Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Everything that a nightmare promises or threatens tickles the imagination of a Capricorn man. This person has a stronger imagination than you might suspect. Just because he does not tell magical stories to the public and does not write poetry does not mean that he is not capable of strong feelings. In his heart he is a romantic. He also loves music and art. Of course, this should be comprehensible music and classical art. He will not waste time on squiggles called pop art, or endure the deafening decibels of punk rock. But put him “Moonlight” or “Rhapsody in Blue” (“Blues-style”), show him a really graceful sculpture – and you will see a smile slowly and timidly appear on his face. Capricorn’s smile is incomparable – you feel good at one glance at her. Maybe it’s languishing that she rarely appears. Capricorn smiles when he is happy or cheerful, or when there is something nearby that deserves a good attitude. He does not offer his friendship to anyone.

This person does not like to rant. He speaks little, but in his speeches a sharp mind shines in combination with wisdom, and his rare, sharp remarks are often such that listeners would like to write them down. Strict wisdom and subtle humor create an amazing mixture.

It is not surprising that his Saturnian aura attracts a Scorpio woman. Capricorn resembles her in many ways, and therefore she feels so confident when he is somewhere nearby, even at the other end of the room, before they truly get to know each other. She will not let him know about her feelings. She will most likely pretend not to notice him at all. If he, having felt her gaze on himself, looks at her, she will have time to turn away, and he will decide that it seemed to him. And only if she thought that she had tormented him enough, would she fixed him with a steadfast gaze that would put him off balance. To be able to unbalance Capricorn is a lot. She knows how.

He is intrigued. Who is this mysterious woman? Strange, but many men never think of this person as a girl, even if she is not yet twenty. There was a secret in her eyes from the first minute of their meeting. It is easy to understand why he is terribly interested and why he is so worried in her presence.

Capricorns are not afraid of anything but poverty. And since they are not curious in the usual sense of the word, then, upon encountering a secret, they do not seek to reveal it. They will wait until she opens herself. So his excitement is caused by something else. Basically, with the unexpected awareness that someone can penetrate his secrets, into the inner self, which he so carefully conceals under the guise of composure.

His innate shyness may deepen, his shyness may increase, and his official communication style will become even more formal. But gradually, while talking with her, he will relax and, in the end, will venture to give her his special smile. His eyes will glow, telling her much more than the words he uttered, and her heart will suddenly start. To make Scorpio’s heart flinch, especially suddenly, is not easy. But the gentle eyes and timid smile of this man are capable of this. Calm wisdom does its job too. And so Capricorn and Scorpio fall in love. Always imperceptible, almost silent.

It takes their friends and family some time to realize what is happening. His usual environment consists of no more than three friends and family. He will not do anything that they don’t like or will force him to spend much less time with them.

Capricorn is by nature the undisputed owner. This will not add happiness to the Scorpio woman, since she always believed that a sense of ownership is her exclusive Right. But, most likely, she will have to compromise, because the Capricorn man who is really in love, as a rule, does not require freedom and does not seek to be out of the house. With such behavior it is difficult to offend the possessive feeling of someone other than a woman who is endowed with an excess of them.

If in his horoscope there are no signs of fire or Air marked by the Moon or Ascendant, and he is not influenced by Mars or Venus, the typical Capricorn will not go far from his focus. He loves good evenings with the woman he loves more than anything. In addition to work. When Capricorn says that he stays late in the office, then most likely it is. If he is one of those abnormal ones who are involved in politics, or because of the nature of his activity he has to travel a lot, he can leave it alone often enough to give a good reason for irritation. But a typical Capricorn will not give rise to this. He will have much more reason to be interested in where his lover is.

This woman usually insists on her own independence. She will not be under anyone’s heel. This does not mean that she does not love him or that she found herself another man. She just needs the freedom to do something when she wants, and not to report for every minute, not to ask permission to visit her friend, to go shopping, to sit in the library.

She should understand that everyone needs such freedom, regardless of the Sun sign, that when dealing with the owner, you need to let him know as often as possible that he is loved. The more often, the better.

A sexually Scorpio woman will enrich the emotional spectrum of her lover or husband Capricorn. He will be thrilled by feelings that he had never experienced before, caused by the depth of her physical need to give and receive. And she will be comfortable and warm with him. His calm strength and soothing softness will make her forget her nameless fears. Under the influence of vibration 3-11, they become both lovers and friends, and they should more often honestly discuss their difficulties. Both tend to hide their true selves from the curious, but trusting each other, they must be sincere. Both have a great command of self-discipline and self-control, but they need to understand that controlled passion is impossible with someone you love. Almost always, they have a common secret that strengthens their devotion to each other,

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