December 23 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

December 23 Birthday: Personality

On this day, independent, ambitious natures are born. These people are endowed with organizational abilities, they are decisive, purposeful, agile and active. They know what they need from life, what to do at one time or another. Natural caution, the ability to calculate everything many steps forward, allow you to avoid mistakes in life. Married usually happy. They can prove themselves in science, medicine, scene. In the material sphere, they are lucky.

December twenty third is the birthday of people for whom happiness lies in the development of new lands. They enjoy the active work aimed at moving forward and implementing bold ideas and projects. However, a false impression should not be created that those born on December 23 profess extreme radical or revolutionary views – much more often, on the contrary, they have a cautious and restrained character. Born 23 december is characterized by a respectful attitude to established values. As a rule, they carefully think over and reconcile their plans before they get down to business, and in spite of everything, they always remain closely connected with their family or the social group to which they belong. By the way, they not only think about the fate of this group, but also make efforts to improve it; possessing living intelligence, they instinctively find the best way to do this. In this respect, they can even be said to have some prophetic abilities: many of them are able not only to foresee any events, but also know how to prepare for them and meet them fully armed. Born 23 december organically can not tolerate when they are not noticed. They perceive a lack of attention or a direct refusal as a challenge to fate, to which they already have a ready-made answer. A very natural part of the life of those born on this day is struggle. Therefore, they are absolutely not inclined to succumb to external pressure. This does not mean at all that they are invulnerable, insensitive and not subject to suspiciousness – it just gives them a reason for further self-affirmation in life. At all, those born on this day often feel dissatisfied with themselves or with the place they occupy. It is this fundamental discontent that forces them to take an active stance on life, aggressively push their own ideas, and not spend time in aimless dreams. Practicality and a commitment to earthly interests that were born on December 23 are often combined with a fair tenacity, which makes it very difficult for others to communicate with them. They do not like to question their point of view, and are not very good at all radical ideas (except, of course, their own). Despite this, born December 23, as a rule, have one very valuable quality: those who manage to achieve in their careers any positions related to power or influence on others, able to remain open to healthy criticism and positive suggestions from the outside, while being able to extract the necessary positive points for themselves from any information received, even negative. The ability to understand, especially at the emotional level, does not occupy particularly high positions in their general list of abilities and values. Born 23 december They are quite capable of showing surprisingly warm feelings, but the coldness and detachment in relationships are just as natural to them. Men born on December 23 are at risk of developing a mindset similar to the “tough guys” of the American militants, and women should probably control their aggressive and powerful inclinations and avoid their open expression. By the way, both men and women born on this day, do not forget that that sooner or later they will have to learn to restrain their activity and get out of the race, giving way to the younger generation. However, as a rule, the final departure for a well-deserved rest does not occur for those born on December 23, the first time and does not last long – they prefer to return to work and lead a more active lifestyle.

December 23 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with December 23 Birthday have Capricorn Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Capricorn with various other Zodiac Signs.

December 23 Birthday : Health

Health: Born 23 december should pay more attention to your body with adulthood. They can be prone to various kinds of injuries related to muscle strain – especially back muscles. In their youth, they should pay increased attention to teeth in order to avoid problems in the future. As a rule, in the middle of life, the need for a strict diet is brewing (first of all, we are talking about reducing fat intake and increasing the proportion of fresh foods). Regarding physical exercises, moderate loads are recommended, preferably of a non-adversarial nature, although team sports always have a beneficial effect on the social aspect of the individual.

Advice for People Born on December 23

Do not paint your life to the smallest detail; be careful not to get caught up in meticulousness. Excessive planning for the future can negatively affect the present. Learn to be more tolerant of the opinions of others.

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