Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Capricorn = Air + Earth

The compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius can be quite high.

If the two of you manage to make the important differences that exist between them, they become a positive point for the couple. If not, the relationship will be very stormy and it is likely that far from complementing each other, the two will end up completely exhausted

If you want to see the living representation of a true society, the best example is the one established between an Aquarius and a Capricorn. The coordination between them is much more harmonious than one might imagine and, although this relationship is not always about fun and games, both members of the couple are usually prepared to work on a relationship that works well.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Friendship:

The friendly relations between these two apparently disparate signs can become harmonious if they balance and alternate the innate spontaneity of one with the need for prior programming of the other. If each of the two is able to respect what defines the other, establishing limits that offer comfort in both directions, success will make your friendship last.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility:

Aquarius is recognized as an avant-garde sign, whose interest is in the future. Among the options they usually choose as a profession are usually technological options and those based on their lifestyle, so they tend to decide to travel the paths unexplored by others. Those born under the Aquarian sun, especially Aquarian women, are characterized by being unconventional when it comes to choosing their circle of friends, as well as the social relationships they develop with them, maintaining this attitude as the norm throughout life.  

Unlike them, Capricorns are recognized for being more traditional in their decisions, and they are calm to make their plans in advance. Capricorn is the sign of basic stability, which investigates its possibilities thoroughly before tackling them. The Capricorn man is much more traditional than an Aquarius, making it more difficult for him to explore new paths and take risks that come naturally to his Aquarian counterpart. 

Aquarians are creative, skillful and have a great capacity to adapt to changes in their environment and life in general and are capable of understanding every detail of each situation.

The way of approaching the life of a Capricorn is much more practical , impartial, consistent and firm. This means that both signs could help each other a lot and become a great team, although they could work better in the professional field, than in the sentimental one.

The two signs are influenced by Saturn, a stable planet, which brings calm and planning. The bad thing is that Aquarius, thanks to Uranus, feels the need to provoke others, force situations and question.

This can be a good thing, as Capricorn needs a push from time to time; and for Aquarians it is good to have someone who gives them stability. In addition, Capricorns are usually very cautious with money, and this is also an advantage for Aquarians, who tend to forget about their economy.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet characterized by intense work to create firm foundations, be governed by clear situations, and jealously take care of the businesses that are undertaken. Saturn is also the planet that represents authority, so fun is not necessarily always present in those ruled by this planet.

Uranus is usually associated as the ruling planet of Aquarius, but actually the sign shares its dominance between Uranus and Saturn. The first is the one that guides Aquarians towards non-traditional behaviors, as well as their compulsion to break through and pioneer, but also prompts them to manifest sudden annoyances with no apparent cause. For its part, Saturn was assigned as ruler of Aquarius when Uranus had not yet been discovered, and this is why Aquarian women, despite all their pioneering drive, love stability deep down.

In this same way, Aquarius women, ruled by Saturn, are repeatedly encouraged to face new paths and explore new interests. This planet encourages the curiosity of its signs so that they investigate in depth about the innovations they are getting into, and can be confident about it. Even when Aquarius women make risky decisions on novel paths, they make sure in advance that these paths enjoy plans of some stability, even though they are not the most conventional. On the contrary, Capricorn men do not usually have an improvisational attitude on the go, but they also do not rule out addressing a new situation or going out to explore some new place.

The similarities shared between the two signs allow both to combine as a couple, in such a way that they love each other or can live together respecting the basic personality characteristics of the other, derived from the differences on the particular approach that an Aquarius and an Aquarius give to life. Capricorn.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman in Love:

Between Capricorn and Aquarius, romantic relationships can be the most complicated. This is due to the tendency of Aquarian women to be unconventional, which could be directly confronted with the definition of a Capricorn man, which is their need for stability. This weakness can be overcome if a good cohabitation agreement is reached, in which each member of the couple proactively takes care of the relationship. In this sense, the Capricorn must overcome his instinct for possession and to set the tone in the relationship, while the Aquarian must pay more attention to her partner, so as not to give the impression that she ignores him.

Regarding their intimate life , in order to achieve high compatibility in their intimate relationships, both signs will have to take into account the very different characteristics of each other. Capricorn has a rather traditional approach to sex, while many Aquarians like to experiment.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Issues:

The weak point of this combination is the tendency for both signs to participate and get involved in a multitude of activities, which can distance them. It can lead them to spend little time in their relationship, which can cool the relationship and turn it into one devoid of emotion, romance and love. To overcome this obstacle, both signs will have to make an effort: Aquarius will have to be less independent and Capricorn will have to be more enthusiastic and adventurous.

By having such different positions in life, a head-on clash between the two could arise, but this is not an obstacle for not establishing a relationship between an Aquarius and a Capricorn, managing to agree to fix things. By taking a look at the ruling planets of each of the two signs, it can be seen that a Capricorn man and an Aquarian woman may be much more compatible than they first appear.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

The characteristics of both signs favor business relationships between them. The strength of Capricorn as a partner contributes to the security of the business plan, while the capacity for risk will lead the Aquarius counterpart to explore outside the conventional and take the businesses to new planes of expansion.

Using these same distinctive traits, Aquarius could easily take responsibility for the growth, social positioning and strategic networking of the business, while Capricorn dedicates itself to the more rigid aspects, related to the establishment of contracts and the work of negotiation with the counterparties. .

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Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship:

The love affair between this man and woman can go smoothly for a long time, until she breaks out with some insulting remark addressed to friends or his saint (kneel down, please) family, or turns everything inside out, because changed her mind or plans. Then the Capricorn man is a little nervous. A rare case, because, as you know, Capricorns are hardly ever nervous. When they are worried, they begin to bite their nails or become stained.

The very first thing this girl must learn when she enters into an alliance with this man is to love and respect his family, as his own. Even more than her own. This is a necessity. He is not blind to their shortcomings, defects and vices, but this does not mean anything. The Capricorn man feels that he must idolize his parents, and he will insist that everyone else (even in his presence) idolize them. Otherwise, he will suffer from guilt. He either justifies the shortcomings of his family, or looks at them through his fingers. A woman who hopes to take possession of his heart, it is better not to notice them. Sometimes he can talk about the shortcomings of his family, but only by himself. Strangers are not allowed. Of course, one cannot but admit that such filial devotion is admirable,

Due to the fact that this is a type of relationship 2-12, in one form or another there will be a strong mutual interest in money or financial stability, plus self-sacrifice. He will also secretly feel that she has some kind of wisdom that he does not yet know and which she can teach him (and she really has this wisdom), while she will be gentle and tolerant of his sudden inexplicable bouts of depression and melancholy, to periods that arise from time to time, when he is excessively scrupulous and touchy, because her soul remembers that in a past life she went through the experience of Saturn.

Its element is Earth, its Air, therefore their deep motives have little in common. Very often, these people will try to jointly achieve something in business, otherwise their relationship will focus on the home, home, family, and if they are in love, they will both try not to pay much attention to the differences in their nature and characters. If one is destined to change the other, then it will soon change, not Capricorn. Not always, but most likely – Capricorns are already firmly settled in their unchanging soil from a very young age. Aquarius is more flexible and easier to adapt to circumstances. True, she was born under the Permanent Sign and can sometimes show unexpected obstinacy, but usually, in order to keep love, she needs to change, she will change (although Aquarians change so easily, that we should not extol this quality). For this woman, such a process is natural. For Capricorn, no. He does not tolerate major changes at work, change of residence or friends. When she seeks to meet new people and feels easy and simple with everyone, he is reluctant to communicate with anyone else, except for his family or his closest friends, most of whom he made at school. Therefore, their life outside the family may be limited, and therefore, it is likely that the Aquarian woman will be haunted by the feeling that she is deprived of something. except directly to family or closest friends, most of which he acquired back in school. Therefore, their life outside the family may be limited, and therefore, it is likely that the Aquarian woman will be haunted by the feeling that she is deprived of something. except directly to family or closest friends, most of which he acquired back in school. Therefore, their life outside the family may be limited, and therefore, it is likely that the Aquarian woman will be haunted by the feeling that she is deprived of something.

I said that it was she who was likely to change to suit him. It’s true. But I also remind you that Aquarius is a Permanent Sign. Therefore, there will be ways by which she will control it, externally indulging his every desire. Is it a little dishonest? No, it’s just Uranus’s ability to hammer square pegs into round holes and round pegs into square holes, and it’s completely invisible, so that nothing will be visible on the surface.

Among what attracts them to each other, in the first place are impulses of honesty and directness, which it emits, like a radio signal. Capricorn men cannot stand inconsistent, illegible, vulgar, aggressive, and by nature dishonest women. Therefore, he catches this signal, examines it, decides that it possesses the qualities he needs, waits a rather long time, and finally makes an offer. Whatever he proposes (it can be an offer, hands and hearts, or a business proposal, or both), this will certainly not happen soon, capricorns do nothing from the bay-floundering.

But he fails to understand that in addition to directness, Aquarius has an individuality. Aquarians are primarily honest and loyal to themselves, and also true to what they consider to be right. The directness, loyalty and honesty of Saturn are different. Capricorn lives by the rules. Aquarius lives by the rules, but this woman has her own rules.

Another thing that at first brought them closer together was probably her beauty. All the girls ruled by Uranus have an unearthly, fragile beauty, similar to morning fog or summer rainbow. She also has well-defined facial features that are somewhat reminiscent of Greek goddesses. Her eyes most likely attract him like a magnet. There are no other such eyes – dreamy, mysterious, always with such a distant look that has long been living in tomorrow. His gaze is strictly focused on today – direct and serious, very different from her gaze. But the differences attract.

The stumbling block in the relations of these people (unless, of course, the Moon or Ascendant of the girl is in the elements of the Earth and comes under the more relaxed image of Capricorn) will be typical ideas for Capricorn male about the work of his woman. Most Capricorns do not approve of women who have made a career, and sometimes explicitly prohibit it, occasionally making an exception to participate in the family business. Some Capricorns are so true to the stereotypical idea of ​​a man and a woman that they are firmly convinced that a man who marries a woman who has a successful career does this simply because of money, no matter how obvious it is that they love each other. Even if he sincerely loves such a woman, he is still convinced that his motive was ambition, and it does not matter how beautiful, desirable or smart she is or how much he loves her.

If the Capricorn man is not obsessed with the prohibition of her freedom, then the Aquarius woman, with the constancy of her sign, may like his somewhat old-fashioned habits and views. In the end, she fell in love with him for stability. Possessing qualities such as surprise, intuitive forebodings, and a round-necked thought pattern, the Aquarius woman often looks for something reliable and safe in her partner to rely on.

Usually they will quarrel because of external situations – incidents or people to whom she tries to be tolerant, and he is inexorably strict. And although he changed her, but it will be her who will have the decisive voice when they begin to argue. Using her soft charm of the elements of Air, she will pretend that she simply offers. In this way, the Aquarius woman wins almost any argument or confrontation with the stubborn Capricorn, probably because she captivates and confuses, and does it so easily, without any effort, without requiring anything. It is not surprising that everyone does not doubt his supremacy.

If their Sun and Moon are in opposition or in a square, then one rainy morning he may wake up and realize that he was subtly manipulated, outraged and thinking about a divorce. He will do this for a very long time. The Capricorn man does not solve anything in a hurry, especially when it comes to the destruction of the house, which he simply cannot bear. Divorce will also hurt her. However, the Aquarius woman adapts to this situation much faster than the rest of the signs, with the exception of Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius. Divorce, like marriage, is essentially a change, and change is never afraid of it.

In sexual terms, the union of Capricorn and Aquarius leaves much to be desired. True, not always. Aquarius is a male sign, and it is controlled by the male planet Uranus. The volatile moods of her truly feminine mystery, combined with the opposing male vibrations, first excite the Capricorn man, but then they can simply annoy. For some reason, her true essence is slipping away from him. As for him … His earthly prudence at the beginning of their romance attracts her, but then it will turn into a burden, because her ideal of sexual expression is more ephemeral, it requires imagination, preliminary preparation for making love. But love, of course, can turn any mall from gravel into a fabulous Yellow Brick Road. It just takes a little magic. Therefore, if they really try, difficulties can be overcome, for each of them satisfies the so different needs of the other. Capricorn – with the help of patient, affectionate affection, and Aquarius – with the help of his ability to understand human nature in general, and his – especially.

If we assume that the relative positions of the Suns and the Moons are harmonious, then the relationship between them will become deep over the years. The Aquarius woman will be calmer and more balanced, less anxious and thirsty. He will learn to be less strict, more free and open. By becoming less and less themselves and more and more each other, they will make their friends think of them as one person. Obviously, this situation is unnatural for Aquarius, but if all this is carefully balanced, then everything will be great.

Most people forget how desperately Capricorn deep down wants to play and have fun. The Aquarius woman, who loves the Capricorn man, has to handcuff Saturn from time to time, grab one hundred by the hand and challenge him: “Hey! Let’s ride the boat, play tag with turtles and build a house without walls ! ” A shy Capricorn can, surprisingly, to himself happily agree. But if he asks: “How are you going to build a house without walls?” – The honeymoon is over. Love too.

But even if this happened, it can miraculously be reborn. Isn’t Aquarius a master of miracles?

In Conclusion:

Capricorn must learn to respect the constant need for improvisation that Aquarius has to change plans, open social gaps and initiate research on new topics. For its part, Aquarius requires respecting Capricorn’s tendency to plan in advance and anticipate what may happen later. In the end, decisions about respect and tolerance for accepting the characteristics of the couple must be made at the full will of both parties.

The Capricorn-Aquarius relationship thrives on frequent review and discussion about how they evolve as a couple. Since you both have different views on how to approach life, you should try to review your relationship from time to time to make sure it stays on the right track. It is always better to tackle differences in the beginning and discuss a possible solution, than to let problems get complicated and resentments can be generated.

The most compatible Capricorns with Aquarians are those who have their birthday between December 22 and January 1, while the most compatible Aquarians are those who meet between February 9 and 18.

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