Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Pisces = Air + Water

The compatibility between Pisces and Aquarius is not very high

these two signs of the zodiac there is a good karmic bond to start building a relationship. At first, they may feel like they are an oddly different couple due to their highly volatile personalities. He is a distant philosopher and she is an emotional romantic. She wants security, while he is very retired. Having a common approach to the universe and a sense of detachment can reach an energetic bond where the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman manage to end up bringing out the best in each other.

Aquarius Man – The Idealistic Thinker

Aquarians are extremely happy people who are often lost in their own thoughts about their role in society. This dreamer is full of ideas of how he can improve the world and make it a safer place. He defines himself by these ideals. He aspires to connect with others who have the same ideal as him.

These signs appear to be dazed and distracted, the Aquarius man respects above all loyalty to the people around him, becoming a loyal partner. He is afraid of making a hasty commitment as they take time to make decisions that influence his emotional life, but, once he has chosen a woman, he will safeguard his love and be faithful to her until the end. He is enormously trustworthy with his feelings. Once an Aquarius man has set his mind to something, he will keep his promises.

Pisces Woman – The Empathetic Listener

Every woman is sensitive and instinctive, but the Pisces woman goes further. She sees the world with a bit of naivety always observing the best in everything. Her listening quality allows her to be receptive to new ideas and knowledge, even if they are a bit exotic or unconventional. They are very empathetic, they are often deeply affected by the feelings and moods of those around them, affecting their daily life and social relationships.

One of the Piscean qualities is being able to adapt and use all your potential to excel. She longs for a very confident partner that she can believe in and be inspired by. Looking to get a deep connection with her romantic partner that makes her feel safe. But this is not all Pisces also requires a man who can understand his independent nature and his need for solitude as an individual.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility:

And for a relationship to be lasting, there will have to be a solid foundation of love and understanding, as well as a lot of interest on the part of both signs. However, the compatibility for a friend relationship is higher.

Aquarius may be unable to indulge and pamper Pisces as he needs to. On the other hand, trust could be a problem , especially at the beginning of a relationship, when both signs want to share secrets of their past.

Both Aquarius and Pisces have a very positive and constructive attitude towards life and do not usually judge people, which will help them in their relationship. Pisces is a dreamer , who uses intuition to make decisions; while Aquarius tends to be much more practical , analytical and logical, being able to foresee situations and make decisions, even for third parties.

The two signs are usually ahead of the times in which they live and both tend to have a way of being very different from that of the others. Pisces is very compassionate, while Aquarius is able to distance himself from problems to be operative.

Pisces is very affected by problems and can find himself blocked. In this sense, both signs can be complementary, but it is very likely that Pisces will end up needing more support and that Aquarius will feel asphyxiated by so much need.

Aquarius is interested in global ideas and world activities, while Pisces is much more concerned with emotions and personal fulfillment.

From a positive point of view, Pisces is one of the few signs of the Zodiac that understands Aquarius, while Aquarius is attracted to the mystical side of Pisces. This is important, especially in the beginning of the relationship . The influence that Venus exerts on Pisces makes the intimate relationship between these two signs very satisfactory, for both of them and both like to experience new sensations.

The moment these signs share glances, they feel the cosmic connection of affinity, allowing the universe itself to act. Their vision of the world and the values ​​that should govern them are similar, leading them to think that with just a few minutes of seeing each other, they have known each other for a lifetime. They faithfully believe in positivism in seeing the best part of people and how to save the planet, their self-denial towards others. It leads them to believe that not all share the same ideals, that is why when an Aquarian and a Piscean get together the universe applauds them.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman in Love:

Pisces is the most flexible sign and your ability to intuit will be essential for this combination to be successful in the long term . In this sense, you will have to learn to trust Aquarius and not feel rejected when Aquarius performs activities alone or in the company of others. While Aquarius needs some freedom to feel comfortable in a relationship, Pisces enjoys the presence of her partner so much that it is difficult for her not to consider the Aquarian way of being as a rejection

However, the more time you spend together, the more likely you are to enjoy a long-term relationship. They are the last two signs of the Zodiac and as such, they represent the accumulated experiences of all the signs, which are placed before them. Sometimes when an Aquarius and a Pisces get together, their relationship is clandestine at first for some cultural or family reason.

The Aquarian man, by his very nature of being cautious, and Pisces, because of his affinity with feelings, usually have confrontations in intimacy, although these disagreements can be solved with talk and time to get to know each other. Being the most independent sign Aquarius, he becomes very quiet about his feelings, and this is usually reflected in his sexual life, while at the same time he inhibits himself in the process to open up, taking a little longer than usual, reaching the point that it seems a being without emotions.

Many times these attitudes lead him to a dead end, making him a subject of continuous discussion between the two, unlike Pisces who puts his feelings first.

To solve this problem, the Pisces women must be the Venus de Milo of the aquarium, helping him to feel confident and free himself from those voices in his head that prevent him from loosening up and having intimacy, she has to use her great auditory potential to achieve that sexual connection that so much yearns for aquarium, having in his favor the patience and tranquility that he possesses.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Relationship Issues:

For these two worthy ones, the little things in life have a great impact on their relationship since it is not the big problems that explode but the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Aquarians tend to plan their large projects leaving aside the daily tasks that, although not very important, are accumulated to the point of forgetting to pay the utility bills.

For his part, Pisces is navigating his own thoughts and this can make him forget about housework. The family project is the integration of two personal missions to become one, and this can transform into anarchy. The Aquarian man and the Piscean woman want to delight in their coincidence in other functions, so they have to find a way to share the basic functions of a family nucleus to have peace of mind as a couple.

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Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Relationship:

Believe me, the Pisces girl instinctively immediately understands what is often missed by less sensitive and insightful persons. Despite his strangeness, his unconditionally mysterious behavior, the fact that his ears move so funny, despite his distractedness and some distant expression of eyes, this man was born under the influence of a male sign, which is also controlled by the male planet. Besides all this, he is an idealist, defender of the weak. No one is better for the role of a male than a male Aquarius. He is able to show great courage in an extreme situation and, therefore, has all the necessary qualities to protect his lady from danger at any moment. He is a real man, one of those who make women in films faint.

Everything turns out just fine when his distant gaze accidentally falls on a Neptunian girl. A magnificent and clear contrast to his masculinity is her femininity. Do not forget, Pisces is a female sign and is ruled by a female planet.

How can one not recall the polarity and attraction of opposites? These two usually begin to feel the effect of basic natural magnetism just a few minutes after they meet. If there is such a woman who is able to distract Aquarius from his hobbies, observation of people, and all kinds of research and switch his interest to research of a personal nature, and at a deeper level, then this, of course, is a Pisces girl.

Aquarius men, as I mentioned, are usually not too fixated on the relationship between the sexes. However, Aquarius, when he meets the Pisces girl, can suddenly become acutely aware of his sexuality, and this will make him behave very strange. That is, it is more strange than usual, which means that it is really extremely strange. Because of this, it may seem to her that she is directly unpleasant to him.

But she should not rush to conclusions. Yes, when she dropped her white Angora sweater, he walked over it with dirty boots. Yes, he inflated a paper bag and slapped it over her ear, and then laughed hysterically when she asked if he had paid attention to her new perfume. He paid attention to them. Turned, turned! Therefore, he inflated the bag and slapped it. He did this to take his hands, because he really wanted to gently touch her cheek. But only the slobber behave this way. But he does not slob. Such nonsense is for sentimental romantics, but not for him. But wait a moment. He will come to his senses.

Pisces girl, who falls asleep in tears, because the Aquarius man with whom she is in love is indifferent to her (how carefully his indifference is calculated!), As if she completely repels him (in fact, she attracts him so much that he forgot what year it is now) tears in vain. He loves her. But he is not one to give up quickly.

These two will make love on an intellectual level. Actually, right during the honeymoon. Yes, they already got to their honeymoon. As soon as the girl, ruled by Neptune, decides the romantic pretense of this man, stops crying and begins to seduce, he has no chance to escape. On their honeymoon, they can spend a lot of time trying to find answers to stupid questions. For example: if you count the time from each hour of birth with a greater and greater difference, at a certain pace, after what time will the hours and minutes on the dial of their birth become the same? They will solve this problem for a long time, each in their own way, until she smiles at him dreamily and purrs, that any time is suitable for making love. His ears will turn red, he will smile and turn off the light …

Usually in a single chapter so early in the N6 I described the physical relationship between pairs of different schemes of the Solar Signs, but for a man who is courageous to the bone marrow and a woman endowed with an unusual femininity from birth, this begins quickly. There is no need to make them both blush (both blush very easily) by painting in detail all the joys of their sexual compatibility. Everything happens as Nature intended, which means it is easy and harmonious. Only if there is tension between their luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) or some other negative planetary position at birth, can this pair have any difficulties. I think we will stop here, because both Pisces and Aquarius can not stand even the slightest encroachment on the secrets of their personal lives.

Of course, this is not entirely honest on their part, because she is able to learn a lot about everyone she meets only thanks to her hypersensitive perception, and he can literally just one word uttered by a person at a meeting, learn a lot about him.

From time to time, not being perfect, a Pisces woman may inadvertently do something that will cause the unpredictable Aquarius to explode. No Aquarius suffers from an excess of restraint. Instead of not paying attention to the skirmishes, knowing about the hypersensitivity of this woman, he will stop at nothing to prove his case. And only after they spend several years together, he learns to deal more carefully with her tender heart, and she will understand that he loves her no matter what. But before they both learn everything, they will hurt each other a lot.

As in any scheme 2-12, she is more tolerant of him than others, because for her he represents the twelfth house of Karma, in which she herself was recently, not only does not like to remember this. In her present existence, she passed the highest level and learned to take a lot on faith. But she remembers the traps of her Uranian experience and sympathizes with him, because all this is familiar to her higher essence. She represents for him the next lesson in human development, which he has to learn, but he is not sure that he wants it. But occasionally he still comprehends this science, looking into the eyes of his beloved.

Unless Venus is flawed at her birth, the typical Pisces woman is spared the torment of jealousy tormenting some of her astrological sisters. She will rarely suspect him of infidelity, and this alone smooths out many of the rough edges in their relationship. Although this man is especially nothing to suspect (except, of course, cases of disharmonious Venus or Mars in his horoscope), because a typical Aquarius man finds quite vivid feelings in a relationship with one woman. Romantic love and physical passion are very pleasant, he has nothing against them, especially since he has already explored both of them, but it is unlikely that he will focus his efforts on them to the detriment of all the other pleasures that they receive together.

It’s wonderful to love a genius and be loved by him! Life may be a little crazy, but it will never be boring and monotonous.

In Conclusion:

Aquarius leads with his reasoning and Pisces with the emotions of his heart. Just as a balance is balanced, they can create a symbiosis with each other by solidifying a pair correlation.

His sentimentality keeps his feet on the ground, preventing him from getting lost in his own thoughts. In turn, he gives her that security of stability that she needs. Both are coupled to establish a strongly secured nucleus without implying the need to depend on each other without taking away their freedom as individuals.

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