Pisces Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aries girl needs a decisive, straightforward man who can sometimes command: “Shut up and do as I said !!” Sometimes she just needs such a shake.

Of course, a Pisces man with the Moon or Ascendant in the sign of Fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) can have soft power (an iron hand in a velvet glove), which will turn the shrew into a meek sheep.

This is exactly what she secretly dreams of. A man who would combine an older brother, an intelligent friend, an imperious lover, and at the same time not reach her spiritual freedom. It would be wonderful if he were also a poet. He must mercilessly pursue her enemies – until she forgives them. And when this happens, let him love with all his heart. (She herself is ready to protect her beloved, whether he wants it or not.) What else? He should not have a soul in her, and repeat about it every minute. Repair anything that breaks or breaks (including her heart). Keep steadfast in the face of adversity. To be infallibly honest, unwaveringly faithful and pure, like the first snow. However, she will not tolerate lack of will and self-abasement. The recipe is quite simple: take Rhett Butler, mix in equal proportions with Robert Browning, Muhammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln and the revered saint; season this mixture to taste with Marlon Brando and Warren Beatty. Enjoy your meal!

Almost every Christmas, she sends letters to Santa Claus, but he persistently leaves anything under the tree except the most important thing.

It would seem that there is something in common between this full fire, a sociable frolic and a melancholy intellectual who prefers to human communication the wilds of the theory of relativity or the poetry of Tennyson? But they can meet, make love and whisper to each other cute nonsense. Although this does not happen often. He, like no other, is capable of accepting her romantic idealism. She will not laugh at his mystical insights, admire his sensual tenderness, and begin to defend against fools and ignoramuses who consider her prince a lazy dreamer without a future.

Most people – not without the help of astrologers – imagine that all Pisces are loyal candidates for alcoholics or, say, nudists. Indeed, those born under this sign are doomed from birth to wander in convoluted curved ways, wander in the fog of dreams, fall into the sticky tentacles of other people’s problems. The Fish Manager Neptune guides them through mysterious, dangerous, and ambiguous situations. And Noah’s ark would go down in such a mess. Ask at least Elizabeth Taylor (she is Pisces by horoscope).

Let the Aries girl, annoyed by the evasiveness of the Pisces man, ask herself what her behavior would be, make up at least part of what the wits call the “Zodiac’s dumpster”. This person is burdened by the burden of someone else’s experience and is able to stumble. Mild by nature, it can slide from sensitivity to irritability, from grumpiness to drunkenness. However, the “mountain heights” are also open to him: among Pisces there are many writers, imaginative artists, abstract thinkers (Einstein).

The danger in the relationship between a woman-Aries and a man-Fish is that sometimes they almost change roles. Neither molten muscles nor a powerful physique will make the soul of Pisces rigid and insensitive, just as grace and tenderness do not moderate the aggressive impulsiveness of Aries.

Fish. Next week at the Museum of Fine Arts an exhibition of my paintings. The catalog has already been printed. Take a look!

Aries (reading). “An exhibition of modern painting. Works of Freud Hut. Is it you? What is it about – the artist or the scrambled eggs? After all, your name is Fred Hout.

Pisces (embarrassed). They probably did not know how my name is spelled. Really, I don’t know what I have to do it.

Aries. And don’t say what you are going to do. I’ll guess.

Do you need to print a new catalog? Pisces. Do you think this is necessary? Actually, I don’t think …

Aries. You have to take the director of the museum by the throat and say, “Listen, dumbass, you misinterpreted my name. Print new catalogs, or I will refuse to exhibit paintings! “

Pisces. Well, no, that’s impossible. He’s offended.

Aries. And if you do not, then I will be offended. I don’t smile to be Mrs. Toasted. Either you take it by the scruff of the neck, or I’m leaving your life!

And he dutifully goes to the museum. But maybe afraid to return. Of course, this is an extreme case.

Aries woman is frighteningly enchanting, like ball lightning. Experiences overwhelm her. She keeps them like precious relics. The smell of violets; which she, a three-year-old baby, gathered in a shady garden inhabited by elves. Fluffy kitten. Red kites and yellow balloons. The rainy days of her childhood. The baby whom the nine-year-old gave her to hold at the bus stop. Flying snowflakes in the light of street lamps. Falling into the pool when she was desperately trying to swim like a beautiful swan … She is the unfinished poem that the Pisces man was trying to write.

Their proximity will be warmed by the mutual attraction of explosive activity and cool calm. True, this may be the attraction of the invader to the victim, if in their horoscopes there are strong mutual aspects, for example, connections. No matter how different life philosophy is, both Aries and Pisces seek strong feelings in love, they are sentimental and endowed with a generous imagination. So these two can take refuge from the world in their own Wonderland.

Pisces man should make it a rule to discuss with his girlfriend all his actions and not annoy her half-truth. She will not be able to trust the one who hides the aces in the sleeve.

But suppose this couple tastes heavenly bliss. He surrendered so much that he believed her all his thoughts. Does this mean that wedding bells will ring soon? Not at all.

Fish are in no hurry to receive the blessing of the law. They fear the interference of the institutions of power in their affairs, they are afraid of the responsibility that marriage bears. I have a friend, Pisces, whose family is replaced by a Siamese cat. This inveterate bachelor likes to repeat: “A cat’s liver is cheaper than a diaper.”

Aries woman must convince her lover that official procedures are a mere formality, that their union is based only on love. Let yourself be entertained by bachelor fantasies if this makes him happy.

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