Libra Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Although Virgo tends to look for flaws everywhere, women born under this sign are not inclined to straighten their hair every minute and look in the mirror.

They stand with dignity, conquer with a kind smile and a special gleam in their eyes (the eyes of the Maidens and Gemini sparkle like stars – these solar signs are marked by the magic touch of Mercury). There is something refreshingly cool and green, like grass, something pure, white and soft in the aura of this woman, and this “something” heals the confused souls.

The practical Virgo is pathologically afraid of mistakes, professing the principle: “God protects the safe.” Do not make mistakes, and you do not have to correct them. Unsinkable logic.

For years, the Virgin has been hiding from disappointments and misfortunes, drowning in herself the call of love. She puts above all her aspirations, her freedom, her “this.” However, this rational creature cannot resist the Libra man who is pursuing her relentlessly and frantically. For this man, love is a treasure that is worth fighting for and which must be preserved at all costs. Managed by Venus, he generously pours tenderness and admiration on a woman – except for those rare Wednesdays and Fridays, when someone (not necessarily her) upset his balance, and he feels miserable and downcast. He can throw socks on the floor so that she picks up, leave a dirty cup on the table so that she takes away and wash, flirt at parties … But this charm, this smile, these refined manners and a brilliant mind – they do not leave indifferent even the picky Virgin 

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