Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When a Capricorn man receives a gift, although he will be embarrassed and secretly pleased at heart, he still accepts it with a little suspicion and carefully examines it. The gift of love is no exception.

And therefore, if it seems that Capricorn treats the love of the Capricorn girl with suspicion and great caution, she should not be offended. She, after all, is exactly the same with the gift of love that he presents to her. It all depends on who takes the first step and opens his heart. Whoever is the first in this vibration 1-1, he will have to suffer from the suspicion of the other.

Capricorns rarely fall in love at first sight. Of course, this can happen, but usually Capricorns need a lot of time to feel that they need someone and are ready to entrust their personal happiness to others. And if they refuse? Capricorn usually does not give up power without a long struggle. In addition, Capricorn does not like to need anyone. He sees this as weakness.

Using all his wisdom and common sense, Capricorn, a man and a woman, must learn several lessons from the field of human feelings: They need to learn to recognize that needing someone is not weakness, but one of the signs of love.

The state when you love someone and know that you love us allows us to rise to unimaginable heights. “To love and be loved in return” can be expressed in another way: “to need and be necessary”.

You Capricorn, you need to remember that the one you love must be vulnerable in some way, must have some kind of weakness so that only your strength can support it or only your compassion will allow you to look at this weakness through your fingers . In short, he should need you. And to be loved, you yourself must be vulnerable in some way, have some weakness, and then you will need the support and compassion of another person. Only if this feeling is mutual, love will live.

Well, we have established, I hope that the need is necessary, and this removed the largest stone from the road men and women Capricorns who sincerely care about each other. As soon as they learn that mutual need is possible and even desirable, they will be ready to admit to each other their feelings.

The next difficulty in their path can be unfolded relationships between families. Serious disagreements between their relatives, especially close ones, can lead to the fact that this union will not take place. Therefore, it would be good for them to introduce their families as early as possible in order to check their compatibility.

It rarely happens that two Capricorn lovers find the discussion of monetary issues unpleasant. If they are typical Capricorns, disagreements will arise only because of which bank is more reliable and which percent is most acceptable. (If the Moon or Ascendant of one or both ends up in the elements of Fire or Air, then quarrels are possible.)

The reason that the Capricorn woman is so well compatible with the Capricorn male is not only because he is as ambitious as she is, but also because he is perhaps the only person who is willing to meet her outward obstinacy fully equipped and at the same time aware of her hidden softness and be able to appreciate her as a woman. The Capricorn girl is surprisingly independent, and this scares off many men. But this man is not like that. He admires her stubbornness and strength, her sanity, that she seeks happiness in the same place as he is, on solid, safe land. Usually, a man ruled by Saturn pacifies his emotions so skillfully, he has such an amazing feeling of being the only one in love, he so patiently waits for the right opportunity that she can let him enter his life, thinking that they are just friends, and only later will understand

Perhaps by the time she slowly realizes the whole truth, he will already choose her (secretly) as the woman whom he wants to see as the mother of his children and the keeper of the hearth. He will wait until she realizes that she loves him. Some new sparkle in her eyes will tell him about this. He will know exactly what to do with it. While he waited, he managed to carefully prepare for everything. All that he says and does will be right.

One of the “correctness” of their relationship will be the physical manifestation of their love. The expression of their deep feelings will be like an earthquake, because they release all the feelings that both held under such strict control. The happy realization that they can allow their feelings to fully open during sexual intimacy is difficult to compare with anything. The opportunity to free your unmanifest, controlled, but persistent desires with someone you trust, who fully understand you, brings peace and satisfaction to both the heart and the mind. They may not experience such delight right away. Patience and tenderness are a strong building material for passion.

Very few Capricorns of both sexes are jealous, but many of them are owners. There is a difference. If they do not always expect an approaching disaster, then they will gradually learn to possess each other, without losing personal freedom. Do not get me wrong: personal freedom does not mean numerous experiments with various partners. By personal freedom, I mean the wisdom that allows each of the partners to be themselves, because this is the only way to excite, interest and attract each other. A man and a woman Capricorn, who seek to crush each other, should hang a saying above the fireplace: “If you really love something, let it go. If it doesn’t return, it was never destined to be yours. If it returns, love it always!”

All types of combinations 1-1 exaggerate both the positive and negative qualities of their sign, so Capricorns will have to realize that too much good can turn out to be bad. Their caution, when she doubles, can be a dangerous constraint that will slowly but surely ruin their dreams. Their general caution with strangers, if it is too large, can make their potential friends consider them cold people. Doubling Saturn’s inherent desire to save can stifle all the chances they have to climb to the top of the mountain.

It is useless to ask Capricorns to try their luck in life in any other way than to pay for insurance policies, and to admit that they reflect fear of the future, and not trust in it. It is unlikely that there is Capricorn on Earth who would not have insured his own life, the life of his wife and children, a house, health, a machine, a chainsaw, a sewing machine or an easel, a photograph of a family in a silver frame, old paintings of great-great-grandfathers – everything that has material value that may be lost or stolen. But we would not achieve anything by convincing these men and women to believe in tomorrow or reminding them that the surest way to wait for something bad is to expect it and to be afraid that this will happen.

And therefore, I remind them that no insurance company can write out an insurance policy for someone else’s love. I bet you never thought about that, Capricorn? Just imagine. The most precious thing you have is not insured. The real tragedy. In fact, love can be insured. Take your own policy and write on it to each other: “I love you. I believe you. I need you.”

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