Cancer Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The telepathic connection between all lovers who obey the vibration of the 5-9 signs of the zodiac is always strong, but if these men and women were born under the signs of Water, this is all the more surprising. It’s good if they feel it when they are happy: it is an amazing, unlike anything bliss. However, in bad times, when they part for a while (and if there are no deep contradictions between their horoscopes, pairs 5-9 rarely diverge for a long time), in these gloomy periods their mutual attraction seems more like a curse than bliss.

They are tormented by memories, and, worst of all, each of them knows what the other is doing or thinking. When these two quarrel, everyone tries to prove something, if not to suggest, to the missing half. Since Cancer and Fish pretend to be pretty good, the ideas they play for each other can be truly dramatic. Especially when you consider the fact that the Pisces girl and her Crab possess exceptional imagination. Her Neptunian and his lunar fantasies sometimes lead to the fact that the truth is painted in deceptive tones, and everything gets even more confused.

Every Cancer man loves to babysit. It is really very simple. If he was brought up in such a way that he buys his own socks, he with honor leaves a critical situation, he does dishes and is generally independent in emotional and other respects, and all this time he is dearly loved, then when a woman appears who will love him and marry him to marry him, he would expect that she would be tender and faithful, and he, in turn, would bear the burden of his duties at home and take on his share of guilt, because in very close relations, disagreements occur from time to time. But these two will live happily ever after, as Hans Christian Andersen promised. However, if in childhood he was spoiled by his mother, then he is absolutely sure that the woman he loves will also pamper him. To love him dearly and faithfully is a matter of course,

Fortunately, the Pisces girl has everything necessary for this, and she will cope with it, although this may mean that she will give up her personality and lifestyle more than she should. Her own desires will be in the background, and it is she who will look for a way to reconciliation after a quarrel and smooth out all the roughness. Thanks to her amazing humility, compassionate heart and sincere need to make others happy, and disinterestedly, she will not only cope with it herself, but will gradually and very gently manage to impress upon him that he should treat her as a person who has feelings and which also needs understanding. Should she neglect this gradual suggestion and accustom him to the fact that she has her own personal needs, how she will find herself in difficult situations, having crossed that invisible line,

There is another type of Crab. Perhaps one day he lost his parents, or maybe his parents were too busy to give him the attention that every little Cancer needs. Or maybe his mother was too cold, and he lacked tangible love like a fairy tale, hugs and kisses in the nose for the night. Maybe he grew up in poverty and every night he was not allowed to sleep with the voices of adults arguing about money and how to make ends meet, and this made him feel subconscious guilt for being an extra expense item for them – just because that he was, existed and was generally born into the world. If this is the childhood story of a Cancer man whom she loves, she will have a hard time. She will have to become his psychologist, psychiatrist, best friend, mother and father all rolled into one, not to mention her lover, and the living embodiment of the image of motherhood, erected on a pedestal. A pure angel who will not turn his back on him, even if he acts like a true devil. In short, she will need to heal all his wounds of yesterday with inexhaustible patience and compassion, until one day he wakes up and finds that he has quietly finally gained faith in himself. Only then can he love her as disinterestedly as she loves him. This is an indispensable law of human nature: you must first love and learn to respect yourself in order to be able to truly love another. until one day he wakes up and discovers that he has quietly finally gained faith in himself. Only then can he love her as disinterestedly as she loves him. This is an indispensable law of human nature: you must first love and learn to respect yourself in order to be able to truly love another. until one day he wakes up and discovers that he has quietly finally gained faith in himself. Only then can he love her as disinterestedly as she loves him. This is an indispensable law of human nature: you must first love and learn to respect yourself in order to be able to truly love another.

Thanks to the mysterious vibration 5-9, the girl of the Pisces sign will not be afraid, no matter what type of Cancer man she finds in the one she loves. Solving the secrets of human relationships is something that is easier for her from birth than other people. Patiently and calmly solving her problems is her other Neptunian talent. She does not allow difficulties to upset herself too much. She understands that only inner peace gives strength to easily overcome obstacles if you follow the path of your hopes and aspirations. She will do everything to eliminate interference in her path. Can more be done? Continuing to worry about what you have already spent all your strength on is energy wasted, and Pisces does not like to walk in circles.

Sometimes she becomes depressed, but almost always returns soon to her conviction of a positive fatalist, again becoming cheerful and serene. “Positive fatalism” sounds like something inconsistent, but it is not. It just means that you put up with what is inevitable and trust in a fate that is wiser than you.

In addition to this instinct of Neptune, she has a wonderful intuition: she accurately sees the brilliance of a diamond before it is polished. Of course, imagination helps her in this. She can also see all the virtues of the Crab whom she loves, to guess in him those opportunities that should be in the person given to you for the rest of her life. She feels comfortable next to him, because he is not aggressive and not too dangerous (except for his black Mondays and Fridays, which come and go when the phases of the moon change). It has a softness that touches her, and at the same time, firmness in the pursuit of goals and a clear sense of responsibility. All this gives her confidence in the future, in his devotion and in his own female power. His intimacy gives her a sense of calm and confidence. He makes her laugh and cry … he tells fascinating stories … he is witty and talented and he is the very mixture of reliability and unpredictability that can make life interesting without letting love become a habit first and then turn into something banal. He is also a wonderful lover. He can read her thoughts (just like she can read him) and, it seems, always knows when she most of all dreams to run away with him, into their world of passion and common intimate secrets, closed to outsiders.

The problem of physical compatibility can arise in them only if he forces her to withdraw, becoming temporarily cold and indifferent. And this happens when he focuses too much on his unaccountable fears and worries, forgetting how he needs her. But she will respond, revealing herself to meet him when his time comes to be gentle. Or he can sometimes hide in the shell of mock boredom from her sarcasticity or determination (especially after a quarrel). The woman of the Pisces sign is so rarely harsh and “decisive” that the very fact of this can cause a depressed state in a sensitive Crab! But these are all such trifles of life, because in the end, the strong magnetism between Cancer and Fish will still return them to each other.

Both of them are tenacious, each in their own way, and if the Crab just does not want to let go of what belongs to him, the tenacity of the Pisces woman is the desire to preserve the main thing, because failures come and go, but love remains. She is encouraged by the fact that any black stripe will be replaced by a light one. And if you save what you have now, love will still become a source of happiness when the time comes to pick the fruits from the tree of knowledge.

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