Aries Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

This is the perfect union blessed by Mother Nature. The embodiment of masculinity and the focus of femininity. Romeo and Juliet or … the sadism of Mars and the masochism of Neptune. But even if he likes the role of a tyrant, and she likes the role of a victim, who are we to judge? 

Pisces Woman Personality

Until the Pisces girl marries, the men interrupt her phone and vying to make an appointment. She is tormented, choosing between Tom, Dick and Harry, because she is afraid to offend Bill, John and Bob. Be that as it may, she will fall in love with Jack if she can forget Roger. Who, then, should be allowed to protect her from poverty and boredom, transported to the Bahamas and put into a mink? The feminist movement never recruits her into their ranks. Why all this noise?

When she gets married, her phone will not be silent, but it will be neighbors, relatives and friends who want to pour out the soul. Her husband Aries is beside himself with anger: their house is like a psychoanalyst’s office. Why does she listen for hours to complaints from outsiders and find no time for him? She must console him. All the time. Except holidays. Yes, even the time when he is resting, or sleeping, or hanging around with friends.

Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Pisces Woman can listen. This quality attracts admirers to her. She is so meek and full of sympathy that she gets entangled in her own networks. She does not protest when her sweetheart Aries tries to trample on her personality. Does not answer when he breaks down because of a trifle. 

But she sometimes becomes indifferent to everything, as if dozing with open eyes. These symptoms should prompt Aries that he has forgotten her needs, busy satisfying his own.

Aries Man Personality

We have already said that the egoism of Aries is akin to that of children. They are in such a hurry to live that they do not have time to look around. When Aries is reproached for rudeness and insensibility, he is surprised and full of remorse. For some time he is kindness itself, until unconscious egoism looks up again, and then it must be brought to life. Nevertheless, half of the blame for the torment of the Pisces woman lies with her. Is she playing too hard the role of a martyr? 

Aries Man and Pisces Woman Love

There is no point in talking about the physical side of their relationship. After all, these are Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan and Jane … Pisces woman will not only feel the change in his mood, but she will also guess and fulfill his desire before Aries himself realizes it. And Aries man’s passion will surpass that of her previous boyfriends.

In Conclusion

Speaking of fans. She’s not a flirt. Just takes for granted the worship of men. It’s so nice! As for Aries, he is also not an anemone, but loves when women smoke incense. The Pisces woman is not jealous and tends to trust her partner. Hopefully, Neptune will tell her that the background of his jealousy is a secret fear of self-doubt and a fear of losing her.

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