December 27 Birthday: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility, Ruling Planet, Element, Health and Advice

December 27 Birthday: Personality

On this day, people with a strong character are born, they are reliable, you can rely on them in any business. They are bold, resourceful, go to their Goals with firm faith. They usually have many friends who love them for their openness, wise attitude to life, and reliability. In marriage, they are usually happy because of their ability to avoid conflict situations. In the financial sector, luck and success are usually associated.

Born 27 december, as a rule, are focused on service in the highest sense of the word. They are genuinely concerned about the problems and needs of family, friends and society as a whole. They often possess advanced technical abilities and at the same time know how to apply them to the benefit of all. And despite the fact that they often have a somewhat idealistic way of thinking, they are nevertheless capable of making (and are making!) A completely practical contribution to life around them. Those born on December 27 appreciate witty jokes and are generally good-natured. However, they also have a dark side, which no one knows about, except for the people closest to them. Their emotionality makes them deeply and sincerely experience all the blows of fate, but, by virtue of their nature, they are not inclined to show their feelings to others and are therefore able to suffer in silence for many years, before throwing out their suppressed resentment outside, perhaps in the form of aggression. To avoid this, those born on this day should strive to express themselves more fully, not to restrain their emotions, and, if the situation requires it, to act more impulsively. Born 27 december practice a strict distinction between the public and personal parts of their lives, which is very valuable to them. It is curious that they are really capable, on their way home, to completely forget about work and even change their way of thinking almost to the opposite. This applies equally to those of them who have their own business or work at home, since it is common for all people born on this day to value their personal life and attach great importance to it. In addition, they are not all those who neglect their loved ones. One of the big problems born on December 27 is their truly phenomenal tendency to self-sacrifice. They often simply are not able to answer someone with a refusal, they do not have enough aggressiveness to restore justice and stand up for themselves. More developed personalities of those born on this day know how to set boundaries for their own protection. In addition, over time, they acquire the ability not to store repressed grievances within themselves. People less resilient, on the contrary, tend to blame themselves and suffer from depression and low self-esteem. However, since a certain internal nobility and a natural observance of ethical standards are characteristic of those born on December 27, such negative feelings as doubt and guilt can cause a serious blow to the deepest foundations of their personalities. This implies, that the ability to handle negative energies – both internal and external – is very important for their personal and spiritual development. Most people tend to consider born December 27 generous and completely devoid of egoism natures, so they may well deceive someone’s hopes if they suddenly decide to go a different path from others. If this happens, they should not immediately change their plans. It is very important to continue to insist on our own independence, to achieve the fulfillment of the legal right to express our opinion and to be listened to, and if they want to, to seek recognition of our dissimilarity to others. The most important part of the life of those born on December 27 is faith. Often they just need to take part in some kind of religious or other spiritual activity, it is able to give them the necessary support and fills their life with meaning. Belief in higher powers, in people or both, at the same time helps those born on this day to become more tolerant of others. However, before embarking on such a mission, they should decide for themselves whether they are doing this on their own, and not allow outside leadership attempts.

December 27 Birthday Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

People with December 27 Birthday have Capricorn Sun Sign. Click here to check the compatibility of Capricorn with various other Zodiac Signs.

December 27 Birthday : Health

Born 27 december often experience problems of an emotional nature, the explainable consequence of which are protracted depression and irritability. The basis of this trend is excessive self-sacrifice and a clear reluctance to openly express their anger. Oppression of emotions can cause paralysis of the will. All types of activity associated with a surge of energy – physical exercise, a varied diet, regular sex with a loving partner – all these are indispensable conditions for maintaining mental balance. Born 27 december should choose a diet to exclude the occurrence of arteriosclerotic and thrombotic problems (low fat, cholesterol, sugar, emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely desirable). If born 27 december do not adhere to the schedule of physical exercises,

Advice for People Born on December 27

Fight depressive tendencies. Stay open and receptive to the beautiful. Do not let anyone encroach on your optimism, stand guard over your positive emotions. Keep giving, but don’t forget to take something in return. Recognize your own worth.

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