Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

So, you are Sagittarius and love the truth, although it is not always pleasant? And do you believe in honesty, no matter how much suffering it may cost? Perfectly! You have asked for the truth – and you will receive it. Perhaps there are several Capricorns on earth who were orphaned in early childhood (a truly fatal experience for this Solar Sign), and maybe there are also several Capricorns who were cruelly offended by their parents and the youths who ran away from home. But an ordinary Capricorn man (which, perhaps, is your beloved), if there is no strong negative influence of the Moon and Saturn on his birth chart, he will always support his family. This is very similar to how in New York at the intersection of 5th Avenue with St. Patrick Street, the statue of Atlanta holds the world on its shoulders – with the same humility to fate and about the same amount of time. (Atlas has not yet thrown the world off, at least

Let this be a warning to a charming, gullible Sagittarius girl who thinks that her Capricorn loves her alone, and no one else. Yes, he loves her. He can even worship her, give her roses on the anniversary of their meeting (when the flower garden cut the price by half), let her drive his car, but she will never be the most important thing for him in the world. This part belongs to his family – and so it will be, as long as he lives. At the same time, Capricorns do not cling to their parental shelter, like Crayfish. Capricorns even leave the city or state where their relatives live. Nevertheless, if they are far away, it is better not to try to tear this man away from his family.

For a Sagittarius girl, a family is always something pleasant and convenient if you need to borrow a few dollars or need to spend a weekend somewhere, but her individualism can cause her wound to break with the house and maintain relations with her family using postcards. But birds always leave their nests, right? Following the laws of nature, the parents themselves push the chick out of the nest so that it learns to fly and survive. Sagittarius, considers such a theory of parenting reasonable and exciting. Capricorn believes this to be disgusting and cruel. The very thought of it makes him pale. Horrible! Who will feed them and take care of them when winter comes? Cancer clings to the family to be taken care of. Capricorn thinks about loved ones not because he needs protection, but because he believes that they need protection. These are different things. The end result is the same, because both cancer and Capricorn find it difficult to separate from the family. But their motives are completely different – they are important.

Can you imagine what happens if the parents are Capricorns and the child is Cancer, or vice versa? From this you can be horrified! Read the section on the relationship between Cancer and Capricorn, and you will see … Well, have we not yet delivered the Sagittarius girl from romantic views on Capricorn?

The Capricorn man does not belong to the aggressive type. Most of them are a bit old-fashioned and gallant. In addition, they are prudent and carefully observe decency, because they are always to some extent preoccupied with “what people think.” This does not mean that her Capricorn is not romantic, just cautiousness may mix with his romanticism, otherwise this is a manifestation of immaturity. And his emotional maturity is exactly what she needs and why she trusts him.

Capricorn men rarely behave like little boys, except when they are little boys. Those few Capricorns who like to drink or show their emotions in public have extremely unfavorable birth cards, and they should be pitied, not criticized. Such behavior makes them suffer, because it is alien to their nature. The lazy Virgo, the cowardly Lion, the self-confident Pisces, the eccentric Taurus – the mismatch of the essence of their Solar sign – is a serious danger signal.

If a female Centaur, it happens, complains about her lover or husband, Capricorn, she needs to curb her own craving for frankness and directness. She can save his feelings and their relationships with the help of her own head and study of the thesaurus. If in anger she resorts to the game of synonyms, she will avoid many troubles.

Here is an example.

What can replace the word “egoist”? “Indulging your desires.” “Cold and heartless.” “Mean” is a harsh word. “Thrifty” or “thrifty” more polite. Instead of “boring,” can’t you say “cautious”?

And so on.

If she shouts to him: “You are selfish! You are cold and heartless! Besides, you are mean and boring!” – she will lose him (and with him her chance to become wiser under his steadfast and patient leadership). It will be not only more polite, but also less painful if she calmly says: “You know, you sometimes indulge too much your desires. And you, perhaps, are too practical, economical and careful. Do you understand me?” (Even if to herself she calls him a mean, selfish and cruel monster!) And he will probably take note of what is really important, and perhaps even smile …

It is amazing how people rejoice when they listen to some qualities of their solar signs, which seem to others to be completely negative! Tell Taurus that he is impulsive and he will frown. The same thing will cause admiration in Aries. Tell Leo that he is proud and he will shine. Also offend the Virgin. Tell the Twins that they have a changeable disposition – and they will smile back, but the same will inflict an almost mortal resentment on Scorpio. Is he fickle? No way! Tell Capricorn that he is conservative, and he will take this as a compliment to his cautious nature, but tell the Sagittarius girl that she is conservative and hear unflattering words about himself. What seems like a flaw to others seems to man himself to be a virtue, but only because of this can you live in peace with yourself, right?

There is no doubt that the Capricorn man may seem cold, because he is afraid of expressing his feelings too clearly so as not to be trampled (the female Sagittarius is capable of this). But overall, he is not selfish. Of course, sometimes they are locked in themselves, but if you always tell him that he is selfish, he will eventually only move to the world of his imagination. The person you love will no longer be like the image that is stored in your mind and heart. Didn’t you know that? This is an immutable metaphysical law of love … But if he shows a little more imagination, and she is a little more patience … He must beware of emotional tactlessness when he quickly falls asleep after love, as well as intimacy without affection. She needs to avoid verbal tactlessness, because sometimes she manages to prick him with some truthful remarks before, how will he be able to hug her. Then she will complain about his “coldness”, forgetting that she herself has just doused his erotic strivings with icy water.

It all depends on planet control <../../ Principia_Astrologia / Principia1_10_5.htm>. His planet is Saturn, and Saturn can be extremely restrained. Its planet is Jupiter, and the excess of Jupiter sometimes suppresses. Together, these two planets can (literally) cause an earthquake. Each of them has its own power, but neither one nor the other is distinguished by softness and moderation. So he should try to develop her impulsive and impetuous nature so that she knows a deeper, more ecstatic satisfaction, but take care not to cool her desire in the meantime. And she needs to understand how he dreams of someone picking up the key to the prison of his Saturn’s care … so that someone like her releases him emotionally – so that he can forget about his restraint, enjoying his passion

This is a man who feels better alone (or with her alone) on the top of the mountain than on the noisy, people-filled avenue of life. He needs fame and success (until he is asked for an autograph. He hates this), and he just needs his beloved to admire him and recognize his social and personal achievements. Here she is not in danger of overdoing it! He feels bankrupt if he has not conquered the top of at least a low hill. The key to his mood is his self-doubt, the distance that lies between his real achievements and his inner goal.

The Sagittarius woman does not need tops, but she needs to know that the arrows of hope, fidelity and idealism flying from her Jupiterian bow sometimes reach their goals. Without this, it simply loses its fortitude and goes out. And what is Sagittarius without Fire? Very sad clown girl. There’s nothing sadder than a clown whose bright, cheerful make-up is smeared with tears.

When he is gloomy, because his success is still somewhere in the fog … When she is sad, because her dreams come true too slowly … they are best off on a long journey to some exotic country where the magic is in the air. Sometimes such a joint journey returns freshness of feelings to the Capricorn man and the Sagittarius woman, who stopped kissing each other at night.

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