Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Let’s start with Uranus, who controls a man in this pair. And not because this planet is stronger than Jupiter, the patron saint of women. Uranus controls electricity and light, and nothing can be invented faster than this (except, perhaps, the mood of Sagittarius). The Aquarius man is always an inventor, no matter what he does. If he is a gardener, he can design hanging gardens. Moreover, they will hang from the most unusual places. For example, with a chandelier in the living room. If he is a plumber, he can figure out how to connect a dishwasher to a TV so that you can watch a movie, making dirty dishes in the sink in the evening, because for some reason there was laziness yesterday. If he works in a library, he will compile a catalog in a very peculiar, but, in his opinion, highly intelligent way. For example, he will place love affairs under the letter “

Once I wrote scripts for a radio station, and once with me the sports news anchor was in a quandary. He could not find a music saver for his ten minute program. Aquarius, who was in charge of the collection of records on the radio station, put it back on the shelf inattentively and went home. Confusion and confusion! And until the air thirty seconds. Since the topic was called “The Victory March at Notre Dame,” the host naturally began to look for the missing drive under the letter “M”. He was not there. In desperation, he watched “H” (Notre Dame) and “P” (Victory). To no avail. I will never forget, while I am alive, that touching and noble expression on the sweaty face of the unfortunate presenter, when I rushed to the studio a second before the broadcast and handed him a miraculously discovered record. Following a crazy hunch I checked the box for the letter “B” (Irish War). Of course, the record was there! The next day, the librarian Aquarius could not understand, because of what, in fact, was a commotion? And where else could this disc be placed? Isn’t that the most logical place?

A man under the rule of Uranus is extraordinarily inventive, he constantly appears with some new idea that has never occurred to anyone (at least in this solar system). He possesses both a sharp and capricious mind and thinks in an extremely original way, but does not always fit into modern science. Naturally! Aquarius lives tomorrow morning, so why on earth should he care about today’s rules? This, perhaps, has its own logic. Modern scholars insist that everything be proved and confirmed by indisputable facts, and without this there is nothing to talk about. Aquarius subconsciously understands that it is necessary to accept the idea, and only then give evidence. A different approach, from his point of view, only puts everything upside down. And if we did not have Aquarius, we, perhaps, would still live in the cave age.

Well, now let the Sagittarius girl come in, just not too fast so as not to trip over the flower garden arranged by Aquarius in the hallway. Here is the first reason for a quarrel. Although she, of course, gives secret pleasure to his extraordinary ideas and strange behavior. It was his unpredictability that conquered her from the very first meeting. It was raining that day, and he offered her his umbrella. Imagine, she found that the umbrella is covered in holes: he does not like rain, but he even likes a little rain. You won’t believe it, but she also made tiny holes in her own umbrella! Of course, there is a lunatic in it, but it is extremely contagious, and there is no vaccine for this.

There will be moments when she forgets that at first his quirks seemed to her solid virtues, and she would see only their negative side. At such moments, she is capable of firing at him with a whole hail of striking arrows of truth (or what seems to her truth at that very moment). Then she will regret it – when she has time to think it over, and even ask for forgiveness. Most likely, he will forgive her – that is not the point. And the fact that he can lead her into confusion by the fact that he completely forgot what it was … He forgot? He was so angry that he poured a bottle of glue on her head! How could he forget? No matter how. Just Aquarians do not clutter up the head with information that is no longer needed. After all, it takes in the head the place necessary for really important things.

Sagittarius woman has the liveliness and courage that make the heart of a man Aquarius beat faster than usual. He is deeply moved by her open, friendly manners, as well as her obvious sincerity. She prefers to be herself in everything. She is a script, not a fake. He likes such people the most. He asked her to be his friend, and this is the most sincere invitation she ever received from a man, because Aquarius values ​​friendship more than most modern people appreciate love. So, getting an offer to become his friend is almost the same as getting an offer to get married from a man of another Solar sign. Perhaps even better. It’s just great when lovers are also friends.

Since she herself is friendly, she believes that this is exactly what human relations should be, and here she will be frustrated more than once. Her negative experience is unlikely to drown her enthusiasm or deprive her of optimism, but he added her doubts inherent in skeptics. No matter how bitter, even tragic, her personal experience, hatred or resentment for life is not for her (with the exception of very strong disharmonies in the map of her birth), but she is the woman who is not easy to convince and who doubts and therefore asks questions. She is full of doubts and interest in life, politics, architecture, cinema, books, advertising, biology, zoology, ecology – and most of all towards religion. It ranges from true religiosity to absolute atheism and vice versa, and is doomed to the eternal search for truth. She has the gift of providence about which sometimes she herself does not suspect. She will not deceive anyone, including herself. For all her idealism, she prefers to see things as they are, and to deal with reality, not with illusions. True, she can startlingly contradict herself, because she was born under a dual sign.

The Aquarius man will often agree with her opinion, rather than reject it. He also recognizes reality, not illusions, though his reality may be an illusion, and the fact that others call fantasy may turn out to be true reality … And she, inspired, will ask him questions … A new concept, as always, excites her inquisitive, lively mind.

They can enjoy philosophical nocturnal discussions, because Aquarius men do not differ in their focus on the sexual aspect of human relations. But if some erotic idea was once accidentally sown in the consciousness of Uranus, it will give a variety of, sometimes bizarre shoots. However, beautiful. Like wild flowers.

Sagittarius woman can quickly get bored with prosaic love, deprived of imagination, ordinary and mundane. Aquarius, no doubt, will not disappoint her.

Their love will never be down to earth. Air inflates the flame of passion, and sometimes even a slight blow is enough. And her Fire is able to turn his airy indifference into the abyss of desire. They respond fondly to the soaring spirit of the partner, these man and woman. Both of them know: sex can be fun … and sublime. Their intimate relationships are unpredictable – like a playful breeze … like soft silence or snowfall in the depths of the forest … And suddenly it can turn into a clown, and he can become a whole circus with monkeys, trapezes, lounges and a gallery. Then back to the snow flakes … And Good Morning will pour at midnight.

There will be moments when his wrath of Uranus will strike from the blue sky with lightning. There will be other moments when her wide temper of Jupiter will turn into rage, and she will simply bombard him with accusations. But he, with his Aquarian logic, will convince her that everything is fine! She will thaw, pack, a picnic basket, and they will go into the forest to look for a murmuring stream, make a fire and tell each other incredible stories, leaning against a surprised tree and eating up pastries.

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