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Aries and Pisces

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(Aries: March 21 – April 19)

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Aries and Pisces Compatibility Percentage Chart
Aries and Pisces Compatibility Percentage Chart

Aries is a sign included within the cardinal signs and Pisces is a sign included in the mutable ones; in this particular relationship, although they are quite opposite people in their respective personalities and tastes, they share a mutual respect worthy of praise. 

If they coincide in the workplace or when they decide to get together for a common project, the situation tends to get a bit messy, since they do not accept orders, and also, they do not have too much prudence when spending money. 

Precisely for this reason, they often argue about money, and their economic security is constantly hanging by a thread; Perhaps due to this, their associations in this field do not usually last, although it also depends on their respective ascendants.

Aries and Pisces: love compatibility

When they form a couple things seem to go better. They are generally strengthened by their union, and thus, they feel very comfortable in their relationship as a couple. 

Consciously or unconsciously, they know that they can improve and learn thanks to their better half. In the same way, they are people with complete sincerity in their relationships, so when they say: “I love you”, they don’t lie… and they notice it.

They can both passionately fall in love with each other, and quickly cool down. This is typical of a couple, which has a different approach to feelings and relationships. The compatibility of Aries and Pisces in love largely depends on their physical attraction.

Alas, it can be fleeting and leave only memories in the soul of these two.

Aries and Pisces Love Compatibility

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Aries and Pisces: friendship compatibility

It is impossible to refuse friendship with Pisces, so Aries will be happy to communicate with these dreamy, versatile personalities. The only “but” is that he should often compromise and not criticize Pisces. From his compliance, joint friendship will only “win” and become even stronger.

Pisces are a little touchy, but that doesn’t stop both of them from having a great time. 

They will have completely new activities, aspirations. Interests, views, hobbies – everything is in common and at a glance. This favorably affects the compatibility of Pisces and Aries in friendship.

Aries and Pisces: professional compatibility

The compatibility of Aries and Pisces in business relationships can only be in doubt if this couple has opposite temperaments. Not surprising, because Pisces is a sign of Water, and Aries is a “fiery” element.

But when they work together, they can perfectly complement each other, share ideas and indicate the prospects for a future career.

Aries is active, arrogant, and Pisces act on intuition and are full of fantasies. If Aries becomes the boss of Pisces, then the business tandem will be fruitful. Just do not find fault too much and, moreover, shout at sensitive, vulnerable Pisces.

Aries and Pisces: how to make the relationship work


The problem in the relationship appears from the fact that both are too carried away by their illusory vision of the world. They came up with an ideal and a fairy tale for themselves, in which there is no place for quarrels and nit-picking. 

They need to give up their fantasies and start living in reality. At the beginning of the relationship between them, there will be no problems. They are united by passion, romance, the desire to communicate. 

But, after a while, they will begin to severely criticize and reproach each other even for what they did not do. The shortcomings of Aries will “float” to the surface, and Pisces will simply get tired of his temper.


It will not be easy for this couple to achieve a harmonious relationship. But, if both try, then there will be ways to solve the problem. Efforts and patience are what will help them maintain feelings and not lose interest in each other. 

Openness, devotion, common interests will affect the compatibility of Aries and Pisces. The main thing is that no one and nothing proves, but simply love, take care of each other. 

Disappointment for this couple may come sooner than they expected. But, if they do not attach great importance to this, but begin to work in a relationship “for the future”, then problem solving will become available.


Do not hide behind your desires and illusions. They need to look directly at their relationship problems and work together to find ways to solve them. Both, like fire, are afraid of responsibility and compliance with the rules. 

If Aries is straightforward enough, then Pisces constantly “floats away” from answers and explanations. They should open their hearts to each other more often in order not to avoid problems in the future. 

Aries and Pisces compatibility should be based on sensitivity, trust and sincere feelings. By fleeing from themselves and each other, they will not be able to overcome the wall that they have built in the relationship.


Relationships are possible if they begin a ruthless struggle with their complexes and doubts. We need to stop fidgeting, conjecturing, dissembling in front of each other. So you will not save what is called “love.” 

The truth and nothing but the truth! In this case, you can create not only harmonious, but also the strongest of all unions. They need to protect themselves from the “castles in the air” that they have piled up. 

Trust each other more, especially confessions and gentle hugs. It is not trite, but the happiness of this couple is in their hands.

Problem . The problem is that they try to run away and hide in their own fantasy world, which they don’t like. But such is the nature of these two, who were destined to meet and fall in love. Only now there are a lot of obstacles between them, imperfections that interfere with the good compatibility of Aries and Pisces. They need to express their feelings, mood, emotions more clearly. Without unnecessary embarrassment, fear of being misunderstood. Aries is the element of Fire, and Pisces is the element of Water. One can only guess what kind of “steam” they release during showdowns and quarrels. Strong love is possible between them if they begin to speak the same language.


They must follow the same plan. They need to look in one direction, and not act under the onslaught of illusions. This couple is perfectly oriented in space, knows how to “swim” in the ocean of love. But the problem is that Aries prefers breaststroke and ski jumping, while Pisces calmly and on their backs sway on the waves. More often, in its harbor. They need to inspire each other, and openly declare their desires, it doesn’t even hurt to quarrel sometimes. Lovely scold, only amuse – this is about Aries and Pisces.

Aries and Pisces Love Compatibility

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