Saturn/Shani in Eighth House

One of the most difficult houses of the horoscope is the eighth House. The water and fixed nature of this House is similar to the bottom of the ocean, whose life is reliably hidden from prying eyes. “Big water” does not tolerate fuss, ripples, the less hardy “trifle” here simply does not survive. Any planet, falling into the 8th House, is faced with the deepest layers of our psyche, everything is very serious, thorough. Saturn, being influenced by the natural ruler of the 8th House – Pluto, is painted here with very strong emotions, which he very skillfully hides from human eyes. 

The nature of the people with Saturn in the 8th House is very complex. They are distinguished by endurance, perseverance and, at the same time, a strong hidden temperament. 

Saturn in 8th House : Positive Effect

A person with Saturn in the 8thI House is not limited in his aspirations only to earthly values, he is attracted to spiritual achievements. Everything unusual and mysterious falls into his field of vision. He is interested in issues of life and death, psychology, may be interested in occultism, esotericism and astrology, or, seeking to unravel secrets and mysteries, to sweep mysticism based on scientific conclusions.

Thanks to tremendous patience and perseverance, the owner of the eight-homed Saturn is formed as a whole, solid person, serious. The location of Saturn on the axis of II-VIII Houses, which is the axis of the accumulation of resources, orientates such a person to the questions of gaining all kinds of earthly values. This may include not only the accumulation of money capital and material wealth, but also the desire to fill the psycho-emotional sphere with impressions, sensations, experiences.

Saturn in 8th House : Negative Effect

The Eighth House of the horoscope is the House of life crises. Saturn in this House says that a person will not worry about minor troubles. He is convinced that in the depths of his life is unchanging, stable, and simply not worth it to respond to trivial problems. If fate presents a truly serious test, if a really serious danger arises on the horizon, a person with Saturn in the VIII House will meet difficulties fully equipped. His will is strong and firm, and it grows with the increase in life’s trials. Therefore, for the owner of Saturn in VIII House, another crisis is only an opportunity to add another lesson to the piggy bank of life experience.

Sometimes Saturn’s position in the VIII House threatens with long, serious crises, which a person cannot cope on his own. His nervous system is under constant pressure of circumstances and is heavily overloaded. As a result, a person often experiences mental breakdowns.

Saturn in 8th House and Relationships

The Eighth House, being a continuation of the VII House, the result of the principles laid down in it, determines the interaction with partners at the shortest distance. This is the House of intimate, including intimate relationships. People with Saturn in the VIII House attach great importance to them. Such personalities need intensive communication, in which all the actions of partners are completely controlled, and control is established in such a way that the second half often does not know to what extent her personal life is “under the hood”. And to himself and to others, the owner of Saturn in the VIII House is too demanding and biased, in a scorpion black and white manner. He is not inclined to indulge anyone’s weaknesses, never forgets what others have done to him – neither good nor bad. People with Saturn in the VIII House show some coldness, restraint, caution in relationships, sometimes excessive touchiness. Crises and conflicts with a partner arise when a person’s expectations are not met, and the satellite does not meet the high criteria imposed on him by a person with Saturn in the VIII House. The gap in this case is most likely inevitable.

Only the strong and serious person with a strong Pluto or VIII House in the horoscope is able to withstand the intensity and pressure of the eight-house Saturn.

Saturn in 8th House and Career

With a positive development of character, a persistent, practical mind is formed, a special insight is developed, which helps a person to catch the subtleties and difficulties in any business. Saturn, located in the VIII House, is aimed here at high life achievements. These are serious, business people seeking to take a strong position on the career ladder. It doesn’t matter what such a person does – business, politics or science, the main thing for him is to achieve success in this matter. The ability to easily cope with difficult and complex tasks, the ability to manage others, bear the burden of responsibility and obligations allows him to brilliantly achieve a high position in society.

In order to achieve his goals, this person is able to move forward without fear and fear, getting what he wants at any cost. As a rule, the way up for people with Saturn in the VIII House lasts a long time, but such an unhurried, systematic ascent is suitable for them as well as possible, it helps to maintain what has been achieved.

In the negative version, when a person blocks the free flow of life, begins to take too seriously any principle of the VIII House, obsesses with one idea, a psychological complex arises. The passionate desire to achieve his goal at all costs makes him deaf to many other needs. In the end, such excessive efforts harm the cause and do not bring the desired result. A person with Saturn in the VIII House can get rid of stagnation, break through the psychological dam, relying on the main principle of Saturn – control. He needs to reconsider his views and reactions to the main life situations, relate to his duties more calmly, to learn to switch the beam of attention to other, more frivolous things and cute things, based on III and V of the House.

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