Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

At first she feels that she is drawn to him, like a magnet. It seems to her that she almost disappeared into the depths of these dreamy Aquarius eyes, as if she were a light cloud in the Air of his expression. Being a Lioness, she naturally resists. But it is useless. She feels herself being swept away by the gentle blows of his charm, how she is lulled by the sweet music of his bagpipes. (To everyone else, the sounds of the bagpipe may seem a little menacing and harsh, but they are sweet if you are a Lion, as they remind you of the changing of the guard, parades in honor of the coronation, and so on.)

For a short while, everything appears in pink light and looks better than in a fairy tale. He acts like a true saint. Sometimes she is sure that she even sees a halo above his head, though quite strange in shape. (This is his aura, and the auras of Uranus are always strange in shape. They resemble an inverted pyramid with luminous edges framing triangular faces. Unusual. Unusual colors too. Something like amber-blue, intersected by black and white stripes.)

Strange, but almost the same thing happens at first with him. He feels compelled to walk barefoot on her purple velvet train, kissing diamonds on her tiara. He grows several feet taller, listening to her light breathing, and her languor and poise make him numb, then tremble. He, too, is sometimes sure that he sees her shining red and gold halo. (This is her Sun-shaped aura, sparkling and dazzling, enchanting and mesmerizing him.) She acted like the Queen of Angels. She purred like a kitten, and chirped like a hummingbird. She smiled like a dark red Cheshire cat, and laughed. She was the breath of Heaven, burning with passion, but cold …

Suddenly the sky turned gray, it became stuffy. Thunderclouds came running. A rainstorm similar to Niagara Falls, which would make Noah himself leave the ark, poured from his uranium jug, while his Air essence inflated a hurricane, and its Fire element blazed like a Lomlen fire. In short, their season of love is over. He became grumpy, tedious, mean and sarcastic. She became rude, important, mine and touchy. He decided that she was boring, and she – that he was ill-mannered. Everything is so sad … What happened?

It happened that their polarities were messed up. The signs of Leo and Aquarius are opposite on the Karmic ring of Life. Are they opposed to each other individualities, influenced by strong-willed, magnetism, and secondly, type vibrations? But the opposite attracts when the floor is also opposite, and this is the reason for the spousal race over a long distance. At least that’s what most people think. But they are wrong. The true goal of Love, matrimony and the coincidence of auras is to combine opposing forces in soft harmony, to combine the best and discard or weaken the worst. Simply put, she should not envy him, but rather try to adopt from him those qualities that she does not have. She would only benefit from this. He should also understand that there are qualities in her that would improve his life, if he tried to adopt them. That is the opposite. It does not mean opposition, but a connection for happiness. But there is always a danger that the Lioness and her Aquarius may lose their enthusiasm and inspired promise of their love or marriage, constantly trying to surpass each other at every turn. I can give advice: take and give. Do not give too much, but do not take too much. Only equals give submission and superiority will give you true equality. but don’t take too much. Only equals give submission and superiority will give you true equality. but don’t take too much. Only equals give submission and superiority will give you true equality.

Most Lionesses try to stay away from the Aquarius women, but the Lioness can inexplicably be attracted to the Aquarius man. He accepts life and people as easily as she would like (she only pretends to do so). Secretly, she realizes that her false pride too often hides the true inner warmth, and sometimes she would like to be able to relax without worrying about what they think about her. Next to this man, she wants to loose her hair and run, holding his hand, through the starry fields, both imaginary and real. She is jealous of the freedom of his depression, his ability to step back and become insensitive. Her own passions, usually under control, sometimes still control her actions, which she later regrets. How does he remain so cold indifferent to the tragedies of disappointment? Maybe,

The Aquarius man has always been puzzled by the fact that he cannot consider Lvov his friends (except, perhaps, for a pair of rare Lvivs whose Moon signs are in beneficial interaction with his native Sun). However, he is intrigued by the contradictions of the Lioness, this proud and arrogant Cat, which makes him wonder at how magical intellectual communication in private can be. Despite everything, she makes him wonder at love and admit that perhaps he was mistaken in driving emotions like “baby talk” that are not worthy of attention of an adult man. Ultimately, he feels an irresistible desire to become, as far as nature allows, a part of it, and this is a new experience for his heart, not to mention his body. He does not understand this, but since he is interested in any riddles, he, of course, will not leave it unresolved. The detective’s instinct makes him decisive, and he begins to look for the reasons for such a bewitching woman’s power over him. In the end, he concludes that he will find the answer only through possession of it.

So he does. And he discovers joy, shock, delight, ideal. Sentimental people, it turns out, are right! Amazing … Of course, he has to fight for it. She is still a Lioness, and the “big cat” does not give up until the man whom she loves proves to her her admiration. However, when she finally consecrates him to her knights, giving him her love and all of herself, their sexual pleasure will be perfect.

Often the Aquarius man is more relaxed and gentle with the Lioness woman than anyone, even he himself, would have thought. Also, the Lioness often realizes that she can enjoy love with a man-Aquarius, without restraining the dormant feelings in her soul. She intuitively knows that this man will not make her laugh and will not look down at her if she is honest with him during intimacy. Thus, their physical unity can firmly bind them, forcing again and again to seek peace after quarrels. Mutual desire, when it is deep and persistent enough, is a powerful healer of ordinary wounds and grievances.

Nevertheless, although excellent sexual compatibility is a beautiful frame of love for any man and woman, sex alone is not enough to ensure lasting happiness. These two will have to concede and adapt to be together, otherwise her original passion will gradually turn into ice, and his tenderness and elemental response to her warmth and sunny nature will degenerate into a dreamy indifference typical of him.

A lioness needs to compliment from time to time, making it clear that the man she loves values ​​her. A lioness, hungry for admiration and attention, becomes as dangerous as a real hungry lioness. Hunger is hunger, and it can make anyone behave extraordinarily. The natural tenderness of the Aquarius man makes the woman with whom he is madly in love play a “guessing game.” He is hinting. He offers. He opens his mind to her (which he almost never does with other people) and believes that this will convince her how much he needs it and how much more he needs it than he can express. But this does not work. She does not like riddles, because she is straightforward and arrogant. There is nothing to be done, he will have to learn to express his feelings if he wants to keep her. It will not be easy since compliments and courtship are a complex science for the Aquarius man. He feels awkward, expressing the deepest feelings and emotions in words. It’s easier for him to laugh it off. Perhaps he will write her a poem or song, but his ardent speech embarrasses him, sometimes even hurts him.

She should try to understand that this man with his unpredictable and eccentric behavior is a special human being. He will not give his love to anyone. Even the fact that he said “I love you” even once, should make her understand that he is serious in his attitude to her. She does not need to force him to repeat the words of love in order to prove his allegiance. What was once said is true for him until he renounces his words. The repetition of words, deeds or thoughts seems to this man, whose mind is constantly turned to the future, and not to the past, a monstrous waste of time. He also refers to the words “thank you”, “please” and “not at all”, which they tried to make him repeat a hundred times a day in childhood. He does not see the point. There are other ways

He may try to explain it to her somehow at midnight or on a clear day, depending on when such an idea suddenly comes to his mind. “You see,” he will say softly and calmly, “it doesn’t matter what people say. It is important what they do.” If she is wise in the way that Sun-controlled ones can be wise, she will smile back at him and say, “I understand.” And he will never forget the moment when he tried to make her see and understand it, since he would probably never repeat it. Aquarians open their soul very rarely, and only for a moment. If you are too busy or overwhelmed with self-pity, the opportunity will be missed forever.

A person can choose a dog (or even a squirrel, or a snake), and the animal will touchingly touch him and will be grateful for the fact that he was given home warmth and taken to him. But you know what cats say. The cat itself chooses its owner. And he does this only after deciding that you deserve such an honor. You should be happy that she allows you to caress her and scratch her ear, if you want her to stay with you and purr, decorating your house. Aquarius should remember that his Lioness argues in much the same way.

As for any doubts of the female Leo regarding her unpredictable, eccentric and unusual male Aquarius, he may be a little crazy, but this helps him to isolate himself from the outside world and not bring his share of madness into it. When she thinks about it for a moment, she will understand. And her sunny smile will return, and just in time: he was already freezing alone without her. But he would never admit it to her. He would just turn away and leave, boldly whistling, remembering that she called him absent-minded when he forgot to bring her a present for her birthday or wedding anniversary. After all, she had forgotten – he once told her that he loved her.

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