Saturn/Shani in Second House

The Second House is associated with the sign of Taurus, representing the vastness of the Earth, the soil under the roots of everything growing on it, as well as all living things. The principle of Taurus satisfies the needs of the body, including both the plant and animal worlds. 

Taurus is also associated with that series of sensory and emotional pleasures that all living things receive from contact with soil, nature, and bodily contact from each other.

The Second House continues the theme of Taurus in an individual horoscope and is associated with the psycho-emotional need for finding soil under your feet, a sense of stability, reliability, and durability. Saturn is also associated with the body – its frame, shape and spine both in the literal and figurative sense. The instinct of self-preservation associated with Saturn makes us look for a reliable, preserving environment, foundation, the same ground under my feet, without which all other needs and efforts have little meaning – they simply would not have anything to hold on to.

Therefore, Saturn in the 2nd House acquires special significance for people with its similar location: the search for soil, foundation, foundations for these people – the most significant along with the need for the accumulation of resources – is common for all people with Saturn in the 2nd House. 

Saturn in 2 House differs in the location of the signs and aspects to it. Let us dwell only on signs.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Aries

For  in the 2nd House Saturn in Aries , a sense of strength is important, both physical and mental and self-importance. The muscular strength of an athlete or the shoulder straps of a serviceman are those things that can satisfy these people in the search for reliability and stability of their life status. Aspects can bring in its component, but independence, free, “solo” activity or activity that is stably provided by the state is best suited to a person with Saturn in Aries and 2 House.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Taurus

For Saturn in Taurus in the 2nd House, security should be tangible and material, large-scale and countable 

These people, are perhaps more difficult than others, are given the feeling of really firm soil under their feet. But their almost ceremonial-mystical attitude to nature, its inexhaustible and simple values ​​helps out. Therefore, the possession of solid property, the accumulation of resources of great useful value for some may contrast with the ability to be content with the gifts of the simplest life in the lap of nature – “House in the Village”, “your” plants in the garden, pets and a beautiful flower bed in front of the house can satisfy the needs of others representatives of the Taurus-second-laden Saturn.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Gemini

For Saturn in Gemini in the 2nd House, first of all, the accumulation of mental, mental values ​​and skillful, useful possession, disposal of this can mean. A person with Saturn in the 2nd House is unlikely to be satisfied with the education received elsewhere – he will increase the potential of his knowledge and its practical application, constantly, always up to his advanced years. “My thoughts are my horses” – this is obviously lightweight for Saturn, but letting the official (and well-deserved for a long time) car of the head of the journalism department be another matter.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Cancer

When Saturn in Cancer in the 2nd House, emotional security and a vital foundation for these people are usually inherited from the family of birth. Whether it’s the profession of a father or the grandmother’s rich emotional world, which makes it possible to feel, feel like a master in the profession, “pros” are perhaps the main thing that Saturn wants to hold onto in Cancer 2 House. Whether the profession is a doctor, a plumber or an artist’s easel is not so important. The main thing is that it is emotionally close, convenient, comfortable and brings its own income, which Saturn in Cancer and House 2, possibly like no one, knows how to save and increase.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Leo

Saturn in Leo in 2 House . In Leo, seeing everything from an eagle’s flight, Saturn acquires something akin to it: to fly to the top is risky, but tempting. This risk is always unreliable, if it is not justified by good, genuine goals – it would not take long for readers to look for examples of representatives of Saturn-Lev-2 House who were “overthrown” from the top, as well as a stable reputation of people who are disciplined, strict towards themselves and motivated by honest impulses. Their values ​​often go beyond the personal, becoming the public domain.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Virgo

Saturn in Virgo in 2 House is almost a guarantee of success. Virgo will not allow to clutch at the unattainable. Slowly, rationally, logically and tactically right, a man with Saturn in his 2nd House in Virgo is paving his way to life, his foundation. The range of possibilities is rich, but Saturn-Virgo-2 House does not recede from it, although it does not miss the chances brought along the way.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Libra

Saturn in Libra in 2 House . A very reasonable attitude to values ​​and sustainability in life. This Saturn can change one place of service after another many times and always with increasing and expanding capabilities. And if this does not always happen, then there is a philosophy – this is the foundation of sages and dodgers.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House holds everything. Just in case. Erudition is the main weapon, and a surprise attack is just an argument for maintaining one’s own positions. Sometimes these people are so overloaded with property – mental, emotional, material, that without outside help they cannot be understood and held. But Libra is nearby – when did they refuse something?

Saturn in the 2nd House in Sagittarius

Saturn Sagittarius-2 House. The foundation is faith, the foundation is the vastness of knowledge, the conviction of one’s conviction is a reality not ephemeral for Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd House. Although for most other signs it is very difficult, and sometimes suspicious and impossible.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Capricorn

Here, for Saturn-Capricorn-2 House, a stone  stable state of affairs is a necessary condition for feeling the foundation of life. These people are able to limit themselves from a young age to gray only to get the granite foundation of life, even after its completion

Saturn in the 2nd House in Aquarius

And Aquarius is never typical, therefore, Saturn-Aquarius-2 House – it can be something unimaginable: the foundation on stilts in the sea, where a person with such Saturn explores the upper layers of the atmosphere, and the other flies past on an airliner, the third manages to feed on the arena circus.

Saturn in the 2nd House in Pisces

But Pisces is actually the most difficult option to create some kind of foundation. Here Saturn is drowning in uncertainty, unconscious fears, unfounded fears awake him, but in vain – here you just need to be friends with Pisces, and try to drown them!

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