Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When a Aquarius man helplessly plunges into the Water element of a Scorpio woman because she charmed him with the secrets of her “depths”, he cannot help but be surprised that he really wants to be surrounded by this amazing green world of romantic obscurity, where he never knows, will find innumerable treasures or step on a ramp. Besides, what if he doesn’t find his way home? The depths of the Scorpio ocean are always mobile, volatile, deceptive.

In addition, he really wants to know what is happening there, on the surface of the ocean and on land. After all, water is not his element.

However, the Aquarius man, even if he managed to get along with this world around them, sooner or later may find that his patience is running out. Scorpios are prone to possessiveness in love, and Aquarius simply do not want to be owned for a long time. Nevertheless, if his intriguing magnetic girl really cherishes him, he will soon realize that being property is better than not being it, and that he will offend her by demanding too much freedom. Then she will cease to be interested in where and what he is doing, and may even behave as if he had died at all. There is no point knocking on the door, ringing her on the phone or writing letters. He is no more. And she does not communicate with ghosts. The deep cold of an angry or wounded Scorpio – this is difficult for Aquarius to bear.

Of course, her icy detachment, perhaps pretense, her defense against greater resentment, a way to teach him a memorable lesson. Sometimes she herself drives herself into a dead end by the fact that, even feeling that her revenge has gone too far, she can neither stop nor turn back. And then the Aquarius man is simply obliged to help her. He has an amazing talent for destroying anything: traditions, conventions. He will be able to get her out of the impasse, and they will set sail again, this time not forgetting caution. Both must learn this lesson. She will have to understand that he can hardly stand strong emotions and self-discipline – not his dignity. And it would be nice for him to never forget that behind the calm appearance of this woman lies an emotional volcano, and the harder it is in her heart, the serene her face.

Aquarius never wears masks. If he is really upset, she will see it right away. However, although he may not use a mask to hide his volatile emotions, Aquarius loves to amaze people. He does not always talk about what he thinks, and there are several reasons for this. Sometimes thoughts flash in his head so quickly that he does not even have time to really grasp them, not just what to express. In other cases, he wisely abstains because he feels that in a few minutes he will change his decision or opinion. It also happens that he keeps his thoughts to himself, because he secretly likes to see her surprise when he suddenly speaks or does something unusual.

She can complain for weeks about the shabby appearance and poor performance of the machine without receiving a single word of support or sympathy from him, and his distant look will show that he does not even hear it. But one wonderful morning she looked out of the window to see what the weather was like, and a new car of her favorite color materialized in the front yard overnight. When she runs up to hug and thank him, he pretends not to know how she got there.

Some call Aquarius crazy, but a Scorpio woman who loves her Aquarius will say that this is complete emancipation and freedom of expression, which she so lacks. Scorpios lead their personal lives as they want, refusing to adapt to someone else’s concepts of decent behavior. Yet Pluto does not allow her to reveal her true emotions, to express her deepest feelings, while at the same time encouraging her to behave independently and despise any control over her actions. The latter quality is one of the reasons for the mutual sympathy of the Eagle and Aquarius. A man ruled by Uranus also despises the demands of generally accepted morality. The difference is that everyone knows about his independence, and her independence is usually shown only behind closed doors. In public, she will grumble because of his tricks, and left face to face,

The vengeful need of this woman to even the score may prove to be years later after the offense inflicted on her, because Scorpio is ready for an infinitely long time to wait for a convenient opportunity.

Their relationship may not be built on what attracted them to each other when they first met. More likely, it will be some other connection, a strange and unusual mutual interest, perhaps some common duty or obligation, or work. She will approve of his humane ideals, but may wish that he pay more attention not to their dissemination, but to her personally. Gradually, the relationship will reach a higher level of emotionality, and passion will not be far off. He should know that Scorpio sexuality is deep and strong, but does not necessarily lead to illegibility, as he could hear. The girl-Scorpio, who was offended, can engage in casual relationships, because she was shocked by the infidelity of the man whom she loved with all her Soul (or thought she loved). A typical Scorpio woman treats sex almost like a religion,

She should know that the relationship of Aquarius to the proximity of a man and a woman borders on a distant curiosity. Even after a gradually deepening acquaintance strengthens their mutual need for each other and increases physical attraction, she believes that this man becomes a much better lover when she proves to him that she is his friend in every way. Aquarius will give all of himself only to a woman whom she can fully trust.

Home life, cottage, work, their own families, one thing or all together is often the basis of either tension or harmony between Aquarius and Scorpio. The struggle for peaceful coexistence will be much easier if their luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) at birth stand in a positive aspect, and much more difficult if in a negative aspect.

Some Aquarius, who themselves are under a certain planetary influence of Scorpio, will grumble from time to time, but the typical Aquarius is too captured by an obstacle that he sees directly in front of him to spend energy, casting unkind glances over his shoulder. He probably happily gives her enough freedom, because he knows the price. Since it is not stone, it can sometimes be jealous, but there will always be a good reason for this, while hints are enough to stir up its suspicions. She may suffer in vain, because Aquarius, who can rely on his wife as her best friend, almost never gives in to flirting out of curiosity after marriage. However, if he is constantly unfairly accused of infidelity, he may pretend that he has a love affair where there is no romance,

In the soul of a Scorpio woman lies an immeasurable depth of suppressed desire and emotions. In the soul of a man-Aquarius is an inexhaustible source of constant excitement and inventive ideas. And yet, no matter how different they are, both have faith in themselves and a strong will, and therefore they can decide to stick together, because where there is enough will, the wisdom of the heart will always help find the way to love.

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