked to water, it helps you to better manage emotions and to let go of stress and anger.
  • Blue Agate : a perfect stone if you need to stimulate communication. Blue agate is an extremely positive stone and brings out beautiful, motivational thoughts that push you to move forward by stopping focusing only on the negative adventures of recent times.
  • Amazonite : the amazonite name recalls the amazons, the famous warrior women. Use it if you too want to be the creators, and no longer victims, of what happens to you. Take action in your life to make those changes that make you happy.
  • Blue apatite :  the stone that will help you defeat apathy! It makes you more empathetic and more willing to listen and help others. You will also realize thanks to her that many of the opportunities that arise in life are due precisely to the closeness to other people!
  • Azurite : one of the most used stones in crystal therapy. It gives tranquility, it causes you to no longer worry about those decisions you have already taken because by now, they have been taken. This new awareness leads you to focus your energies on other things, new and important projects in your life.
  • Blue chalcedony : stimulates communication when it is in contact with the fifth chakra. It does this by also bringing you to see the facts clearly. This stone will make you appreciate more the beautiful things that life has given you so far and that certainly will not stop giving you!
  • Blue calcite : there are various types of calcite and one of these is blue. If you panic when it is time to explain your position, your plans and the ideas you have to others, wear a nice blue calcite!
  • Celestina : the stone of the angels leads you to understand that by observing with greater clarity the things that happen to you, you will also be more inclined to find the right solution! It is also considered the stone of artists and creativity.
  • Chrysocolla : I simply define it as the stone of serenity. Wear it in contact with the fifth chakra to realize it! It also reduces nervousness, so you can use it when it’s time to speak in front of a larger or smaller audience!
  • Dumortierite : even if it is not a particularly well-known stone, there are many crystal therapists who use and recommend it. This is because it is great when it comes to relieving both anxiety and panic, especially performance.
  • Lapis Lazuli : stone in my opinion fundamental when it comes to working on the fifth chakra, but above all on the third chakra. It is with this chakra that it vibrates perfectly, promoting the psychic abilities of the single individual to emerge.
  • Larimar : a stone whose only source of extraction is the Caribbean. Today it is one of those stones best known for its healing qualities. Promotes improvement on the spiritual side.
  • Hawkeye : helps to discharge excess energy, which, when you find yourself on a stage speaking in front of a crowd, leads you to be “too much”. Talking too much, moving too much. Other times it results in tremor, dehydration etc. The hawk eye gives great tranquility.
  • Sodalite : one of the most famous blue stones in crystal therapy, its main purpose on the spiritual and mental level is to lead the individual to the continuous search for truth. It will also help you manage the fear that paralyzes you!
  • Tanzanite : mind and heart are in tune thanks to the splendid tanzanite, a stone whose purpose is precisely to harmonize the person as a whole!
  • Blue topaz: being a very rare stone, you will probably opt for some other mineral than the ones just seen to work on the fifth chakra. For the sake of information, know that this mineral helps you tune into the divine!
  • Blue Sapphire : Last on the list is the stunning blue sapphire. It is the stone that turns you into real fighters! When you think all is lost, she will help you find the energy to keep fighting again!

When and why to treat the Throat Chakra with stones

When the fifth chakra is blocked, various symptoms can occur, such as thyroid disorders, problems (even chronic) with the respiratory tract, ear problems, poor balance, muscle tension in the head and neck. This happens especially in cases of excessive functioning. When it works poorly, infections, stress and hypothyroidism can appear.

It is the case to work on the fifth chakra when you are unable to communicate well and suffer from stage anxiety. Even when you speak too fast, you are hyperactive and impulsive. The fifth chakra is also unbalanced when you feel a sense of superiority or fanaticism.

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