Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility (85%, good): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility (85%, good)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility
Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

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Aquarius + Leo = Air + Fire

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility
Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

The compatibility between Leo and Aquarius is high.

Aquarius men and Leo women are karmic love partners in the zodiac for all the right reasons. For astrological signs, their best combinations are often opposite signs that share their core values.

These two signs are extreme optimists as well as extreme extroverts, it’s almost impossible to knock down the moods of this star-crossed couple. The desire for all things fun and exciting often brings out the childish side of both Aquarius men and Leo women.

Aquarius men thrive when there are no limits, and Leo women simply aren’t interested in having more than they have. The result is unbridled happiness with no one to scold or judge them for their actions.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Love Compatibility

A Leo-Aquarius couple will have to focus all their efforts on combining their talents and working together, to achieve common goals. Together they make a formidable team. Confronted they would exhaust each other and eventually tire of the relationship.

The designated Aquarian man is a free thinker, making it much more difficult for an Aquarian to allow himself to be seduced by the spontaneous and lustful fires of his Leo partner.

For these signs, passion is usually strong and long-lasting. These characteristics are what often excite them, adding of course the physical nature of Leo. 

This does not mean sadness for his sex life, but it will mean that the Leo woman will have to do what he does best, be a leader to show the way.

Despite all the struggle an Aquarius man can put up to avoid committing, once he does, it is forever. This is due to their high sense of loyalty and secrecy. Aquarius men make no decisions lightly and remain an open book ready to be discovered by their beloved partner.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Friendship

Personality traits can vary completely from one Aquarian to another, but they will all be surprised if you take the time to get to know them. Both signs stand out for their intelligence, so it is unlikely that there is much that they cannot appreciate together.

Leo women are quite direct and fun friends, concentrating everything that is needed for a friendship to grow and flourish. Leo women have a fierce desire for leadership, but that can take a backseat as long as they make her feel more important than others.

Aquarius men and Leo women work very well together, this is because they know they can benefit from teamwork. If the Leo woman joins her Aquarian companion in their humanitarian activities, she will be filling her need to be generous, kind and, of course, appreciated.

On the other hand, the Leo woman’s ability to attract crowds and friends ensures that the Aquarius man never feels lonely, bored, or deprived of opportunities to stimulate conversation. Friendships between these two signs come easily, but getting an Aquarius man into a marriage can be challenging.

To achieve this, the Leo woman must give her the necessary security of knowing that she will still have her freedom. If you manage to do this, he will see you how he sees everyone else.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Compatibility in Work

Aquarians are very autonomous and love to do things in their own way. Their intelligence causes them to be benevolent towards their co-workers if they are firmly sure that other suggestions are inferior to the standard model. 

They love helping others, with teamwork and solo projects they deliver with fervor and passion when work is challenging.

Among these things, those born in the sign of Leo yearn to be recognized for their leadership and knowledge. 

They have a desire for glory, above all, for their ability to lead as a team. her quality of being loving and fair prevents her from abusing her power, adapting well to her leadership. 

Strong criticism will shake both of you regardless of your flashing temperament will not be a particular result.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Problems and Breakup

It will be important for them to control their ego – especially Leo since this sign tends to be jealous of those who are more prominent than him.

It would be important that they do not compete with each other, because a relationship of force between them would be very difficult to stop. 

Aquarians can get irritated by Leo’s desire to be a leader, while Leo can be bothered by the distance, which Aquarians sometimes need to put in the couple, so as not to feel trapped in a relationship.

Leo is a fire sign and is more spontaneous and emotional in his responses than Aquarius. And yet he has a very conservative side that clashes with Aquarius’ rebellion. 

Both tend to be convinced that they are right, so it is essential that they try to resist the temptation to impose themselves and it is necessary that they reach an agreement.

Aquarius men are too independent to be bothered by feeding their ego to a reasonable level. As value-driven intellectuals, they understand that everyone has needs, and they cannot be blamed for their nature.

Men of this sign are lovers of freedom, and therefore have no desire to tame it. The lust and desire of a Leo woman can push too soon for the thoughtful Aquarius man to handle it.

In Conclusion

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman ( 85% Compatible)

Aquarius and Leo Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Leo Emotional Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Leo Communication Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Leo Trust Percentage70%
Aquarius and Leo Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Leo Common Interests80%
Aquarius and Leo Overall Compatibility Percentage85%

The Water Bearer and the Fire Woman seamlessly intertwine like pieces of a puzzle. However, both have their flaws, it is easy for them to absolve any errors by this duality of intense passion. 

Aquarians require work to get there in the long run, there are few men who can resist the charm and grace of a lioness.

At this point, the positives outweigh the negatives, reaching a result that this combination makes it easier for them to keep the peace as long as they are not dependent on the actions of the other. 

Those born in the Leo sign are fierce and independent, in turn Aquarius is lovers of flying freely, they do not find greater joy being like that. This direction of team life is satisfactory for them, giving them greater stability and happiness as couples.

The most compatible Leos for a lasting relationship with the Aquarius sign are those, who are born between July 23 and August 4 and August 15 and 23. The most compatible Aquarians are those, who are born between February 9 and 19.

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