Saturn/Shani in Third House

Symbolically, the 3rd House corresponds to Mercury and the sign of Gemini and is traditionally considered the House associated with the need to express its thoughts and ideas, the House of Communications.

It is unlikely that a “think what you say” claim (unless, of course, there are some counter arguments in his horoscope) will be fair to a man with Saturn in 3rd House . He always thinks and tries to control his consciousness, words, speech. A person does not want to miss any significant information, and he is certainly trying to bring all his thoughts to the logical end. And for the owner of the third house Saturn there is a danger of so seriously diving into this occupation that he will doubt his own intellectual and linguistic abilities, will fall into melancholy and pessimism from a multitude of words, a multitude of rules, information, and then speech and language can present real difficulties for him .

But in the 3rd House, Saturn gives people the ability to concentrate, makes their thinking logical and rational. These are realists. They need facts, evidence, they are able to grasp the essence of the problem and make the right decision. It is not for nothing that it is traditionally believed that the presence of Saturn in the III House will give a person a practical, tenacious and disciplined mind, endowing him with abilities for mathematics and the natural sciences.

Third House – House of kinship, House of brothers / sisters, neighbors. Often Saturn in the III House is found in the cards of people who have taken responsibility and care for their loved ones. Family ties are valuable, important, significant for them. It happens, and vice versa, a man fences himself against the wall with his relatives, fearing dependence and burdensome relationships.

Children with Saturn in 3rd House

Children with a third house Saturn are often wise and prudent beyond their years, diligent and patient. They understand what and how they want to learn. The Saturnian instinct of self-preservation makes them cautious in communicating, which outwardly may look like isolation and distrust, and in a completely negative version, difficulties with speech, stuttering, and difficulties with primary education are possible.

In this case, we must try to figure out how the principle of Saturn is violated. If this is a flaw, then control, organization of the daily regimen, inclusion in a certain rhythm will help to develop concentration, concentration, and not to lose the “red thread”.

If, on the contrary, the “bar is raised” too high, either by parents or by the child himself, then a person’s problems will arise from the fear of “smashing his face”, saying something is not smart enough, not beautiful enough, being incompetent in any areas . Then the solution is classic: to lower the requirements for oneself, to accept the situation as it is, to develop flexibility of thinking, humor, in general “it is easier to look at things”.

Health Issues related to Saturn in 3rd House

In the light of medical astrology, the connection between “excessive” Saturn and the Third House (House of Reason) may indicate a predisposition to manic-depressive states and other nervous disorders, as well as weakness of the respiratory system (naturally, if there are additional indicators in the birth chart).

Asthma, the scourge of the modern world, is a typical psychosomatic illness, and the symptoms of its manifestation are very symbolic for Saturn in the Third House. A person cannot freely (Saturn) exhale (Mercury), his bronchi (Mercury) are constrained, like chains (Saturn).

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