Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Capricorn = Air + Earth

The compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius can be quite high

The Aquarius man and the Capricorn woman seem to be a good couple, this is because they are both at the extreme of low emotional expression and avoid the number one source of incompatibility.

But appearances can be deceiving, as the Capricorn woman and the Aquarius man will have a lot of trouble trying to make a relationship work. The Aquarius man is something of a free spirit, running in any direction. Instead, the Capricorn woman is happily married to her life of strict discipline and routine that typically results in frequent success and guaranteed safety.

It is for this reason that they are unlikely to agree when it comes to making a commitment. With Aquarius being one of the most inflexible signs, a lot of discord and disagreement can be expected between these two signs. Although hope is the last thing to be lost, stakeholders should be aware that the journey will not be easy.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Friendship:

The Aquarius man is definitely a sociable person. When not engaged in detailed observation, he prefers to be surrounded by interesting and unique people. He is often very outgoing at heart, and his many daily interactions help him discover those who need his help.

Although the Aquarius man is quite gregarious, he insists on keeping most of his friends at a distance, as he is aware of his vulnerable and sensitive side, except for the closest loved ones. For their part, Capricorn women are the opposite and are often quite introverted. Unlike the Aquarian man, she will not accept anyone who is interesting as a friend.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility:

If the two of you manage to make the important differences that exist between them, they become a positive point for the couple. If not, the relationship will be very stormy and it is likely that far from complementing each other, the two will end up completely exhausted

The way of approaching the life of a Capricorn is much more practical , impartial, consistent and firm. This means that both signs could help each other a lot and become a great team, although they could work better in the professional field, than in the sentimental one.

The two signs are influenced by Saturn, a stable planet, which brings calm and planning. The bad thing is that Aquarius, thanks to Uranus, feels the need to provoke others, force situations and question.

This can be a good thing, as Capricorn needs a push from time to time; and for Aquarians it is good to have someone who gives them stability. In addition, Capricorns are usually very cautious with money, and this is also an advantage for Aquarians, who tend to forget about their economy.

Capricorn women are born leaders and will even take the place of those signs who are also prone to leadership. Their way of being responsible defines them, leading them to exercise an admirable level of self-control in everything they do.

Although these women tend to be fiercely independent, their interests and desires are in keeping with tradition and family expectations. Aquarius men are equally independent, but they live their lives to help people.

Aquarius men are compassionate and overwhelming in appearance and emotionally distant. In addition to being mentally impulsive, they enjoy stimulating conversation, but they also have lots of shy and quiet moments.

The endless and annoying routines of Capricorn women are seen as boring by fun-loving Aquarius women, and they struggle to find someone to enjoy when they are together.

Despite the likelihood of conflict, Capricorn women and Aquarius men share some similarities that can smooth out apparent conflicts.

The most important thing is that neither of the two signs needs each other, which is beneficial, since both are characterized by being sweet people with sweet emotions. On the other hand, it can be said that both signs are completely honest and never try to represent themselves as something else.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman in Love:

Capricorn women are characterized by having values ​​and expectations that their potential romantic partners must meet in order to approach them. Her direct nature can be quite abrasive at times, and even condescending when in a bad mood.

In intimate relationships, the level of conflict can increase significantly. One of the problems is the extreme difference in sexual appetite. The Capricorn woman is quite voracious when it comes to sexual matters, and the Aquarius man is not. Your constant lack of passion anywhere and anytime is a recipe for disaster and dissatisfaction.

Regarding their intimate life , to achieve a high compatibility in their intimate relationships, both signs will have to take into account the very different characteristics of each other. Capricorn has a rather traditional approach to sex, while many Aquarians like to experiment.

Once the Aquarius man is in a loving and lasting relationship, his emotional side is revealed. This can create problems for the Capricorn woman who is not used to someone so emotionally distant. It is worth noting that emotions lurk behind each of your conflicts, you just have to learn to discuss them. Even though both signs are of shy engagement, you can take a breather if the relationship has gotten to this point. Once the Aquarius man and Capricorn woman are engaged, they do not take their word back and are loyal to the end. Therefore, communication will never be a problem for the couple, since they will say what they think when something goes wrong.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship Issues:

The weak point of this combination is the tendency for both signs to participate and get involved in a multitude of activities, which can distance them. It can lead them to spend little time in their relationship, which can cool the relationship and turn it into one devoid of emotion, romance and love. To overcome this obstacle, both signs will have to make an effort: Aquarius will have to be less independent and Capricorn will have to be more enthusiastic and adventurous.

Finally, Aquarius men and Capricorn women do not tend to oppress their partners and friends. Although the Capricorn woman may regret having a partner who is not as responsible as herself, she will never demand it or make her feel too much pain for the difference. For both of you, independence means the foundation for a relationship to work, but getting to that point will be difficult due to a double dose of shyness and lack of commitment.

Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Capricorn women and Aquarius men should not suffer too much when they work together in the same place. The Capricorn woman is extremely ambitious and will take on any challenge that comes her way. The Aquarius man is not very ambitious, but he works hard as long as he feels his work is meaningful.

The Aquarius man tends to cling to careers that allow him to help others or at least make use of his intellectual and creative capacity. Laziness will never be a factor in either sign.

Capricorn women excel as managers, even though their approach to getting things done is tough. They are freaks of discipline, and will not win much love from their subordinates, but things will always be completed on time and as the rules say.

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Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship:

Here they are in the Manhattan Central Park or in Kensington Gardens in London together listening to the orchestra. Or rather, he is listening, and she is making sketches in pastel. Doesn’t it sound so romantic, look so beautiful? Everything would be wonderful, if not for one trifle: there is no orchestra. The concert he is listening to sounds in his head. Therefore, when he begins to wave his hands in the rhythm of the drums, shake his head back and forth to the beat of the violins, beat the rhythm with his feet and quietly hum the motive, he will look a little strange.

To be honest to the end, she thinks he’s a crazy idiot. But since she is Capricorn and she has such graceful manners, she will blush a little, concentrate more on drawing and pretend that she has not noticed anything. She will flare up if he asks her to sing along or asks how she likes the drummer. Capricorn is not so easy to make fire. Something really unthinkable is required.

And the Aquarius man just might be like that. His strangeness may seem limitless, especially if you look at her with the calm eyes of a Capricorn girl. I think some readers will remember: in my first book I wrote that this is the only girl who can look at an ugly frog and know that this is actually an enchanted prince. Therefore, I must admit that if she is capable of such Love and faith, she can also decide that this capricious nature can be somehow saved and turned into a creature more similar to the type of husband and father that she considers ideal. Unless, of course, it turns out that it is worth it. Assuming that he has many other real virtues, she can pretend to hear a drummer and even sing along to him. But she will equally seek the opportunity to change it and gently show that she understands him, but more importantly, what other people think about all this. That is, you must always behave in such a way that you are respected.

She’s not right. Terribly wrong. This person does not care a bit whether they respect him or not. He has nothing against it, but he does not care. And from time to time it will be a stumbling block between them. The Aquarius man is highly individualistic, he may have outstanding ideas and opinions. And the Capricorn girl may be the same. The difference is that she keeps her ideas to herself, avoiding the mocking and rude judgments of outsiders, and he is never afraid to show his eccentricity. Since both have sensitive areas, they can understand each other.

Her world, unlike his world, is not made up. It is practical, illuminated by art (many Capricorns have a sense of beauty), inhabited by puppies, full of dreams of warm kitchens and families who sing Christmas songs together. Capricorn’s desires never go beyond what can be deserved. The world of Aquarius seems imagined, unreal to her, the impossible can happen there (and it usually happens), it is inhabited by creatures of any size and shape.

She will need to love his friends. This is a must for a woman who loves Aquarius. He is surprisingly devoted to his friends, but you must also remember that he can even call the doorman, whom he saw only once, his friend. Aquarius has a very vague understanding of friendship. Sometimes they are so scattered that they can imagine their wife like this: “My good friend, Eloise.”

As Capricorn girls become quiet, modest wives who are not particularly annoying, curious or demanding, it is easy to understand why she is so attracted to the Aquarius man. But she will not become so quiet, modest and undemanding that he can even forget about her existence. It is known that Aquarius is able to forget a lot, and that they are married, and therefore he should remind about this from time to time. No, he is not an unfaithful husband at all, he is simply surprised that he made a promise for life.

This man, I tell you, has a fad about promises. He hates them. This is a strange product of the directness inherent in Uranus. He thinks it’s stupid and ridiculous to say something when you’re not sure that you will think the same a week, month or year later. No one can be sure that he will not change, especially Aquarius, so why lie to someone? Most people born under this sign can’t stand it when they are accused of failing a friend or breaking their oath, so they will do everything they can to keep their promises.

This does not mean that there are few Aquarius who are faithful to their oath and stay with one woman all their lives. A lot of them. Some of them are really very fond of, but even those who are not too in love are reluctant to go for a divorce. The wife of Aquarius is rarely threatened by rivals. However, Aquarius is keenly interested in women, and he has a good reason for this. They make up half of humanity, and Aquarius are very interested in the problems of humanity as a whole. At first, he may not even notice that women are creatures of the opposite sex. This in no way speaks of his own sexlessness. It’s just not the main thing for him. Nevertheless, if a woman makes even the slightest effort, in most cases she will be rewarded with a devoted husband or a charming lover.

This is rather strange (but probably not), but the Aquarius man often causes attacks of jealousy in his girlfriend, even if it is a cold, unemotional Capricorn girl. Since a stranger can attract Aquarius at a glance, he can treat a stranger as a close friend. If the stranger is a woman, then his Capricorn wife may not understand that this does not mean anything.

The physical side of their relationship can be changing and unpredictable. Everything related to Aquarius is changing and unpredictable. His attitude toward sex can range from intense curiosity to impartial acceptance. Her attitude can range from the feeling that marital duty is indeed a duty, to the deep enjoyment of intimacy without any false modesty or pretense. None of them are likely to underestimate or overestimate sex. Both accept him as he is and are able to engage in it without excessive passion or emotional outbursts, although some Aquarius bring to the physical unity a shade of dream-like unreality. And some Capricorn women blush every time even when they think about their sexuality. In the field of sex, he can come up with something that she finds fascinating,

If one of them, the Moon is in a harmonious aspect with the Sun of another, then their physical union will be more than satisfactory. If the Sun and Moon of both are in opposition or in a square, then the fullness may be illusory. In any case, insurmountable spiritual hunger will not arise. The one that poets wrote about. Often the Capricorn girls rather slowly develop their sexual instincts, and the same can be said about many, but not all Aquarius. Therefore, the later they get married, the more they hope for a successful marriage.

The basis for disagreement may be her exaggerated devotion to her family or his refusal to respect decency in relation to neighbors and relatives. But they better focus on each other’s good qualities and not focus on small siege troubles and differences. The Capricorn woman can be surprisingly loving, emotional, steady and faithful, with a strong sense of moral responsibility. She rarely does something that hurts him, or puts her in an awkward position. This is true for all Capricorns, with the exception of the rare representatives of this sign who, in childhood, chose the wrong path and are not capable of romantic love, taking sexual love for granted, a kind of handshake.

As for the virtues of Aquarius as a father and husband, no one else can maintain intellectual interest for so long, and love begins with reason. That is, it begins with the mind for those born in the element of Air, like Aquarius. For those born in the elements of the Earth, like Capricorn, love begins with emotional stability. Aquarius is a little lacking in reliability and emotional security. But with the help of tolerance and patience from his girlfriend, he can learn this.

In Conclusion:

Relationships between Aquarius men and Capricorn women are meant to be difficult, but they are not without some redeeming situations. Patience and a willingness to extend a hand in the Aquarius man’s commitment can go a long way toward making a relationship work.

In the end, it’s a series of fundamental differences that end up making this couple more of a frustration than an achievement. For those who are already engaged, clear and direct communication will be the way to go. Women of the Capricorn sign do not like failure and men of the Aquarius sign care immensely about the feelings of their partners, so for them, no relationship is impossible.

The most compatible Capricorns with Aquarians are those whose years are between December 22 and January 1, while the most compatible Aquarians are those who meet between February 9 and 18.

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