Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

The love relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is intense and lively, by virtue of the vitality that characterizes both signs. Sagittarius’ intellectual and philosophical bias works as a kind of brake on Leo’s need for protagonism. A deep respect is at the basis of this relationship, and makes the level of mutual understanding very high.

Both charismatic and endowed with an irresistible charm, they are always surrounded by a large group of friends, who are attracted by the surprising desire to live that distinguishes the two lovers. Both tend to take an impatient attitude whenever there is a project to be undertaken.

Most likely the Lion, proud and proud, will show some discomfort in the face of the provocative attitudes of the partner, but, surely there will be no dead moments in their relationship. Sagittarius has an ever attentive gaze towards the world , seen as an enormous source of wealth and mysteries yet to be discovered; Leo, on the other hand, is more focused on himself, an exceptional guest of the world around him. Leo is the undisputed leader, king of the forest and all animals, while Sagittarius is the Archer, always looking for mysteries to be revealed and deciphered.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, while Sagittarius is under the influence of the planet Jupiter. The two celestial bodies radiate male-type energy which contributes to the couple’s vital and energetic character. The Sun is individualism, while Jupiter concerns all that is development and knowledge; both have a particular conception of the world and the role that man plays on it, consequently, although there may be misunderstandings within this relationship, the degree of compatibility between them always remains very high.

Both Leo and Sagittarius are signs of Fire . Their tends to be a very intense union from a passionate point of view. It may happen that Leo’s self-centeredness annoys his partner Sagittarius, but the misunderstandings will never last long in this relationship; Sagittarius forgets very easily, always attracted by some novelty that tickles his thirst for knowledge, moreover Leo’s optimism and determination will help overcome any disagreement.

Leo is a Fixed sign, while Sagittarius is a Mutable sign. Sagittarius teaches the partner to be more understanding and more attentive to the problems of others, while Leo helps Sagittarius to bring out all its charm and extraordinary gifts. The biggest problem stems from Leo’s authoritarian and vain behavior, which, if pushed too far, arouses Sagittarius’ anger and disapproval.

What is the best aspect of the Leo-Sagittarius relationship?

The strength of the Leo-Sagittarius relationship is the admiration that deeply links the two signs. Unbeatable as a team, Leo and Sagittarius complement each other by focusing their gaze on both personal and community problems. Passion, energy and will are the fundamental characteristics of this bond.

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