Saturn/Shani in Fourth House

The Fourth House is the foundation of the horoscope, the beginning of life, the parental home, the “nest”, the family. Caring and protecting Cancer, the natural sign of the 4th House, and the Moon – a symbol of maternal care – the natural ruler of the 4th House. This is no coincidence, because at first any living creature needs love, care, emotional and physical comfort.

Once in the 4th House, Saturn with its characteristic control, and sometimes rigidity, firmness and restrictive measures does not look very comfortable and timely. After all, his principles are good for reaching heights when the body is ready for individuation, and not at a tender age, when children have to deal with the harsh realities of life too early. Therefore, it often carries its owner a difficult, cold childhood, a subconscious feeling that he is not loved enough. Perhaps this is due to the disease or early loss of one of the parents, education in a strange family. Maybe these are too strict parents, total control, Spartan education “for the good.” It is no coincidence that Saturn in the IV House is often found in people who early left their home, their homeland, who left from pressure and difficulties in the family.

With Saturn in the IV House, people sacredly guard their living space and their inner world. Perhaps he will endow a person with a desire for solitude, a closed life. But in this situation of Saturn, fencing oneself from the world with a high fence, narrowing borders, withdrawing into oneself, as if in shell, can lead to complete loneliness and become a product of fears.

In a positive way, people with Saturn in House IV are good business executives; they have a “sense of smell” for real estate and love for the land. Realizing the need to have their own corner, they acquire their own house, a cottage with a cellar, a plot. Moreover, the main focus will, of course, be on the reliability, safety and functionality of the home, and the design can be very modest and simple if Venus or Jupiter do not interfere in the matter.

The Fourth House is also the House of the end of life, old age. If there is a birth chart of Saturn in the IV House, which has negative aspects, medieval literature, as a rule, portends a lonely, miserable existence at the end of life, melancholy and even hate. Of course, given how serious Saturn’s view of the world is, it’s very difficult to have an optimistic outlook on life when you have it in 4th House. However, such concepts as wisdom, spiritual maturity, humility, etc. are also in the power of Saturn. And only a person will depend on what he ends his life with.

Children with Saturn in 4th House

Children with Saturn in the IV House may seem difficult to parents. It is difficult for them to impress something, they have their own program and their own non-childish view of the world. In order not to lead them astray, not to tear themselves away from themselves, tact, accuracy in communication and “Saturnian” patience will be required.

In the best case, the family for a person becomes a reliable foundation for building their own lives. Parents, ancestors are an indisputable authority, and he will conservatively follow the beaten path, use their experience, social achievements, for example, choosing the same craft, profession. These people have a very developed sense of duty towards older family members.

In any case, since childhood, a person with Saturn in the IV House has the opinion that life is a difficult thing and you need to take it seriously. In the sphere of close attention, he will always have such concepts as a family, his own home, and a reliable rear. Sometimes these people tend to shoulder all family problems, being literally buried beneath them, and thus deprive themselves of the opportunity to realize their abilities in other areas of life.

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