Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Well, now, Shooter, listen, I’m going to give you one unsolicited, but nonetheless justified astrological advice: stop bullying, hide your arrows and stop trying to win that woman’s love in vain attempts to arouse jealousy in her.

To deliberately provoke the Lioness’s fury is, at least, reckless. As for jealousy, you probably couldn’t choose the worst way to light her heart and subdue her. Yours are very clumsy, although charming pranks will also help little. It will also not help if you will bully her as if she is your little sister, and you are her incorrigible, but sweet and reliable older brother. She knows you’re incorrigible. She also knows that you are nice (“it annoys her). She does not need protection and does not want her. Royal people cannot need protection. Royal people themselves offer protection. She is not your little sister, and you are not her older brother Your relationship is different, and you know it very well. So stop playing the innocence. You can be amazingly naive (another quality that makes you sweet), but you are a wise philosopher. You got these qualities as a result of thousandfold blows to your innocence, which gave her a share of skepticism, but almost did not affect all your naivety. It is the duality of your nature (Sagittarius – a double or double Sun sign – half horse, half man) that first attracted her to your childhood smile, your clown antics and the sight of a sage, which are pressed together into an elastic ball of independence and generosity. She was completely fascinated. your clown intimidations and the sight of a sage who are pressed together into an elastic ball of independence and generosity. She was completely fascinated. your clown intimidations and the sight of a sage who are pressed together into an elastic ball of independence and generosity. She was completely fascinated.

Learn your horoscope. Or at least go to the library and read about the habits of lions in the jungle if you want to know how to make this lady purr. Or continue to tease her, continue to provoke her anger, and you will feel how sharp cat claws dig into your “ego”, leaving deeper emotional scratches than you might imagine. In general, forget about how well you can guess everything. You can’t even imagine about what Leo’s angry pride is until you experience it. Believe me, then you would prefer to be somewhere else. That is, of course, if you really love her. Do you love. (You can fool her, but not an astrologer.) You really love her because you are influenced and led by a happy and successful vibration like 5-9.

So, Sagittarius, you need an equal partner. You need to exchange ideas with an equal, honest and frank friend who, maybe, will play with you more complex games than spots or hide and seek. And so you found her that delightfully meets all your needs. She is noble and faithful, and although she may not have such a complete partiality in front of you as you are, she is definitely not false. She also loves to play different games, and knows how. Whether it’s tennis, chess, intellectual verbal fights, “monopoly”, bridge or volleyball, she is able to win, and this makes her an even more exciting partner. You always get more pleasure from playing with a worthy opponent. She can beat you even in cross-country, if she wants. And now, when you got it, what are you going to do with this royal prize? Yes, sometimes this prize hurts. But she’s worth it, because she is femininity herself.

The first thing you should do is stop treating her like a little sister. And leave your stupid jokes. The people of the Sagittarius sign are extremely successful due to the wonderful influence of Jupiter (when he is in the mood), but to make a proud Lioness fall in love with you is luck out of luck. You know what happens to players in Las Vegas. They win, and then, lose everything, setting against themselves. Now that you have won the Leo girl, do not put your love on the line to try your luck.

Female Lion – sleek and graceful, playful, warm, sunny. And she is generous, wise and prudent. In addition, she has a very sensitive “ego” and exorbitant pride (partially false, partially true) and can be very arrogant and demanding. If we had to speak in a simple way, and I think that is exactly what we should say with Strelok, then we should say “spoiled”. All monarchs are corrupt people. And she – remember? – Queen of the jungle and all environs (in her own, slightly self-absorbed sense). Arrow would be nice to always be aware of this when she examines him, trying to decide whether he is worthy of being her chosen one.

A lioness may also need respectful astrological thrashing. She is inclined to expect too much from her loving man, unconsciously challenging him with royal challenges that no mere mortal can accept. The Sagittarius man is courageous and courageous and, perhaps, is closer to real fearlessness than representatives of all the other Solar signs (including the Lions, who wrap their fears in velvet-ermine self-confidence, so that they are not visible). He will try his best to give her, if not real Tiffany jewels, then even more valuable gems of his sparkling honesty. He will save her from a mass of problems, successfully discover new worlds and lands, brilliantly embody Essex for his Elizabeth, Columbus for his Isabella, demonstrate to her his loyalty and intelligence, proving that possesses the zeal of the crusader and holy faith, worthy of Arthur and Lancelot themselves. The only thing that is difficult for him to give her is servile worship. This person is simply not able to stretch out at anyone’s feet in the traditional expression of awe and fear (at court, in the Vatican — anywhere, including the living room, kitchen, and especially the bedroom). He will gladly give her respect for the equal (and you know, some men will not). He will not look at her from top to bottom, but from bottom to top, too. He will not treat her as either lower or higher, but with the same devoted softness and warmth, passionate fidelity and tenderness that he devotes to his dog or horse. (Lady Lioness should not sniff contemptuously: this man adores animals with great fervor, experiencing deeper feelings for them,

And now she will receive all these priceless gifts from her cheerful, clear-eyed court jester, from her soldier of fortune. But worship in its true sense … alas. Do not look that the sign of Sagittarius Movable (most volatile Movable signs mean softness and humility), because its “variability” is significantly moderate and altered by the Fire element and the fact that it is controlled by the male planet – Jupiter.

The shooter has a wild disposition, but his anger, like hers, although it boils easily, is soon replaced (like hers) with sincere regret about rash words, never leaving unkind feelings (and hers too). He is almost always magnanimous enough to forgive and forget. She is much more reluctant to forgive and forget insults, because she was born under the Permanent Sign, but if he can convince her that he is truly sorry, she will melt and generously give him another chance with the inherent grace and benevolence that the Sun that governs her has to.

If this couple deals with all their problems, then their sexual relationship will become really magical. Merging with the depth of passion that the heart remembered from a long-standing dream is one of those gifts that the great Jupiter and the mighty Sun showered on them (not every Leo and Sagittarius, but those who really love). The physical expression of their feelings will be so different – playful, sensual, fresh, soft, gentle, like raindrops and a kiss of a warm summer breeze, and wild, slutty, rude, as if they both live in primeval more often. Their love can also be calm, full of peace and silence. I would only like to warn Sagittarius so that, out of habit, he wouldn’t blurt out something too direct and honest at the wrong time, because he can hurt her more than he thinks. The wounded Lioness can leave, suffering alone in the cold alienated silence,

This man is carpet, this woman is a beautiful Lioness. Together they are able to arrange a colorful, exciting circus performance. His clownish smile, his somersaults, acrobatic stunts, her languor and slow sensual grace, warm smart eyes – all this creates an abstract impression reminiscent of the Big Attractions, looking at which you froze in childhood both from fear and delight. Now you understand why their relationship often becomes the Greatest View on Earth? (Both Leo and Sagittarius are emphatically theatrical.) The theater is in her room, and in his blood is the sawdust of the arena. They will have a great time playing the circus.

But she must never forget about the painful sadness and the tears hidden behind the wide painted smile of all the clowns, realizing that at that time, which depicts the great discoverer, the brave tamer of lions, the knight on the white horse, the careless and carefree soldier of fortune or anyone anything else, he’s actually a quixote. And ultimately, he needs his beloved to remind him once again that he is really determined and courageous and can even realize a pipe dream.

And the Archer should never forget that if she and Lioness once fell in love, quarrels are no longer important, even if in a hurry and anger he takes a bow and a quiver of arrows and goes away to wander around the world. Soon he will be sad, finally realizing what pain he inflicted on his sensitive and proud Lioness, and then remember her sunshine, dazzle and the darkness of her passion, a strange combination of reverent unrestraint and calm cold dignity. He will remember many other things, because she will send him a silent but powerful call pulsating in a golden string that connects all real lovers who are influenced by vibration 5-9 even when they are separated by great distances.

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