Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When a Cancer girl thinks about the future, she has three Ds in her mind. She has three dreams, and she makes wishes at every opportunity. Dreams gradually turn into goals. The order can be any, but the meaning remains the same:

home – children – money children – money – house money – house – children house – money – children children – house – money money – children – house.

Here are all six options. Her needs are slightly different from her goals, and these are the three “Cs.” Their order is unchanged, but they are all equally necessary for happiness:

empathy – calm – stability. Do you know what is so attractive in a “moon” girl? Although she expects three “Cs” from each meeting, although she has the same three “Ds” in her head, she wants to make her man really happy. And she may be the most sympathetic and gentle, the most faithful and reliable of women. When she shows her best qualities, when she is faithful and, moreover, patient, the best friend for a Capricorn man cannot really be found. The Taurus woman is also patient, but it is difficult for her to adapt. The Twin Woman adapts easily, but not very patient. But the “moon” lady in character has both one and the other, and this is admirable. As for devotion, many women are devoted to their loved ones, but not to the same extent as she. Connoisseur of the hearth, Capricorn will be happy to see what family means to her. Since Capricorn rules the Jews, and women-Cancers often show the type of “Jewish mother” (regardless of whether they have children), one can see powerful magnetic forces that attract them to each other from the very beginning.

There is always something helpless in the Cancer woman, and Capricorn senses it like no other. This woman needs a strong man to lean on, someone who manages to take away all her worries and fears and who generously allows her to cry from time to time on his shoulder. But she is not as helpless as she seems. I repeat, Cancer is a cardinal sign of leadership. The woman of the moon will try to gently, unobtrusively, remaining in the background, still influence the man with whom she is in love. If she is not in love, she can demonstrate great ambition and will do anything to reach the top. Ultimately, every Cancer woman secretly seeks reliability in a man. Capricorn is just that. He is ambitious no less than she, and knows how to succeed. Actually, he is almost an example of everything that she dreamed about, but which she could not achieve, because it’s too vulnerable. On the other hand, in it he will find all those “lunar” qualities that he secretly would like to call his own, but he will not succeed because he is not sensitive enough. Therefore, almost from the first moment of their meeting, they will unmistakably appreciate each other, and this is one of the most solid foundations of love.

The Capricorn man is often conservative and almost always seeks to be in charge. Cancer Woman does not object to the first, as she is quite conservative. As for the second, she will not bear it in anything but love. When she is in love, she allows him to take what he wants to be real, but gradually he can forget that he is only playing a role and take the position of a subordinate, which is not bad at all! After all, if there is a man who is capable of leadership and tenderness at the same time, then this is he. So usually everything develops in the most favorable way (true, if in the horoscope of the Crab girl there is no Moon or Ascendant in the Fire Sign). Usually this man does not approve of the theory of “free marriage.” In these matters he is conservative, although sometimes he pretends that this is not so. He is deeply convinced that a woman’s place is at home. Even if he allows his wife to work, then only until the moment when they have children. If he is a typical Capricorn, then he believes that the place of the mother with her children, at least as long as they are small. He also will not like any too loose money handling. Even if his “moon” lady earns herself, he will still want to manage the money to prevent extravagance.

Of course, she is as careful with the dollar as he is (unless her Moon or Ascendant are in Aries, Leo or Gemini – then she may have minor nervous breakdowns due to guilt about the money spent). He will explain to her how much money needs to be set aside from their total income and which capital placement will be the most profitable. Since he belongs to the elements of the Earth, he probably believes that real estate or land is the most reliable investment with a future perspective.

He will like her attitude to things. Capricorn firmly believes that everything in the world can be found to be practical and that nothing should be thrown away that is good for anything. If she is a typical Cancer, she will readily agree with this philosophy.

The Cancer woman will more easily than many others adapt to the self-deepening of the Capricorn man, to his habit of taking care of business and acting prudently. But it will be difficult for her to understand why he does not like change so much, because it is controlled by the unstable Moon, she so needs a change of events and impressions! To convince him that their life would be richer if they had not sat in one place for too long and always adhered to the same ideas would be quite difficult. This man, no matter how hard he tries, can never completely get rid of the limitations of Saturn that affect his character. Somewhere inside, even a seemingly extrovert Capricorn, the serious old Saturn still sits … The shadow of conservatism in some Goats can fade to pastel colors, but it will never disappear to the end. Yes, he can be loving. Gentle. Soft. Delicate. Moody and funny. To whatever. And still it is ruled by Saturn, and from this there is no escape.

In love, it can be different: frankly erotic and sensual, soft and gentle. If his Sun and Venus are under the strong adverse influence of the fifth and eighth houses, he will embark on numerous experiments. But we are still talking about a typical Capricorn, and he will not seek adventure outside the house, and he is characterized by constancy. She also wants a reliable long-term relationship, even if the path to them is long and not always easy. One thing is certain: this woman will give their love a special charm. Capricorn is capable of a deep and strong manifestation of passion, but it may lack sensory imagination or trembling ecstasy. The “moon” lady will adorn their intimacy with these new qualities for him, and he will be touchingly grateful to her for enlightenment. His strength, loyalty and reliability of his love will allow her to trust him, without fear of resentment, misunderstanding or inconstancy. He can give her the emotional reliability she needs so much, and she will give him subtlety and romance, and after a while, when they get to know each other better, they will be joined by a reliable, strong and ringing like a string, earthly love.

I know a Cancer woman who broke up with her husband Capricorn. They had many problems, mostly minor. They had too little desire to understand each other and too much egoism. Capricorn men are sometimes very selfish and know how to use people, not paying attention to their feelings. It was simply unbearable for her when he for a long time forgot about love for her, after the most insignificant quarrel he became simply stone and did not respond to any attempts of tenderness which she bashfully made. And she turned away, weeping softly, and never showed him this. Recently, she bitterly told me: “I have always been so sorry for myself, but since we broke up, I’ve been thinking a lot. Now I understand him more, and I am so sorry for him …”

She finally found the magic key to his heart. Now, if only she uses it, if she goes to him with her understanding, they will become closer than ever. When the “moon” woman ceases to feel sorry for herself and instead thinks more about her beloved Capricorn, she will see all the depth and magnificence, all the strength of his emotions – and his inability to open up. She needs to help him do this, because there is no love stronger and more beautiful than the love of Capricorn, who is waiting at the top to give someone who has the courage and patience to go this way. This is a difficult climb, on which there are many rocky ledges … But only there, above, you understand what happiness is. Saturn experiences severely, but always rewards.

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