January 1 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

Is your Birthday on January 1 ? Know the Sun Sign, PersonalityCompatibility and more…. for people with January 1 Birthday.

January 1 Zodiac signCapricorn
January 1 ruling PlanetSaturn
January 1 ElementEarth
January 1 Lucky daySaturday
January 1 Lucky Colors Onyx, Ruby, Turquoise, Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli
January 1 Lucky Numbers 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31
January 1 Birthstone Turquoise
January 1 Zodiac CompatibilityMost Compatible with Taurus and Virgo.
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January 1 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

For People born on January 1, the Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Capricorns tend to have an impetuous character, who are usually ambitious, determined and quite careful. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are pessimistic and shy.

The Capricorn zodiac sign is usually associated with Saturday as its day of the week and dark gray, brown, black, chestnut as its color. Capricorn is associated with planet Saturn and its related element is Earth.

What Does your Birthdate Say About you


Characteristics of People born January 1

Born leaders and adherents of charts, plans, order. And in my personal life and in public they prefer to give orders, requiring the care of others, pedantry, accuracy and careful planning.

However, these people are also quite demanding and to themselves.

January 1 Birthday Zodiac Sign:

January 1 zodiac sign Capricorn, and were born on this day are determined to build a career, giving a lot of strength work. They are usually well-educated, eager to learn and expect to find the same spirit in other people.

As befits a Capricorn, they are stubborn and may not recognize his mistake only out of stubbornness. It happens that the principles of these people prevent them build a career: life circumstances often require them the ability to cheat and go to the meanness, but these noble natures will not behave this way. Because of this, sometimes suffering their business.

Another weak point of these people – is too literal and strict adherence to the preliminary plan. Plan on paper – only scheme, and life often requires flexibility, resourcefulness and the ability to quickly correct any plan to achieve a goal. Born on January 1 are not always able to show similar flexibility and move away from their dearly loved plans. Sometimes this can cause great harm to the work.

Born January 1 heart impulsive and hot-tempered. However, they keep the forces of his nature with an iron fist and will not give them. In the state of stress can be broken and demonstrate their impulsivity that may shock the unprepared others.

In general, the whole life of these people devoted to work, goal, victory, cherished the finish line, followed by all means start a new marathon. Taking into account these facts, immediately disappear question what zodiac sign born January 1 people as such commitment and capacity for work only famous Capricorn.

In this approach, and the perception of life as a constant struggle, steeplechase, the competition has its pluses and minuses, reflecting mainly on health.

January 1 Birthday: Personality

On this day people with a difficult fate are born. Their life will be filled with turbulent events from an early age. By nature, they are calm, hardworking, have intuition. In life, they will have to achieve everything through hard work. Sometimes their merits will be attributed to others, but if they can adequately overcome all obstacles and even the unfair attitude of others in relation to themselves, they will be able to create comfortable conditions for themselves in mature years.

Born 1 january they have an authoritarian character, they love strict organization and systematization in everything, and they tend to communicate with others in a commanding tone – both at work and at home. Often they are highly educated people and value education in others. In addition, they tend to stubbornly adhere to their (not always true) beliefs in everything. However, when it comes to realizing personal ambitions, their own principles sometimes make it difficult to move forward. 

They turn out to be too honest, too loyal, too noble to conquer the heights that they have outlined for themselves. Immensely respecting the order, those born on January 1 deliberately block possible maneuvers, thereby forcing themselves to act literally, not one step back from the plan, even in cases where it is necessary. Moreover, the threshold for disturbing their emotional balance is very low, and it is precisely behind this threshold that their usually hidden, powerful impulsiveness is most fully revealed. 

The person born on January 1 consists of elements, many of which are not only complex in themselves, but also seem to contradict others. For example, these people are very responsible – and yet often take on much more responsibilities than they are able to fulfill. They are emotional – and at the same time they can be so full of their own emotions that as a result they lose the ability to express them. Some of them adhere to liberal views, but act, on the contrary, conservatively or even reactionarily. All this testifies to the fact that in the soul of these people there is a constant tense struggle in which not all forces yield to their control, and in which they can sometimes be defeated. 

From the point of view of a career for those born on January 1, it is very important at some point in life to stop and decide for themselves what they would like to achieve. Then, after the final calculation of the strengths and weaknesses of their personality, they need to assess their chances of success as realistic as possible and set further goals in accordance with this. Here, however, it is necessary to clearly separate those tasks that are urgent and those that can wait until now, draw up plans and adhere to them whenever possible. If born on January 1, they decide to get to the top, they must not only control their emotions and resist stress, but also have enough patience to fulfill all that was planned.

A major drawback of those born on January 1 is their exceptional sensitivity, making them impatient and making them difficult if, for example, they occupy a secondary position. Communicating with your friends or guiding others, especially as a teacher, those born on this day can enjoy the love of others and are not only charming, but also effective in their position. 

However, if they work in a team where relations are not built on the mutual sympathy of employees, but rather on their struggle for career advancement, then they will have to get thick and impenetrable, like an elephant’s skin, and develop a completely new set of buttons for their feelings which not every one of their circle could put pressure on. In the event that they manage to do all this, one can expect that their efforts will not be instantly nullified by emotional reactions. In addition to all the above, 

Born 1 january it is important not to take yourself too harshly. It should be remembered that a quick advance can sometimes end in complete failure. 

Thus, the key to happiness and success for those born on January 1 is to find a harmonious combination between realism and emotional depth. so that their highest hopes do not end in bitter disappointments. Despite the fact that they consider themselves practical and pragmatic people born on January 1, it is necessary to recognize that they also have some romantic dreams and, therefore, the need for their satisfaction. 

Thus, the key to happiness and success for those born on January 1 is to find a harmonious combination between realism and emotional depth.

January 1 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with January 1 Birthday have Capricorn Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Capricorn with various other Zodiac Signs.

January 1 Birthday : Health

Born 1 January, overwhelmed by secret fears and anxiety. Perhaps to avoid them, they should seek the help of a therapist. In terms of physical health, those born on this day need to pay attention to the state of the digestive tract (tendency to constipation), so special attention should be paid to proper diet. Given exposure to diseases caused by stress – cardiovascular and others – they should avoid smoking. Reducing the consumption of sugar, flour products and animal fat – an indispensable condition for maintaining a healthy shape. Born 1 january physical activity is beneficial, even in the form of a daily morning exercise. Swimming and walking are also recommended.

Advice for People Born on January 1

Do not send mixed signals. Before expressing your desire, articulate it clearly. Share your emotions with others – do not lock yourself in yourself. Long peace is from the realm of illusions.

What Does your Birthdate Say About you


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