Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

It doesn’t matter how long they have been together – anyway, the Capricorn man will not be able to understand why the Gemini girl does not see what seems obvious to him.

From her point of view, his mistake is that he takes only the material world for reality, and the imagination considers it an entertaining pastime. Her mind is busy probing, exploring, computing, and traveling with the wind – all at once! This makes the two worlds merge into one world of reality and imagination.

How will Capricorn react to this? In different ways, but always consistently. At first he is angry, then he tries to understand it. If in what she says or does, he does not see the point, his understanding is replaced by severe rejection. If Capricorn decided that the topic is not subject to discussion, then there is nothing to be done. He can be hostile, harsh and stern: “We will not talk about this anymore. The question is closed.” But not a single question is completely closed to the twin girl – it is always open to new disputes and fresh points of view. However, to return to this Capricorn, if he “put an end to”, it is very difficult even with all its charm.

Capricorn may consider the Gemini girl frivolous, but he will find enough reason to admire by studying the amazing method of working her mind. She knows how to unravel knots with the greatest ease and come to the baptism of complex problems without much effort. And she will respect his wisdom – matter so different from her own quick mind. This can create an attraction between them, which can either intensify or weaken. However, after some time, significant differences in their nature may become more visible. In Capricorn, there is some kind of seriousness that suppresses her, and he is annoyed by strange changes in her mood … Between their personalities, morals, characters often lie whole miles.

Consider their relationship in the family. If he is a typical Capricorn, for him a family is not only parents, but also aunts, uncles, cousins, and, of course, his own brother and sister. How can you forget about them? If she is a typical Gemini, she can sincerely love her kin, even be gentle with her at the moment of fun. But she is not bound by such strong family ties as Capricorn. She goes her own way, her family – her own, and if their roads are destined to cross – excellent! If she does not allow her family to fill her life with herself, then even more so she will not be happy that his relatives will constantly be around, or that his family will be the main topic of his conversation.

And here is their attitude to money. None of them have anything against money. On the contrary, they both love them. But she needs them to spend them, he uses them as some kind of emotional tranquilizer. When he knows that he has money in the bank, he can relax, confident that he is a respectable citizen who is not threatened by sudden financial disasters. The Twin Woman cannot understand what is good in lying there, without any benefit, when they could be spent for pleasure.

When a Capricorn man is upset, angry, or simply out of sorts, he pouts, becomes silent and gloomy. When she is in the same condition, she is caustic and full of sarcasm. But if his moods are still predictable, you can never know anything in advance with her. It can be either gently lively, like a spring breeze, or destructive, like a hurricane. Her moods are as fleeting as the tinker’s bell: at first frivolously fantastic, then logically real; at first they are intelligent, then mystically abstract (but not too much, because there are too many skeptics in Gemini). It looks like a multi-color puzzle, the scattered parts of which are waiting to be brought together.

Sometimes there are Capricorns who like to solve puzzles. This type of Capricorn will follow the Gemini girl along all the winding Mercury paths to find the shortest way to unravel this mystery. And she is so charming, refined and feminine, she has a soothing laugh, and … she looks good in his arms! Capricorns like to have a woman who is not ashamed to show others. To deserve the love of such a wonderful creature is undoubtedly an achievement, and considerable, and people ruled by Saturn love to achieve something. They love to be treated with respect and respect. Capricorn must climb up to enjoy the view from the top. A demonstration of a wife or lover (with whom she may be a wife), which combines several women at once, each of which is charming, cheerful, talented, attractive and feminine, will make other, less fortunate men envy him. But he must always remember: despite her amazing femininity, she has a masculine mind. This will come in handy for him more than once.

Most Capricorns are a model of restraint. His romantic beginnings are at first so cautious, slow and thoughtful that she tilts her head, as if listening to a whisper. She will gladly note to herself that he dresses with an emphasized good taste, smiles at her charmingly and calmly, but tenderness is guessed in this calmness. And she is interested in the possibility that this is the man who will understand her.

He is happy to please her, he is touchingly grateful that there is a woman whom you can please. This brings him satisfaction, and her – the feeling that he is one of those who are always faithful to their obligations. But precisely because of this, oddly enough, she can begin to get nervous. Because of the word “commitment.” The twins do not like even a hint of commitment. If love is true, it will exist. Of course, she would have liked it – to conclude a long love agreement! But let everything be as it will be. If their love turns into something eternal – wonderful! But talk about guarantees under such rules do not play with the Twins.

As for the physical side of their union, here they can surprise each other with an instinctive understanding of mutual desires. Both Capricorn and Gemini expect from the sexual unity of relaxation and comfort. Usually they do not make each other excessive emotional demands. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that his excessive realism does not find the desired answer, or the twin woman does not hear from him those words of love that she needs so much.

Apart from these little sorrows, they can be quite compatible in love. Since vibration 6-8 affects their life together, sex can take a special place in their relationship. His strong attraction to her will not weaken until they are together, and this will not only fascinate her, but will surprise their friends (and his relatives). True, this will happen if between their horoscopes there is a harmonious Solar-Lunar connection. But even without such planetary help, they are able to remain friends after they decide to disperse. Not with all couples whose relations are built according to type 6-8, this happens, but with Gemini and Capricorn this, perhaps, can work out.

The heart ruled by Saturn is sometimes difficult to resist, but love can melt any ice. Something in this man, already thawed, makes a woman believe in his absolute rightness when he promises her that she will be happy with him. And if then the life of the twin women seems dull, she may decide that he did not keep his promise, which was not made out loud. But does she know that it will be he who will become younger and freer with age and will become more and more like her? If she waits, he will ultimately keep his promise.

Of course, the Twins are impatient and do not like to wait, but if she learns this, the reward will be worthy, since only with it she can understand: on the run you will not see the true outlines of love and beauty. Patience is the key word to these men, and she must develop this property in herself. Perhaps the twin girl who loves Capricorn reads these lines and is surprised at my advice. They are already happy – now! But you will not begin to teach the drowning man to swim. You will learn it in advance. Therefore, once again – and it is so on time! – I repeat for all Gemini women this word: Patience.

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