Saturn/Shani in First House

Saturn in the 1st House of the horoscope tells us about a person who is very serious about himself, to search for his place in life. As a rule, these are serious, seasoned, disciplined people. After all, Saturn in the I House is a kind of combination of the numbers I and X, the signs of Aries and Capricorn, this is a pronounced strengthening of cardinal qualities and, as a result, a manifestation of activity, which in this case is aimed primarily at creating, building your own personality. This is exactly what people with Saturn in the I House often consider the main task of their life.

Since the 1st House is the beginning of all beginnings, a person with Saturn in the 1st House is very cautious in his endeavors and prefers to take up tasks, even if complex, but leading to a meaningful, maybe high goal. Caution, attention, control, prudence allow a person to be prepared and, slowly, as they say, slowly but surely move towards the intended goal, avoiding breakdowns and failures. Whatever business a person is engaged in, comprehensive personal growth is always meant in the first place. For a person with Saturn in the I House, it is important to look with dignity, confidence in life, work, profession. In the profession, a person tries to achieve thoroughness, professionalism, competence, with which comes well-deserved authority and a significant, high position in the profession and in society. To achieve his goals, a person does not spare any time, no effort, shows the ability to abandon many of the small pleasures of life to achieve their goals. In some cases, a person is so concentrated in his aspirations, so sweeps away all “unnecessary”, concentrates his will, efforts, that there is a kind of “excess” when a person begins to feel insufficiently confident, free, as if on “brakes”

In extreme cases of an overly serious attitude, a person feels like in a vice – and one representative of Saturn, in conjunction with the Ascendant, complained that he had a feeling of a “muzzle” that suppressed all his efforts and initiative. In fact, this happens when any idea passes into the category of overvalued; this creates a burden of responsibility of this kind that every next step is given to a person only by overcoming. Such a neurosis-like state constricts, can create a feeling of insuperable, insurmountable difficulties. Psychotherapy of such an exaggerated Saturnian principle – in turning to Jupiter-Venus-the Sun – is easier, easier, wider to look at things, to turn to a liberating creative principle in oneself. Creative fire removes egocentric, self-suppressing tendencies. Creativity is transpersonal, and therefore

Special mention should be made of children born with Saturn in I House. As a rule, they look serious, collected, independently. Parents are glad that their child is so self-sufficient and “adult” that it does not require constant attention, and as if completely dispenses with even parental affection. But this is a complete deception, since it is these children with Saturn in the I House that just more than others need attention, warmth and parental affection. Not having received all this in childhood, they grow up to be people with a chilly, callous, and even completely harsh character, although at heart they remain a little children. They continue to wait for warmth, attention, affection, they are deeply sensitive, vulnerable, sometimes sentimental, shy, sometimes timid and continue to hide their need for warmth under the guise of seriousness, detachment, business efficiency. In the worst cases, in the end, egoism is developed, indifference to people, to human relations. Closure and egocentrism then become the leading character traits of these people. It is worth repeating that the special sensitivity, warmth and attention of parents in childhood is absolutely necessary for people with Saturn in I House.

The position of the planets in the corner Houses is the strongest; a person with Saturn in I House must show the strong positive qualities of Saturn, which are mentioned above. Otherwise, a person runs the risk of being an amorphous, spineless, weak personality, a person avoiding responsibility, difficulties, serious matters. In such cases, a person often seeks a partner with a strong Saturn in order to have support and actually parasitize on someone else’s Saturn, at the same time risking to remain a man who is independent, spineless, listless.

Overuse of the principles of Saturn and insufficient reliance on these principles psychologically leads to chronic fatigue, constant malaise, lethargy, and the spine is physically affected – osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and other diseases can haunt a person. There may be a feeling of a heavy load behind him, a person stooping under this load is a characteristic external manifestation of the abuse of Saturnian principles.

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