Saturn in First House in Horoscope

SATURN(planet of discipline and limitations) in the first house: you are persistent, possess organizational skills and self-discipline. You are patient, a little shy, in the depths of your soul lurks nervousness (which you keep in check). You seek recognition of your talents and work. Advantages: hard work, endurance, a heightened sense of responsibility. Disadvantages: stubbornness and conservatism, fear of everything new, secrecy.

Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house.

He is cautious and distrustful, sees bad and collapsing around, pessimism is blowing from him, he is sure that the world is only waiting to crush him, so a person spends a lot of energy on maintaining order, rules, and restrictions. It gives negative forecasts (which come true, but simply does not give good forecasts – this is the function of Jupiter). Closure, a clear boundary between the “I” and “they.” It makes a depressing impression on people: gloomy, serious, unsmiling, uncommunicative, speaks quietly and little, concise speech (even curses monosyllabic)

If Saturn is also in a bad position (weak in sign, damaged), then the terrible misanthrope hates everyone, shuns people, does not communicate with anyone, mean and squabble.

It looks frail, short, black, bony and stooped. It looks older than its age. The skin is dry, inelastic, early becomes flabby, has a blue-lead hue. The face is ugly, facial features are small, the nose is small.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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