Ways to open your Root Chakra or Mooladhara

12 Ways to open your Root Chakra or Mooladhara

The root chakra is the first of the 7 main chakras . He is also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit.

It is represented by the color red , and is related to our connection to the earth . Being the first of our 7 main chakras, it is the one that anchors us to the earth, it is the base, the roots, of the other 7 chakras.

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine, at the level of the perineum, and rotates clockwise. To visualize your 1st chakra, you can visualize a red ball, at the start of your spine, turn clockwise, and a kind of cone descending towards the earth. The entry and exit of energy from this chakra is effected by this single cone, unlike the other chakras which are made up of 2 cones, one on the front (belly side – to receive the energies) and one at the back. (back side – where the energy comes out).

The root chakra is related to our sense of security, to our relationship to the material world and to our place in society. We will see below the different symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra, and tips to harmonize it.

Symptoms when your Root Chakra is Open

  • you have a solid foundation,
  • you are stable and you feel secure . 
  • You are present here and now, connected to your physical body. 
  • You feel that you have enough territory and are not overly suspicious of others.

Symptoms when your Root Chakra is Underactive

  • You tend to be fearful or nervous. 
  • Most of the time you feel unwelcome. 
  • When your Root Chakra is too closed, you have the impression that your feet are no longer touching the ground; in other words, you ”  lose your footing  “

Symptoms when your Root Chakra is Overactive

  • You can be too materialistic and greedy. 
  • Obsessed with the need for security,
  • you resist change .

How to Open your Root Chakra


Walk barefoot as much as possible! Ideally by having contact with the earth. The electrons emitted by the earth will feed your body and bring it back to a neutral state of charge. All the vibrations of the earth are excellent for harmonizing the energies of the root chakra, which directly represents our connection to the earth.  


Repeat to yourself at least once a day, and for a minimum of 21 days, positive affirmations related to the root chakra such as the following: “I am safe” – “I am supported” – “I am anchored” – “Everything is fine good “ – Depending on the imbalances in your chakra, create the affirmations that suit you.


Sacred frequencies are particular frequencies that influence our energy bodies. The sacred frequency 396 Hertz is the sacred frequency directly influencing the energy of our root chakra. All you need to do is start a recording of the frequency 396 Hertz, while you meditate, or just while you cook, play sports … It doesn’t matter! You will find various recordings of this frequency online.


In many cultures, it is said that plants have a soul… One thing is certain, the vibration of plants is a pure and very high vibration, so let’s not deprive ourselves of it! All you need to do is place a few drops of the essential oil on your two wrists, and rub them against each other for a few minutes. (be careful, never put pure essential oil directly on your skin, diluted first with vegetable oil). Because the skin on our wrists is very thin, the oil will be absorbed into your body more quickly. You can use Ylang-Ylang oil, or find root chakra-specific essential oil blends on the market.

  • Patchouli,
  • cedarwood,
  • frankincense


As stated above, the color of the root chakra is red. So eat red foods! Each color has a vibration, so by eating red foods, you directly bring this vibration into your body, which will nourish this energy in the root chakra. As this chakra is related to the earth, you can also eat foods that come directly from the earth, such as potatoes, carrots, or beets. These foods will carry the vibrations of the earth with them, and nourish your root chakra with them.


  The crystals all carry a very particular frequency, very high and very pure. Surrounding yourself with crystals in relation to the vibration of the root chakra can then bring it the vibrations it needs to harmonize.  


You now know, the root chakra, represents our connection to the earth! So what better way to connect us to the earth than nature? Spend time in nature, soak up its wonderful vibrations that will delight your root chakra.  


The sound, or mantra “LAM” resonates with the root chakra. Always a story of vibrations, this sound emits vibrations in resonance with this chakra, and will therefore feed its energy. So sing, repeat the LAM sound, as much as possible! You will also find various recordings of this sound online, so don’t miss out!  


We talked about the color vibes a bit above, so surround yourself with the color red as much as possible! Wear red, decorate your home with red … soak up the red vibe!  


Mudras put your two hands in contact, with certain postures relating certain specific points of your fingers. Each finger has its function and its power within our body. When the fingers touch each other, the “nadis” (subtle energy channels) are connected and particular energetic vibrations are activated. Learn about the mudras corresponding to the root chakra, and use them during your meditation for example.

11. YOGA

Yoga is known to be a very good exercise for relaxation, but it is also a powerful practice to better circulate energy in our body, and therefore activate certain meridians and chakras whose energies were blocked. Learn about the Yoga postures in relation to the Root chakra, and take a few minutes a day to perform them.  


The energy treatments are the most effective way to cleanse and balance the chakras. Following an energetic treatment, your chakras will be harmonized, but it will however be necessary to continue to maintain them so that they keep this alignment.  

Foods to unblock your Root Chakra

As you can see, red foods are to be preferred! So tomatoes, strawberries, red apples, peppers, raspberries, pomegranates … Ideally, food should be eaten raw.

Food from the earth can also be very beneficial. So potatoes, carrots, beets …

By eating these foods regularly, you will help your root chakra to harmonize, providing it with adequate energy and vibrations.

Stones and Crystals to Open your Root Chakra

You can meditate with these crystals, or just keep them close to you during your day, in your pocket, in your bag … or you can place them in a place where you spend time, like your office or your room. The more time you spend near a crystal, the more energy you soak up.

  • Black tourmaline
  • Smoky quartz
  • Red jasper
  • Obsidian
  • Onyx
  • Red Carnelian

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