Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Although not every Leo man and Sagittarius woman is destined to meet and truly fall in love, those with whom this will happen will be bound by such a relationship, which will not be easy to break. But they will try! It may more than once seem to these two that they have only one thing in common – a mutual desire to cultivate an inferiority complex in each other. Do not be fooled: in fact, they test their relationship with a strange combination of simultaneously seeking confirmation and denial. Confirmations of mutual fidelity and devotion and denial of no less mutual fear are deceived in that faith in each other, which love always requires. This is a completely natural game for signs of Fire.

If they are successful (and fortunately, most Leo and Sagittarius are unusually successful, although not all), they will very soon realize how many happy hours they spend on test games. If they are not so lucky and their usually happy personal Suns were at birth under adverse influence, they will survive many emotional blows before they realize what a fool they are.

For example, Leo will go far, breaking the boundaries of decency well known to him, arrogantly commanding his beloved Sagittarius girl, demanding that she obey his desires, if she does not want to lose his sunny smile and strong warm hands, and expected her to serve him as maid; strictly reporting to her for the slightest disobedience and not allowing her to have her own opinion or find an occupation outside the home. In fact, he is not a tyrant at all, he does not want and does not think to be cruel and tyrannical, he only quietly and subtly, often unconsciously, plays a test game, looking for confirmation of her fidelity, proof of her allegiance and figuring out for this how much she is ready to obey and how far he can go before she decides that she does not love him as much as she assured at first.

Then he will check it, expecting not confirmation, but denial. He will be angry and growl or pout and take offense at her most innocent smile addressed to another man, accusing her of all sins (up to direct treason), without the slightest reason and reason, secretly hoping for an eloquent denial and desperately needing him. The more angry and indignant she is, the more clearly the denial is and the calmer he becomes.

In turn, and she will join in the same game. Knowing full well (she has a very clear, fast mind) how this man always longs for sincere compliments, she will deliberately refuse him even a crumb of admiration, no matter how hard he tries to impress her, checking what impossible obstacles he will overcome to deserve her attention and applause. And if her opinion ceases to bother him, it means that he does not love her, as he once swore. Then, also knowing full well how he suffers when someone’s pride is trampled upon by someone, she will deliberately put him in an awkward position in front of strangers by shutting his mouth or telling him a story in which he looked funny. Secretly (often unconsciously), she hopes that later he will arrange for her in an angry scene alone, showing her such rage, to which only the Leo, who has been pissed off, is capable of, and proving that she loves her, that only she alone is able to kindle him like that. As for the second part of the game, denial, it plays by the same rules as he.

She will fall into bitter sarcasm and blame him every time he leaves her to go somewhere alone, and directly declare that she will not be fooled – she knows about his misbehavior with adorers when he is out of her sight, because one woman is not enough to satisfy his erotic appetites, while in her heart she is sure that he does not cheat on her in word or deed. But she needs to hear his passionate denial …

Isn’t this a stupid, annoying, nowhere leading game for a man and woman loving each other? Since she belongs to the Moving Sign (it’s easier for her to adapt), and he belongs to the Permanent (he’s stubborn), she should be the first to say how tired she is of checks and how she wants to start all over again and return to those relationships when they held on trustingly hands like happy children, gently touching each other, full of joy every morning, discovering together a new miracle; when everything he did filled her with awe, and everything she said was magical, sweet and funny. When only the closeness of his warm strength and calm wisdom made her tremble, when her joyful smile made his heart turn over and a lump came up to his throat; when he promised himself that he would always protect her,

Nothing more is required of her. Just take the first step. Just honestly say exactly what she feels. Sagittarius never knows how to pretend. He will take the second step, which he would never take to meet anyone but her. He admits to her that he was mistaken, that he was wrong, that he really, really, really regrets, and that now he is weak and scared, although he shows everyone self-confidence and icy detachment. Then she will also apologize for all those thorns that she stuck in this big and soft Lion’s paw and which caused him such pain, and for all the scenes when she allegedly doubted his loyalty.

They almost lost each other, but stopped the game before the truth left them. The Leo man and the Sagittarius woman belong to those lucky people for whom the minutes of passion and minutes of tenderness are one and the same thing, which need first of all gentleness and then power, whether they connect their bodies, minds or souls. Those whose auras do not harmonize will never touch each other either mentally, spiritually or physically and will always look at each other with indifference. But for the Lions and Sagittarius who are destined to love, life is a magical carnival of ideas and ideals, dreams and discoveries. They stimulate each other’s physical desire, mental search for spiritual achievement. If they once break the barriers of his false pride and her skepticism, and there will be enough sunlight in their relationship to revive his enthusiasm and her bright faith in the future, they won’t have time for dubious games. Their days and nights will be filled with thousands of adventures, whether they travel together (which they often do) or simply lie in the grass on a summer night, counting the stars and listening to the cicadas choir. However, she needs to be careful not to fall into the trap and resist the temptation to correct him when he shows Spica in the night sky, but in fact it is Arcturus. He knows. He just checks her. When she finally realizes that he always knows everything, they will be halfway to happiness. when he shows in the night sky among the stars of Spica, but in fact it is Arcturus. He knows. He just checks her. When she finally realizes that he always knows everything, they will be halfway to happiness. when he shows in the night sky among the stars of Spica, but in fact it is Arcturus. He knows. He just checks her. When she finally realizes that he always knows everything, they will be halfway to happiness.

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