Saturn/Shani in Sixth House

The sixth House of the horoscope correlates in the natural Zodiac with earthly elements and mutable quality. The earthly elements of the House are related to Saturn, but mutable quality runs counter to its steadily unhurried rhythm in the VI House. Each planet in the horoscope provides us with certain opportunities. Where Saturn is located, a person feels special importance and seriousness. Saturn helps to restore order in everyday life, i.e. in that part of our being that every one of us faces constantly, every day: everyday life, our habits, work, physical health.

Saturn in 6th House : Positive Effect

Saturn in the VI House with its penchant for accuracy, attention to detail is able to create its own routine once and for all: duties are performed diligently, responsibly, with a deep sense of duty. Here Saturn resembles a laboratory assistant in a white coat with a microscope in his hands: everything is impeccable, sterile, every thing is in its place, but the beam of attention is directed exclusively at a piece of laboratory glass. In mutable and earthly VI House, Saturn lacks the scope of Jupiter, the work is done in small portions, very carefully, with excessive attention to detail and detail. Exactly this way, fragment by fragment, detail by detail, the person most successfully working with Saturn is in VI House, often achieving exemplary results.

The characteristic features of people with Saturn in the VI House is caution, vigilance in the small, to come to a meaningful whole.

As the natural ruler of the X House, the six-house Saturn will encourage a person to reach the heights, in this case success at his job. Working hard, discipline, with full dedication, feeling a great responsibility for the results of his work, he demands from his employees the same zeal for the assigned work. Therefore, people with Saturn in the VI House can become wonderful performers, but they are picky, “difficult” bosses. It is well known that in any business, an assignment you can rely on him unconditionally: he is always entrusted with work, the implementation of which requires great accuracy, thoroughness. True, he often needs more time than other people to finish the job. Therefore, he constantly lingers until late, works overtime, without requiring any payment.

Saturn in 6th House : Negative Effect

People with Saturn in the VI House in a negative manifestation have an almost pathological desire to achieve the unattainable, they evaluate themselves solely by the results of their activities. The very possibility of failure terrifies them. Obsessed with the idea of ​​excellence, they rarely experience satisfaction from their successes. In the final analysis, it turns out that a person manages to do a lot, but because of excessive requirements for himself, he simply does not notice the results of his work.

Constant uncertainty and subsequent control, thoroughness in the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, can reach such an extent that all work moves forward at a snail’s pace. Overwhelmed by doubts, he again and again checks whether the result of his work is satisfactory, whether the work can be considered finished. In the end, all the deadlines are missed.

Another complication of Saturn in the VI House is the desire to take on excessive over-liabilities and obligations, which leads to congestion and deterioration of physical condition. Most likely, the idea of ​​maintaining health for such a person is overvalued (House VI, located on the axis of health VI-XII, refers to the House of Physical Health). He devotes a lot of time, devotes a lot of attention to the issue of strengthening and maintaining himself in the norm. Hygiene, all kinds of diets, methods, methods of traditional and alternative medicine – everything is in use. And it’s good if it does not become mania.

Saturn’s serious approach in the sixth House is manifested in all life situations. For example, in everyday life for people with a six-house Saturn, order and organization also play an important role. Women are more prone than men to excessive care when doing household chores. The room is cleaned meticulously and thoroughly, and much more often than necessary. Working tirelessly, a woman with Saturn in the sixth House achieves an exemplary order in everything, impeccable purity. It happens that she finishes working long after midnight, although the plan without any damage could be carried out the next day. But she simply does not find peace until she redo everything that has been planned. Thus, for people with Saturn in the sixth House, both labor activity and domestic worries are somewhat complicated, and often the joys of life,

Children with Saturn in 6th House

Children with Saturn in the VI House, from an early age are distinguished by organization, commitment, have a good memory. Already in school years, they are characterized by the ability to critically analyze and comprehend impressions. Such a child always learns diligently, devoting all his strength to training, striving to complete school tasks impeccably. In fulfilling home assignments, he is also distinguished by extraordinary conscientiousness. We can say that children with a six-volume Saturn are alien to the carelessness and frivolity characteristic of this age. Mentally, they imagine how to perfectly cope with a particular task, but they feel that they will never be able to justify their own expectations. The pursuit of excellence and the high standard of self-requirements – these features are formed in a child with Saturn in the VI House very early. Therefore, parents simply need to teach him not to be afraid of mistakes, to set tasks for himself according to his strength, as well as praise for good luck and not notice mistakes. Such a child will benefit from music or some other kind of art. This will color life with light colors, relieve nervous tension and expand your horizons. When children with Saturn in the VI House grow up, they devote too much time to work, so the baggage of knowledge and spiritual accumulations of childhood helps them avoid the limited and impoverished inner world in adulthood.

Saturn in 6th House and career

Considering the sixth House, one cannot get around the professional orientation of a person. It is determined by many factors. Firstly, it is necessary to analyze all earthly Houses (II, VI, X) – the planets in them, their rulers, aspects … Secondly, you need to pay attention to the first House of the horoscope, since this is the beginning of all beginnings. And, in the end, Saturn, located in the VI House, dictates a certain orientation in professional activity.

If Saturn is in the VI House and air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – there is the possibility of acquiring professions related to the word, both oral and written. A person can have publications: scientific papers, journal articles, can become a good methodologist and author of teaching aids.

With the location of Saturn in fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the owner of Saturn in the VI House can be a pioneer in any field, become a leader in the development of new technologies, techniques, techniques. Such a person will be distinguished by special enthusiasm and enthusiasm, dedication to his work.

The professions that go to people with Saturn in the VI House and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are the civil service, technical and natural sciences. Thanks to the dexterity and accuracy of manual labor, such people often turn out to be wonderful artisans, as well as medicine, one of the fertile fields of activity of people with Saturn in the VI House, as well as dietetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – and Saturn in the VI House are predisposed to creative activity. They are fluent in form, so they often become sculptors, architects, etc.

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