Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius-man is in no hurry to make marriage vows and is able to escape from under the crown, but his eccentricity does not go beyond this. In some ways he is even slightly old-fashioned.

The virgin woman will not compete with him in eccentricities. She will make sure that this folly walks in a clean shirt, where all the buttons are in place. He will remind him of the name of his old friend, tell him who he is a distant relative, who came from the province. She will become a good mother to his children. He will share his intellectual interests and endure his friends. Their relationship contains the beginnings of success, but you need to work on them. And she will have to work.

She is too polite to simply expose those strange types whom he drags home at the most inopportune time. I know one Virgo who, for two weeks, occupied and entertained a snake charmer from Pakistan, while her faithful, who handed over the guest from hand to hand to her wife, trained her python for the world tournament.

Of course, Virgo is not a sex symbol. However, Aquarius would not know what to do with Rachel Welch, if she invited him on a date.

Wife Virgo is an insurance policy. Aquarius can pile up a bunch of mistakes – she will sympathize and understand. She will patiently look after him when he is sick or somber. It is a terrible temptation to lay all the problems and worries on her. But we do not advise giving in to temptation. Even the saint is tired of waiting every evening for his unexpected appearance or opening his arms when he deigns to notice her, throwing something like “You’re good, baby!”. She would like to live with him in a castle in the air, which was built by his crazy fantasy. (After all, the Virgin is not as stiff as they say in ancient astrological books.) And he entrusted this woman to wash his socks, because she did not taunt his ghostly house. But then he somehow forgot that he called her to the sky-high heights. And she longs for a pool of dirty water while he soars in the sky.

In truth, half of the blame lies with the Virgin herself: it was free for her to shoulder all the responsibilities!

She already with all her might wanders along the path of duty, she got lost in the dense forest of his whims. Excessive loyalty to the man whom she promised to love let her down — no matter whether the vow was brought before the altar or in the soul. You know how Virgo keeps promises. This woman cannot be called a wordless victim. She probably complains and grumbles. But Aquarius flies so high that you can only shout to him.

The reproaches of Virgo can reason Aquarius, but she should not go too far. If she is too persistent, tries to “land” his aspirations, the harmless eccentric can turn into a ruthless, absurd dictator (especially if he has the Moon in the signs of Aries, Scorpio or Leo). At every opportunity, he will try to sneak out of the house. Aquarius is an Air sign, and all those born under such a sign need air to breathe and soar.

Virgo women are very demanding. I know one widow who rejected the candidacy of nearly three hundred applicants proposed by her marriage agency. Can you imagine? Three hundred men of very different appearances, with different characters, habits, and hobbies. But I think Aquarius, with his many-sided, kaleidoscopic nature, could conquer this overly picky woman.

There is no reason for the physical side of this 6-8 union to disappoint lovers. She can hardly appreciate all the ups and zigzags of his frantic imagination. Air is air, earth is earth, and they don’t understand each other … Although who knows … Maybe her madness will seem fascinating to her. In any case, it will be fun. Perhaps one of the guises of his volatile sexuality will bring her unexpectedly complete satisfaction.

Aquarius will certainly be interested in the halo of mystery around Virgo, he can speculate for years, and this is his favorite pastime.

He should curb his desire for experiments so as not to offend her ideas about decency: it is possible that she will refuse to make love on the lawn near the house.

Aquarius loves to bully, but it would be a mistake to tease her too often. Virgo is not one of those who linger with a break. They cut off the unnecessary with the icy composure of the surgeon. They need a constant change of impressions, fresh food for an inquiring mind. Virgo will not be satisfied with a couple of on-duty phrases like “What do we have for lunch, baby?”

Of course, Virgo has its own shortcomings. She is manic neat and, instead of admiring the stars on a romantic summer night, anxiously collects fluffs that stick to her clothes. A combination of brown socks with black boots throws her into shock, which is extremely amazing for Aquarius, who is above such trifles.

If a grimace does not leave her face, if she is punctual and fussy beyond measure, these are bad symptoms. The load that she took upon herself is beyond her strength. Late lunch in a dirty kitchen, an annoyed mine at the nightly ritual of combing hair (two hundred brush strokes) are alarms. She is unhappy, she is bored.

On that first meeting, he watched TV, standing on his head and chewing nuts. Now he stands firmly on the bliss, like any layman. It’s time to tear the Virgin out of the ordinary – order plane tickets to Egypt and fly to the great pyramid of Giza in order to unravel her secrets, standing on her head in the royal room or tomb.

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