Saturn/Shani in Seventh House

The Seventh House in the horoscope corresponds to the sign of Libra, its ruler is Venus. Libra is a sign where Saturn exalts, therefore its position in the seventh, cardinal House is very strong. Saturn in the VII House is an opportunity to create harmony (Libra, Venus) in partnership (VII House), but in its own Saturnian manner. A person with Saturn in the VII House is inclined to make thoughtful, verified decisions, all his feelings and actions should be checked by time. He is cautious and responsible with all his emotional manifestations, and even romantic hobbies will not make him lose his head. Such a person is not capable of recklessly rushing into close relationships; impulsiveness is alien to him. Choosing a partner for the owner of Saturn in the VII House is not easy. By making high demands on yourself, he also expects from a life partner the appropriate qualities: decency, honesty, loyalty and devotion. For people with Saturn in the VII House, marriage is, first of all, responsibility. They take family and marriage seriously, which is why they often remain single at a time when all their peers have already tied themselves together by family ties. However, it happens that such people enter into a family union very early. However, in this case, marriage is a responsible and conscious step for them, the result of a thoughtful and balanced decision. it happens that such people enter a family union very early. However, in this case, marriage is a responsible and conscious step for them, the result of a thoughtful and balanced decision. it happens that such people enter a family union very early. However, in this case, marriage is a responsible and conscious step for them, the result of a thoughtful and balanced decision.

Saturn in 7th House : Positive Effect

Saturn in the VII House says that a person likes serious, responsible partners, perhaps much older than him or simply socially and spiritually more mature. The airy nature of the seventh House implies an intellectual orientation of communication based on a commonality of interests, the possibility of the exchange of experience, knowledge.

When the long and difficult path of choosing a partner is over and the marriage is finally concluded, the married life of people with Saturn in the VII House proceeds very smoothly and stably. Their feelings are not affected by time, but a little dry, maybe a little they lack romance. They are restrained in communication, do not like to throw words to the wind, and are always reverent in fulfilling their promises.

They are honest, fair and serious in the perception of life and people. A developed sense of duty, a deep faith in the correctness of the law, moral and ethical standards are integral features of the character of people with Saturn in the VII House. Such people firmly establish rules for themselves, norms of behavior and strictly follow them.

Saturn in 7th House : Negative Effect

Each aspect of the map has both a positive and a negative side. People with a “weak” Saturn, who do not have an inner core, seek to find a partner who is a strong personality, who would become their support, a kind of crutch. On the physical plane, when a person stops using his own legs, the muscles atrophy. The same thing happens in the emotional sphere: when you rely on the other in everything, the internal psychological “skeleton” suffers, that is, in character there is lack of will, inertness, and lack of independence.

Detachment from emotions and its inherent objectivity allows a person to find arguments to justify opposing points of view. He is a skilled debater, who consistently formulates his own opinion, picking up irrefutable arguments. A person argues in an abstract way, without turning to a person, without directly opposing an opponent, without annoying him, but at the same time he is able to switch to his opposite point of view and agree with it so that for some reason he will be declared the winner in the dispute. Thanks to subtlety, tact, reliability, responsibility and good organizational skills in cooperation, such people almost always achieve great career success.

Saturn in 7th House and Marriage

For people with Saturn in the VII House, marriage is a kind of peak. Therefore, disappointment in the partner and divorce is perceived by them as a fall from the top. In the married life of Eleanor Roosevelt, there was an episode related to the novel of her husband and his secretary. By chance, a letter fell into her hands, from which it followed that her husband maintained an intimate relationship with a certain Lucy Page Mather, a young, beautiful woman who was his assistant. This discovery nearly ruined their marriage. As Eleanor later admitted to her friends: “For me, the whole world collapsed.” At first, she offered her husband a divorce, but then they came to the conclusion that, given the interests of the children and his political career, such a decision would be unreasonable

Saturn in 7th House for Children

In childhood, Saturn in the VII House most often gives the character shyness, shyness and some selectivity in communication. At first in a new place or in an unfamiliar company, the child initially becomes closed, feeling his isolation. Only with time, having fully mastered himself, feeling himself in the collective, he becomes completely free and becomes the soul of the collective. Thanks to the innate tact and sense of justice, even at school age, a child with Saturn in the VII House can establish himself as a peacemaker and mediator in complex conflicts and confrontations. When a child grows up, his ability to find compromises in difficult situations, mitigate conflicts and reconcile parties, can be realized in the profession of a diplomat, lawyer, mediator.

Saturn in 7th House in Career

In professional activities, as in any other field, the owner of Saturn in the VII House strives for excellence. He shows particular scrupulousness when concluding contracts, signing contracts and agreements. Such a person strives in everything for completeness, integrity and completeness. Tolerance, perseverance and punctuality help the owner of Saturn in the VII House to occupy a worthy place in the professional and social sphere, to gain a well-deserved authority. In conflict situations, he will always prefer cooperation to rivalry. However, the desire to mitigate conflicts does not imply unconditional agreement with the opponent’s arguments: for victory in a dispute, a person with Saturn in House VII uses his own manner of conducting discussions.

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