Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman love compatibility

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman ( 80% Compatible)

Aquarius and Sagittarius Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage80%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility Percentage80%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Communication Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Trust Percentage60%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Common Interests80%
Aquarius and Sagittarius Overall Compatibility Percentage80%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius = Air + Fire

The compatibility between Sagittarius and Aquarius is quite high and if both of you put in a little effort, chances are that your relationship will be long and happy.

Every relationship that arises between an air sign and a fire sign lives predestined to be entertaining and exciting. These two zodiacal elements are lovers of personal liberation, having a minimum autonomy that is often incompatible with different signs.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Friendship

Making new friends and keeping them is a quality that the sign of Sagittarius is easily given. Charity and its essential splendor render many dull in its presence. It is a magnet to attract colleagues who share the same reckless adventures, it warmly welcomes all those who are looking for a friendship.

Sagittarians have a high degree of loyalty and without hesitation help their friends no matter what the cost. He will never abandon his low-adventure companions as Gemini who will unhesitatingly seek the highest degree of attention for the most exciting and mysterious people. 

Aquarians are equally extremely communicative and comfortably radiate friendship, in the same way as for Sagittarius.

The Aquarius man tries to evade the signs that need an overdose of emotion as it creates a degree of difficulty for him to bond and strives to give him the support they require or expect to have from them.

He maintains a level of security of his feelings for those closest to him, in case you try to stay in his small circle of friendship it will cost you at first and it is not easy. Unlike Sagittarius, Aquarius creates his independence to be alone for moments which his friends and new friends will have to respect.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship

Here we find a basic compatibility, being attracted and motivated to worship the same attributes that they have reflected in other people, which means a composition to raise the foundation on which to build a relationship. 

Aquarius is charitable, emotionally sensitive, being misjudged by the lack of emotional expression that he radiates to his surroundings. 

Transmitting emotions is not his strength, likewise, to know who Aquarius is and what he feels, it is advisable to start a rich conversation where he feels motivated, so they can know what he feels, normally he walks his own path rejecting the impositions that others put However, tenacity represents you hurting yourself.

He is usually severe with his values ​​and will not bend in what he believes, appreciating individual freedom he will never impose things on others. Its reason for being is self-denial with those who need it, being considerably unconditional with all those it makes contact with. 

The days that he is not to the rescue of those who need him, he comforts himself with his friends planning old adventures and exciting adventures, once you meet this zodiac sign you will feed on his humility, friendship and compassion for the world around him.

Like all Sagittarius women, she has a radical thinking on which she bases that norms and limitations are for those who settle for little. The Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, they are usually reckless and fiery like a sun, as indomitable as a raging fire, due to the element of their sign. 

She always wants fun and romance. She loves people who join her adventures, taking into account that she does not like a person who is attached to her all the time, she greatly respects the personal space of each person.

The Sagittarius level of sincerity is usually without anesthesia, speak what you think deep in your heart regardless of the consequences. Having zero degrees of malice, he likes to distribute his time with his companions. 

She runs away from monotony as this extinguishes the adventurous flame that she possesses, facing the changes and challenges that come her way along the way, giving them her best face of joy. 

There is only one way to indulge a Sagittarius and that is to strike a balance between being lovingly attentive and giving his personal freedom without invading his individuality.

She is sparkling and cheerful, being an excellent companion for the aquarium, reflecting that they share optimism to the fullest. 

The attribute that passes on the table of Sagittarius women is that they are dedicated to the goals that are projected, and until they do not meet them they do not rest, they will never give up until they have the desired result for them.

They are two very similar signs – extroverts, sociable and adventurous. They love fun, they are very spontaneous, they are not overly emotional or sentimental and they know how to give and enjoy a certain freedom within the couple.

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius like to keep up to date and talk about events in the realm of politics, culture and the world in general. They both love long conversations, exchanging ideas, mutually benefiting from each other’s intelligence.

Sagittarius tends to be more philosophical and purposeful than Aquarius, while Aquarius is more adaptable than Sagittarius. While Sagittarius has a great capacity to take initiatives, Aquarius offers the perseverance and determination to carry them out.

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius have very busy social agendas, because they love meeting new and varied people. They probably participate in the same clubs or gyms and it is very possible that they meet through an interest or activity that they carry out in common.

Aquarius and Sagittarius couples are usually very creative, because Aquarius ideals come together with knowledge of Sagittarius. They achieve a level of communication and understanding unusual for them in combinations with other signs. 

The two share a great enthusiasm for life and are by nature optimistic and supportive.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

The intimacy between these two signs usually has a degree of difficulty, but it will not be impossible, once they achieve it, the degree of satisfaction is so great that it will only be left to enjoy each moment.

This fire sign aspires for a better half that fills it with feeling, love and tenderness, Aquarians are not exactly the kind of people who hope to demonstrate those feelings nor will they demand themselves to achieve it. 

They struggle with commitment and will only give their love to whom it may concern.

It is a matter of taking the first step so that Sagittarius can gain confidence and feel at ease with this sign. 

The other signs appreciate clear and straightforward, virtuous and constant communications, which is paramount in any relationship. It is for this reason that the imaginative power of Aquarius is fundamental with the fiery ardor of the Sagittarius woman, which will generate more intimate relationships that will never be boring and predictable.

The intimate need of Sagittarius is often acute, physically she wants to feel loved and caressed at each end of her body, knowing what Aquarius is like, she has that exotic thought that turns on any man of this zodiac sign. 

Most importantly, you both have to offer each other loyalty and judgment in the face of the freedom and personal space you both adore.

These are firsts that you must always keep in mind for the relationship to work or fail.

Their intimate relationships are exciting, because while Aquarius is innovative, Sagittarius loves to conduct new experiments.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Problems and Breakup

The weak point of this combination stems from one of the commonalities, which the two signs share: their desire to retain a degree of independence and freedom within the relationship. 

While at the beginning it may turn out to be a relief for both of you, that this need is not only understood but shared by your partner, it is important that you develop common projects and share elements of your “freedom” together, because otherwise it is possible that over time they distance themselves, unaware of it until it is too late.

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