December 21 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

December 21 Birthday: Personality

On this day, sensual, romantic, indecisive, insecure people and their strengths are born. Self-digging is characteristic of them, sometimes they bring themselves to depression, condemning and blaming themselves. They have low self-esteem. These people practice karmic tasks. They need to learn confidence, perseverance, determination. Having embarked on the path of evolutionary development, developing spirituality, they will be able to find their place in life, become happy, prosperous.

On December 21, strong personalities are born who know the secret of using silence for their own purposes. Whether they say something or not, their main weapon is the language of the body and soul, with the help of which they manage to state their demands in such a way that they cannot be denied. It is almost impossible to argue with these people, they are so adamant in achieving their own ideals. Born 21 december They have a wonderful ability to direct all their energy to the last on how to clear their way to the once intended goal and start one-way movement along it in the direction they need. And if they managed to get others to do something as they need, they can completely control the result of this activity. As mentioned earlier, those born on December 21 have the secret to using silence with amazing efficiency. Suddenly falling silent at some tipping points of a conversation or, for example, business negotiations, they achieve a much greater impact on their interlocutors than if they were constantly talking, trying to prove something, or even screaming, expressing their emotions. At the same time, it may seem to those around them that some ominous force is hiding behind their silence, which is capable of escaping at any moment, therefore those who were born on the Great Mystery Day are usually treated with caution, as if afraid to provoke a volcanic eruption. Unfortunately, such a feeling of insecurity that arises when communicating with these people may well extend to their relatives, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, which contributes to the emergence of tension in relationships, and sometimes even leads to a complete break. That’s why those born on December 21, can often have difficulty maintaining lasting friendships and go through life, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them. Born on this day, as a rule, prefer not to spread about themselves and do not like to answer questions regarding their personal life. They are extremely secretive in everything that relates to their fantasies and inner life, but nevertheless they are able to persistently and powerfully project their fantasies onto the world around them, thus forming their environment. Their desire and ability to control people is very great. Most of those around them prefer to communicate with them exactly as they wish, mainly in order not to get them crazy and not give them a reason to show their nature from the worst side. Despite all this, those born on December 21 are capable of touching warm relations with those they love. Like men so women born on this day usually have great physical strength and have good control over their bodies when moving and at rest. In addition, they fondly love young children and / or animals; this love is sometimes even able to temporarily overshadow their adult affairs and interests. By the way, it was in such relationships that those born on December 21 could find a wide scope for expressing their highly developed intuition and ability to non-verbal communication. “Who is not with me is against me” – this phrase is too often a principle of action for all those born on December 21. They should learn to forgive and be more tolerant of others, and also begin to use their ability to love dearly in life. For effective spiritual growth, they should get rid of the fear of being rejected,

December 21 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with December 21 Birthday have Sagittarius Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Sagittarius with various other Zodiac Signs.

December 21 Birthday : Health

Born 21 december should beware of depression, which occurs when desires do not come true. Long held back anger and resentment can result in sudden outbursts of rage and cruelty. A very important factor for those born on December 21 is sexual expression. In this sense, it is very important for them to find a partner who would give not only warmth and tenderness, but also physical satisfaction. As a result of malnutrition, problems with skin, teeth and overweight are possible. Born 21 december should moderate your passion for sweets, as well as animal fats and dairy products. Alcohol and antidepressant use should be tightly controlled. Exercise exercises from aerobics to equestrian sports are recommended.

Advice for People Born on December 21

Learn to be more open – less privacy. Trust others. Do not erect internal barriers. Your fantasies can be dangerous. Do not be too demanding of others.

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