Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Capricorn and Pisces. Earth + Water

Pisces is an excellent match for Capricorn , although at first there may be doubts. Pisces is a dreamer and may appear fragile, but sometimes subtle fortitude can be mistaken for weakness. Their combined strengths help offset their individual weaknesses, and together they form a strong and satisfying team.

If there are two signs with different life goals in the zodiac, those are Capricorn and Pisces. For the down-to-earth, down-to-earth and rigid Capricorn man, understanding the dreamy nature of a Piscean is a difficult and difficult task. Despite this, and precisely because of this, both have a lot of novelty to offer each other.

While Capricorn men are stable, disciplined and routine, Pisces women, as a mutable sign that they are, tend to change periodically, willingly accepting the risk that this entails. As can be seen, it is not an easy pair to combine, so the word commitment will be essential to achieve the foundation of a solid foundation in a relationship from which both can learn a lot by discovering each other.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Friendship:

For this couple, the way they handle human relationships is radically different. The Pisces woman relates to her environment in a natural way, due to her desire to help and her ease of listening to everyone, which is why she easily establishes friendship relationships where her own communication and understanding needs are identified. Her naive nature and her trust in the human being make her vulnerable, while the Capricorn is demanding with her few friends and does not tolerate slips, but not because of hardness of heart, but precisely to protect herself from that soft heart that she has hidden and that it also characterizes it. As an introverted man, whose life is based on values, she appreciates these same attributes in her friends, and similar to Pisces women, they are loyal friends you can really count on.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility:

Pisces , a Mutable sign, is usually willing to follow Cardinal Capricorn leadership in joint affairs. It’s not that Pisces can’t find their own way in life … In fact, there are many ambitious Pisces. It’s just that Pisces normally prefers to be a prop rather than star in the show .

In exchange for the protection of the cold and harsh world that Capricorn offers, Pisces will be happy to create a world of fantasy and imagination for Capricorn to escape. After a long day at work, there is nothing like Neptunian magic to help Capricorn forget the worries of the day.

The union of Capricorn , Earth sign, with Pisces , Water sign, shows that the two have the potential to do very well when it comes to securing a comfortable material future.

Water needs Earth to provide structure, while Earth needs Water to be fruitful and multiply. Creating and cultivating is very natural for both of us. Since Capricorn is ruled by determined Saturn and Pisces is ruled by lucky Jupiter (and magical Neptune), it would not be unusual for them to amass a fortune, although there is no guarantee. However, do not expect anything to be easy.

You both tend to hide your feelings, so it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, they will have to set aside time each day to connect. When Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune combine, dreams can come true, but only the old-fashioned way. Hard work and dedication to one another and to common goals will ultimately bring great rewards.

The center of attention in this relationship will be above all how to handle expressions for the communication of emotions. The Capricorn man is sparing in words and finds it difficult to express his feelings verbally, he is distant and it is usually not easy to decipher his emotions at the moment. For her part, the Pisces woman requires establishing a strong emotional connection with her partner, as well as verbally expressing the fruit of that connection. The Capricorn’s difficulty in showing his emotions will make the relationship with a Piscean complicated, as he will always seem cold and distant, and that will not allow the Piscean to freely express his emotions, as she requires by her nature.

One aspect in which both signs are also confronted is in lifestyle. The rigidity of Capricorn men gives their life an austere rhythm, full of routines and schedules that guarantee that the goals proposed at that moment are reached without delay, which are the basis of self-esteem for them. Meanwhile, women of the Pisces sign are great dreamers, who adore the risk of the unknown and face life as if it were an adventure, regardless of whether the projects are actually viable or not. As can be easily deduced, the lack of financial stability that the Piscean assumes as a risk is a point of honor that a Capricorn is far from tolerating.

But like all human interaction, this very dissimilar couple can also have their meeting points. Both are faithful friends and people dedicated to their affections, so once they recognize each other in this regard, they will be absolutely faithful to each other. On the other hand, both complement each other emotionally, as Pisces women offer the Capricorn man their clean and confident vision of life, and also their unconditional support, helping him to relax by feeling confident with his partner, and giving him space to develop. your projects. As a counterpart, the Capricorn man will give the Pisces woman her solidity and stability, taking her out of her internal disquisitions and helping her to anchor herself in reality, while she also allows him to enjoy his much appreciated solitude.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman in Love:

There is an aspect that is usually favorable in the relationship between these two signs, and it is related to intimate relationships. When sexual intimacy comes to this couple, they tend to combine very well, because although Capricorn lacks the romantic spirit to which Pisces aspires, her intense sexual impulse will satisfy in her the needs for connection in intimacy, and once she achieves that the Capricorn introvert express his feelings in this way, she can feel as full as she aspired

Despite this aspect in which they converge, their day-to-day coexistence can highlight their marked differences, so it is essential that both can frequently take refuge in their solitude, in order to prepare for the meeting. In this sense, the Capricorn has to learn in some way to communicate verbally and not only through deeds, in order to maintain the connection with his partner.  

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Relationship Issue:

This combination usually works well and only fails when there are major conflicts between the two’s cards. As long as the two of you communicate openly, clearly, and on a regular basis, it should be a long and very fulfilling relationship. It is a perfect combination.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Regarding professional work, Capricorn men and Pisces women usually engage in two different types of work. Capricorns are great workers, perfect bosses, capable of taking on big responsibilities and accomplishing important goals, although their employees may feel that you are tough and demanding of them. Pisces women are also a great worker, but they focus on creative mental processes and work teams where their support can be useful.

When both signs converge in the same work, the Piscean can naturally accept the leadership of a Capricorn, but the opposite situation will be extremely tense, especially since the Pisces woman will risk that emotions influence her work and rigidity The Capricorn is unable to tolerate such a thing, so it will take a lot of work to accept it if you don’t want conflict to arise permanently.

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Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Relationship:

The most lively and all-encompassing example of the Capricorn man is Muhammad Ali, a good-natured, cheerful, incredibly energetic person who has achieved such fame that you do not need to add titles to his name. Everyone already knows him.

Ali constantly repeats to reporters in all interviews: “A woman’s place is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. She must do housework, look great for her man, play with children.” He becomes tough, even stubborn and persistent when asked if he will allow his wife to work or pursue a career. “My wife? Will she go to work? No way. First, she doesn’t need it, because I earn enough for the two of us.” (And secondly, if she went to work, she might have found that the doors were closed when she returned.) “Let her be a lady. She also better not flirt with men if she understands what is good for her “I?” Well, you know, this is my business, not yours. You see, the man is completely different, and if he wants to flirt with someone, there’s nothing wrong with that. Men and women are different, he says, and there’s nothing to talk about. The Almighty created us like that, and he knew what he was doing. “

Yes, Ali is a Capricorn male in everything. But at the same time that he thinks about the stable morality and iron discipline of his woman, he is unconditionally kind, gentle and will always protect her. He never said anything but old-fashioned and gallant words about his first wife, even when they got divorced. He also does not say anything disrespectful about his current girlfriend Veronica and generally about all women. For Ali, all women are ladies. Until they prove otherwise. And even then he will not seriously insult or scold them – in public or in private.

His iron self-discipline is legendary simple, incredible, and this is the hereditary trait of Saturn. From there comes his fear of scandals. His noisy-cheerful (and carefully thought-out) image of a clown is not accidental, but forced. His truly witty remarks – this is a strange mixture of the original, unconventional, inherited from the Moon in Aquarius feelings of a funny and dry sense of humor of Capricorn. But apart from his fun, his public image is not simple exemplary, but much more commendable than the image of many political leaders and many prominent citizens. He is like a living legend and an example to those young people who bow before him and strive to imitate him. He is a gentleman in the fullest sense of the word.

And let no one say that this Capricorn is not ambitious. With firm determination, he walked to the top, on which he wants to somehow stay, judiciously, in due time and gradually changing his career. Still need to say about the generosity of Ali. Subconsciously obeying the dictates of Saturn, he makes frequent and significant cash gifts to his family, friends and the community, but with all his boast, Muhammad Ali never boasted of charity, which is much longer and longer than everyone except grateful recipients think. Making mistakes inherent in any person, Ali still remains the perfect example of a highly developed Capricorn man.

The Woman-Pisces, who loves Capricorn, will not find a more complete description of this sign than just stated, she needs to focus on her.

Naturally, not all Capricorn men have such a firm opinion about the work of their wives. There are many Capricorns of a different type who believe that it is excellent for their women to be busy and have a well-paid job.

However, it is fair to say that almost all Capricorn-men who agree that their wives work, are reluctant to do this, because at heart they realize that the time is not far off when the need for this will disappear. Of course, as always, there are exceptions, but few of the Capricorn men are truly happy at the thought of the work or career of their wives.

The Pisces woman will be indignant about how her Capricorn treats her, less than any other zodiac sign. She is patient and sensitive enough to understand that the very instincts that create his intransigence give rise to those qualities that attract her: the ability to protect and reliability, kindness, constant loyalty and devotion to those whom he loves. Its stability calms her restless spirit. His confidence softens her own doubts. She is touched by his courteous manners and the loneliness that is guessed in him. She sees behind the wall of his external confidence the sadness and unquenched desires that he is trying to hide. A woman led by Neptune can perfectly feel that only a generous heart could allow this person to set such hard-to-reach goals for himself, only very great strength and determination will lead him to the perfection that he wants to achieve. His periods of depression and silence do not bother her like other women. This increases her love for him, makes her learn to get him out of a sad mood with a soft look, a subtle perception of his Saturn nature and a clear respect for his virtues (which is almost always welcomed by men of other characters).

The love of a Pisces woman is full of grace and deep wisdom. After some time, she will even change it, however, very gradually, and he will understand that he can soften the harsh rules that govern him. By that time, he will already enter the period characteristic of Capricorns when they begin to grow younger. He will want to travel with her, to be more careless and careless, to find time to smell flowers and chase after the wind, to make his thirst for adventure and new horizons look into his life. Capricorns can be completely charming and rejoice when Saturn weakens their discipline. They become truly themselves when they break out of the usual framework of behavior that they themselves have created.

As in all combinations of the elements of Earth and Water, the physical love between a Pisces woman and a Capricorn man can become a deep and enriching sensation for both. One way or another, Capricorn feels renewed after an intimate relationship with his beloved Fish, whom he has learned to trust. This is a sudden feeling of happiness after being close to her, this particular gleam in his eyes – as if he had just rediscovered what pleasure and innocence are, not burdened by anxiety and guilt … She is also happy, because happiness is for the Pisces woman measured by how much happiness she can give to others. Silence is almost always the basis of the proximity of Pisces and Capricorn, the eloquent silence that comes from mutual understanding and depth of feelings.

Even if in their birth charts there are disharmonious aspects between the Sun, Moon or Ascendants, then even their sexual compatibility is likely to be positive rather than negative, although silence between them can sometimes turn into coldness and lack of interest. If this happens, it means that they put a physical attraction above her romantic needs, or she refused to respond quite intensively to the call of his more earthly nature. But if these two lovers try, under the influence of friendship and ease of communication due to vibration 3-11, to discuss this, they will come to a more complete understanding of the different needs of each other.

The area in which tension most often arises between a Pisces woman and a Capricorn man, lovers or friends may be her penchant for sentimentality. He may consider her too elusive, secretive and vulnerable. This can make him nervous, he will be afraid to be himself, so as not to offend her feelings. They will have to solve these problems immediately, preventing them from growing into an insurmountable obstacle.

Much of their emotional turmoil will clarify the position of the Moon and the Ascendant in their horoscopes. If Capricorn has the Moon or Ascendant, for example, in the constellation Virgo, then he, apparently, will consider the opportunity to work acceptable for both. If he has the Moon or Ascendant in Libra or Aquarius, he will be much more generous to the career of his Pisces woman.

Capricorn, who loves the girl of the sign of Pisces, can easily confuse her soft femininity. There is also much more that he should know about this girl. On the one hand, it belongs to the element of Water, and this means that it is able to overcome Capricorn’s resolve, not by demands, but by invisible pressure, constant conviction and underlying suggestion. Water is the most resilient of all elements, which ultimately overcomes any resistance. She can also be moody and irritable, although rarely or never – aggressive. It will not be easy for him to force her to directly answer the question when he wants to know what she really thinks and feels. Evasion tactics brought by people ruled by Neptune to the level of art, as this is one way to protect against invasion of their integrity.

But all this is just passing clouds, and not constant darkness. The quarrels between these men and women, which are led by a harmonious vibration of 3-11, like an occasional downpour, can always end in a rainbow of reconciliation.

In Conclusion:

Although it may be a mostly smooth path, in a love union between Pisces and Capricorn some friction may arise due to the behavior of both, either because Capricorn is too practical and methodical or because Pisces’ choices are based solely on emotions. However, nothing that cannot be overcome with a little patience.

The differences between Capricorns and Pisces women can be settled if both approach the relationship as a situation for learning and evolution in life experience. An important point in favor of Capricorn men is their ability to reflect on their mistakes, to improve the achievement of the next goal. Meanwhile, Pisces is favored by their good attitude towards others, so the good disposition of both sides will make differences more bearable and minimize confrontations. These qualities of both signs will favor your encounter and your chances of success together.

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